Pentax K-5 II and K-30 DSLR cameras are now discontinued

The Pentax K-5 II and K-30 DSLR cameras are now listed as discontinued at B&H. The Pentax K-5 IIs version (without AA filter) is still available. The K-30 was announced in May 2012, the K-5 II came out in September 2012. The current Pentax DSLR lineup consists of the K-3 and K-50:


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  • x4rd

    “The current Pentax DSLR lineup consists of the K-3 and K-50” – it’s not true Peter.

    Current Pentax lineup consists of K-3, K-5 IIs, K-50 and K-500 in DSLR, P 645D i MF and Q10 and Q7 in MLC. 🙂

  • TinusVerdino

    I would have discontinued the K-5 IIs instead of the K-5 II. When you need the sharpness get a k-3.

  • Bzrkd

    Not at all. Pentax is now manufacturer with smallest range of cameras — even Leica beats Pentax in development. Leica has more new lenses for S2 than Pentax for 645D. K3 and K50 are only real DSLRs. K500 is exactly the same as K50, just with no sealing so it is no separate camera at all. Q7 is a separate line consisting of one camera, and Pentax does it to avoid doing a line of compact cameras. And there is all-in-one MX-1 compact that came as an afterthought. Even under Ricoh, Pentax just shrinks in itself — no real choice there … yet.

    • TinusVerdino

      The K5 IIs is still in production and don’t forget the Rico GR (since it’s just one company). The K-500 is a different camera. It is not available in many colors and it also lacks af points in the viewfinder. Be fair

    • Al

      According to Pentax/Ricoh, there are about 16 645 lenses.
      Of course, Leica is nowhere near beating Pentax in camera development. They had the M8 and the Digilux 3 in 2006, S2 and M8.2 in 2008, M9 in 2009, M9-P in 2011 and M-Monochrom, M-E Typ220 and M Typ 240 in 2012. 9 ILCs.
      Pentax had about 27 ILCs since 2003.

  • LXNights

    According to a good friend of mine, the K5IIs is superior to the K-3 in low light. Matter of opinion. I would say the K-500 is different enough from the K-50 to be listed as a separate camera. In that light, you have four Pentax DSLRs: K-3, K-5 IIs, K-50, and K-500. A logical progression at last.

  • Prevedovich

    Excellent cameras. If I would do photography only, then I would have one. Video is not the strongest side of Pentax and I had to choose micro 4/3. So sad.

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