The latest patents from Canon, Olympus, Ricoh, Sigma and Panasonic

Canon camera with a transparent mirror patent
→ Canon filed a patent for a camera with a transparent mirror.

Sigma 300mm f:2.8 APO lens patent
→ Sigma filed a patent for a 300mm f/2.8 APO lens.

Olympus 250mm f:5 Reflex lens patent

Olympus 250mm f:5 Reflex MFT lens patent.
→ Olympus filed a patent for a 250mm f/5 reflex lens for MFT cameras.

→ Ricoh/Pentax filed patents for three different macro lenses: 60mm f/2.8 SR (full frame), 35mm f/2.8 SR (APS-C)and 90mm f/2.8 SR (645).

Canon 35mm f:1.4 lens patent

Canon 35mm f/1.4 lens patent

Canon 50mm f:1.8 lens patent

Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens patent

Canon 50mm f:1.4 lens patent

Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens patent

→ The latest Canon lens patents are for 35mm f/1.4, 50mm f/1.4 and 50mm f/1.8 designed for APS-C based mirrorless camera.

→  Panasonic filed patents for 65mm f/1.8, 25mm f/1.4, 100mm f / 2, 35mm f/1.8, 43mm f/1.4, 43mm f/1.4 MFT lenses.

Panasonic 12-100mm f:4-5.6 lens patent Panasonic 12-120mm f:4-5.6 lens patent
→ And finally two more Panasonic patents for MFT zoom lenses: 12-100 mm f/4-5.6 and 12-120mm f/4-5.6.

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  • madmax

    So boring…!

    • Sky

      Lenses = boring. lol. Buy P&S and go away.

      • madmax

        Stupidity is also boring. These lenses are nothing short of original, true? And what about that “transparent” mirror? Having a big camera with big lenses don´t make you a good photographer. Better buy some of these boring lenses to put in your boring DSLR and go away.

        • Global

          Erpaderp? All these lenses from Panasonic, sounds great for the 4/3rds community!!

          Canon looks like its going to get aggressive with primes — I wonder if these will be specially designed for their compact mirrorless APS-C?

  • Neopulse

    Hmmm… Sigma 300mm f/2.8? If it’s a nice ART lens, chances are it will eat into the Canon’s f/4 lens. And maybe have people buy this instead of waiting for the 300mm f/4 successor for Nikon.

    Why the 90mm f/2.8 SR for Pentax? They already have a new one since the 645D. Will they add HD coating to an already costly lens (~$4500)?

    • Heie

      It’s HD already, as well as SR. Perhaps an old patent find?

      • Neopulse

        That’s what I’m thinking

    • Hadar

      I think it more likely a 300 f/2.8 will go in the sports lineup. It is kind of lonely for the single lenses in C and S right now.

      and I doubt a 300 f/2.8 will be anywhere near the f/4 pricing(or weight). Way too much expensive glass in there.

      • Kynikos

        Agreed it will be branded Sport. Might be $1000-$1500 cheaper than the OEM 300 2.8s? So something like $4000-$4500? Current model is low-mid $3000s…

      • Neopulse

        Oh crap, realized I put the f/4. I meant the 2.8 since it costs like $7k last time I checked. My bad heh! I think it will be something like $5-6k and still be a steal.

    • Global

      Nikon will release their right before Sigma, because of this patent — and we’ll probably find out the Sigma is sharper and quicker to focus.

      Seems to be how it goes these days.

    • Frank Cava

      Could be that it’s for a full-frame 645D II…

      • Neopulse

        Yeah true about the updated lens. I think the next 645D II won’t be full frame. I think it’s going to use the 50MP 1.1 crop of the Kodak that they have had floating around thus making it more affordable in the 10-12k range. Plus Pentax is ridiculous good at making durable bodies and weathersealing. Let’s hope this one will have some way of making the flash sync better (>1/125). I don’t mind the SD card slots as long as it can take fast SDXC cards.

        • Frank Cava

          Agree. 1/125 synch speed on a (once) $9,999 camera is an insult to the users. The current 645D does take SDXC cards, but I’ve read that the write speed of the camera itself is the bottleneck and not the card. Meaning you won’t get faster times with a card faster than the average class 10.

          • Neopulse

            Yeah that’s what I kinda met though by fast SDXC cards. Don’t understand how the hardware got bottlenecked on it :-/ and I don’t know how Pentax is gonna pull of a better flash sync speed. Because usually it would have to involve leaf shutter lenses to help with that and Pentax unfortunately doesn’t produce any and if they did would most likely be very expensive because of the R&D. And also a lot of people still own and use 645 glass. I think they would have to go with the mirrorless approach in my opinion to be able to bump up to that speed or risk making the camera itself too expensive.

          • Frank Cava

            After spending $9,000 on the 645D two years ago, I don’t see myself upgrading the body for at least 10+ years. However, I would not consider mirrorless to be an upgrade but instead an accompaniment to the system. Especially if it took the same lenses, at least matched the D800/D4 in ISO sensitivity & quality, have that higher sync speed AND NO DARK FRAME AFTER 30 SEC EXPOSURES.

  • Mandrake

    Just when you think SLT is dead…..

  • camaman

    Mmm Olympus 250mm small reflex?
    To bad its not 300 or a bit more.
    If it will be AF the i see it being cheap and very usable in a small safari bag! 🙂

    • For some reason the proportions of the lens shown with the body seem different to the lenses in the diagrams. The latter are much longer. While the rear of the lens is narrow, I doubt they can make the lens protrude that much in to the body, to get the proportions shown in the lens+body diagram. The flange distance is too short for that and there’s a mechanical shutter in there that they need to avoid too.
      There are lots of choices for mirror lenses… as a person who currently has 6 of them, I can say they’re not made equally. Go for the ones that are known to produce high quality images (e.g. Sony/Minolta AF 500/8) over ones that look fancy or are made for portability. Even the biggest mirror lenses are much more portable than refractor/regular lenses.

      • Global

        Those drawings are never proportional. They are not meant to me either.

        • In owner’s manuals there often cartoon-like drawings of people and cameras but we’re talking about a patent/legal document here. Even if it’s allowed, it’s rather sloppy and unprofessional to include a cartoon drawing. The Oly guys should check out the Red site 😀

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