Canon EOS M2 mirrorless camera rumored for early 2014


The current Canon EOS M model

A new Canon EOS M2 mirrorless camera is rumored to be announced in early 2014. The new model is expected to have a smaller size, improved AF and 20MP APS-C sensor from the Canon 70D camera.

Many of the current EOS M configurations are already listed as discontinued, others are are still being offered with big instant savings.

There are two major shows in early 2014 (CES in Las Vegas and CP+ in Japan) and many manufacturers will be announcing their new 2014 models.

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  • alfredo_tomato

    I really want this to be a real success. Show us something, wow us.

    • Global

      Does this accept Canon DSLR lenses? Canon’s multiple lens systems confuses me, like Sony. Does it work with its other lenses, or not? The Canon EOS M1 was a big joke when it first came out for terrible performance (the stop motion of all the cameras coming to a party, haha).

      Anyone think that Canon is going to beat Fuji on the APS-C sized mirrorless cameras? Or will Fuji have it locked up with the X-E2 and Fuji Pro X-PRO2, having about a generation or so worth of headway?

      I’m very tempted by the Fuji X-E2, and want to see whats in the Fuji X-PRO2 when its announced soon.

      • It’s interesting how you can’t google something any 8 year old can google and find out but you’re such an expert to know what’s “funny” and what’s not when it comes to cameras that you have never used.

        Most of the complaints that the EOS M received were from people who didn’t think to use the touch-screen to focus. Most people half-pressed and waited like it’s their DSLR or old P&S. If you had used the touch AF, things were not that bad. It never claimed to have the fastest AF anyway. So that’s the mistake that Canon fixed up via the firmware update. People just don’t learn the best way to use cameras… that’s why we still have people wanting bulky built-in OVF/EVFs when tilt LCDs do the job better 95% of the time.

        Also it doesn’t matter which manufacturer ends up winning… especially considering there will never be an end. Get whatever that does the job now… you will upgrade later anyway.

        • fjfjjj

          More putdowns from Geno, what a surprise.

        • Clint

          Geno…aka Mr. Personality. Way to be ‘that guy’ on the internet buddy.

        • Oh look who’s back with their pitchforks…

          @fjfjjj: Wish you had the ability to realise the irony in your comment but I know better to not expect anything from this audience ROFL

          @Clint: How did you know that I care about the lot of you? 😀 Jokes aside… I much rather defend the people and the companies that make even half-baked cameras that some of us are smart enough to put to good use than defend the whining, single-minded and arrogant entities that frequent these sites.

          Learn the subject and make the most of your tools… it’s not that difficult.

      • Les

        Yes, the EOS-M does accept Canon DSLR lenses, albeit with a pricey adapter. AF issues were addressed with a firmware update a few months back. It’s now competitive for focus speed (not the slowest or the fastest).

        The one thing that the EOS-M always had going for it is video quality, which is much better than almost all other mirrorless cameras, with the possible exception of the GH-3 and the Blackmagic Design cameras (that don’t do stills).

        With that in mind, Canon should try to make the M-update even more video-friendly. They should offer a PL-mount adapter, clean HDMI-out, a decent EVF, and WiFi (for remote setups). A breakout box with extra battery power and balanced audio inputs would be a great accessory.

        Not much for them to do on the still side. It’s basically a mirrorless T5i.

        • Dpablo unfiltered

          As much as I dislike them it appears that they are taking a significant step in the best direction with this.

  • olidie

    Canon shouldn’t rush things…

  • Oleg_M

    Canon and Nikon both so boring

  • wylun

    all i care is if the AF is good and it has a VIEWFINDER

  • Clint

    Too bad Canon hasn’t figured out that releasing the same old ‘vanilla’ products just doesn’t excite people anymore. Yes, Canon still sells more cameras than anyone else but the Fuji/Olympus of the world are starting to steal market share with cameras that people want.

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