Best selling cameras in Japan for 2013 and the future of the industry according to one financial analyst

BCNRanking published their 2013 rankings the for the best selling DSLR and mirrorless cameras in Japan:

Best-selling-mirrorless-cameras-in-Japan-2013 Best-selling-DSLR-cameras-in-Japan-2013
The New York Times published a controversial article yesterday on the future of the camera industry: mirrorless products may not have been the silver bullet solution everybody has hoped for. According to Credit Suisse imaging analyst Yu Yoshida only Canon, Nikon and Sony are likely to survive in the future:

"If you look mid-to-long term, digital camera makers are slipping and the market is becoming an oligopoly. Only those who have a strong brand and are competitive on price will last - and only Canon, Nikon and Sony fulfil that criteria."

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  • cppguy16

    So the Rebel is called Kiss in Japan…

    • looh

      Yeah it’s been only 20 years after the debut of the original EOS Kiss (Rebel XS in North America) in 1993..

    • Arn

      And it’s called 750d in Europe.

  • Guest

    Totals (for anyone that cares):













    • jefferylewis

      i deleted this. now it shows up as guest. go figure.

      • Duncan Dimanche

        forgiven 🙂

    • jefferylewis

      i deleted this. now it shows up as guest. go figure.

  • jefferylewis

    Totals – for anyone that cares


    Canon 48.7%
    Nikon 41.5%
    Ricoh 3.4%
    Sony 1.7%


    Oly 25.4%
    Sony 23.1%
    Pana 11.5%
    canon 9.2%
    Ricoh 7.8%
    Nikon 5.7%

    • Jeff Curtner

      When counting both mirrorless and DSLR the market share landscape is slightly different.

      Canon 33.18%
      Nikon 29.20%
      Sony 12.44%
      Olympus 11.67%
      Ricoh 7.04%
      Panasonic 5.69%

      And where is Fujifilm?

      • regular

        Fujifilm market shares are nowhere to be seen. Their strategy to switch to digital and piss off film consumers with price raises is stupid.

        They used to make much higher margin with film than digital, and it will continue to be so. Nowadays, digital camera are like smartphone : only 2 will survive (BTW, the diagrams show market share : what about profit share? I am quite a few camera makers are loosing money).

        Think about the huge engineering effort it costs the digital camera makers to reach an acceptable yield producing digital chip and sensors : a single dust during the manufacturing process and the Integrated Circuit is going to the trash.

        Film is still sooo much easier to design (manufacturing complexity is basically the same as in the 80’s **) and produce (who ever returned a film roll to the shop because there what a “dead pixel”?), and margin is WAY higher. But d*mned Fuji got the crazy idea that they will have huge benefits with digital.

        ** Ilford is publicly describing the “Pan 100” and “Pan 400” as the same emulsion as the FP4 and the HP5 of the 1980’s (30 years ago now!)
        Yet Ilford is not ashamed to ask 3-4 euros per roll !!
        Same with Fuji Neopan 100 SS.

        Another way to see it :
        – an integrated circuit is a stack of about 50 complicatedly connected layers of metal and silicon. Miss one step and the circuit is as dead as brick.
        – a film roll is : between 3 (B&W) to 10 (color) layers of dump chemical pasta on a gelatine or cellulose substrate.

        • preston

          If selling film and film cameras was profitable then they’d do it. They are not ceasing production of most films because they’re too profitable and just can’t handle it. You obviously don’t represent a popular opinion in thinking they should have focused on film rather than digital.

      • chk

        how did you correlated the two tables?
        The % of each product is relative to the table only, to correlate the results you should also know how much each table total weights.
        I mean, the “100%” of dslr table can be the 80% of the total sale between dslr and mirrorless (for instance)

        • Jeff Curtner

          The original BCN article has additional information besides the two tables.

  • Global

    Where is Fujifilm?? Fujifilm doesn’t sell in Japan??

    • jefferylewis

      Film is dead 😉

    • Ratty Mouse

      Fujifilm’s marketshare is too small to measure. Under 2%.

  • RMJ

    APS-C 91.3%
    FF 8.7%

    And all I hear is that APS-C is dead format…

    Bring the damn D400 already !

    • studor13

      Who says that APS-C is dead?

      Why would Nikon bother with a D400 when an “ancient” D3100 outsells the D7100? And the D3200, D5100 and D5200 are sitting at number 2,3 and 4!

      I feel sorry for those who want a D400 but Nikon has to balance between what actually sells and keeping up with the competitors in the FX, mirrorless and compact markets.

      • Chris Joubert

        But then there sjould not be much motivation for more FX Nikons – except if the margin on these makes up for the lower volumes – but I don’t quite see that: 2.5% FX vs 39% DX?

        • studor13

          Nikon has to have an FX presence regardless of how low the volumes are.

          Without FX Nikon would no longer be seen to be a serious player.

          There may not be a D400 but from what I understand the D7100 is pretty good.

          I think that a lot of folks who wanted a D400 a couple of years ago have just bit the bullet and went FX. I know I did, from a D300 to a D800.

    • numbers

      And in FX, Nikok has less share than canon. D600 + D800 combined = 2.5%. and Canon 6D alone = 3.4%

  • Eta76

    That are all mighty sensors. A D7100 with 2.410.000.000 pixels, that’s a 2.4 Gigapixel camera. I think some one missed the . when typing 24.1 Milion..

  • Mr.Black

    Fuji is way too overpriced but those figures doesn’t looks good at all.

    What a strange mirrorless market, I won’t take any of those top ten mirroless cameras even if they give them for free.

    • The Nex 5R and 6 are excellent cameras. Have you used them properly?

  • heggmona

    Surprised to see none of the low-end Canon DSLRs on this list. The 550D 650D and 700D. Should have been at least one of them along with all the Nikon entry cameras.

    • SHsieh

      Kiss X5 is 600D

  • wylun

    canon 60D still getting love.. woot! ..

    but did anyone else have a fun time googling the canon Kiss cameras while looking at the chart?~ lol. what is the x50…. x5.. x6i?!

  • Nowhiners

    Any comparison like this should be tempered with value. It is a LOT harder to sell one $2,000 than it is to sell 20 $100 point and shoot. This needs a value comparison to be meaningful.

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