Samsung NX30, two NX lenses and Galaxy 2 camera announced

The previously rumored Samsung NX30 camera is now officially announced. The press release and detailed specifications are available here. Here are the NX30 highlights:

  • 20.3MP APS-C CMOS sensor
  • 3.0-inch Super AMOLED swivel and touch display
  • FVGA (720x480) 1,037k dots
  • Tiltable EVF with eye contact sensor XGA (1024x768) 2,359dots
  • Size: 127 x 95.5 x 41.7mm (excluding the projection part)
  • Price: $999

Two new 16-50mm NX lenses were also announced (see pricing and availability):


  • Samsung 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 Power Zoom ED OIS (equivalent to 24.6-77mm in 35mm format), min. f/22, number of blades: 7, circular aperture diaphragm, size: 64.8 x 31mm


  • Samsung 16-50mm f/2 - 2.8 S ED OIS (equivalent to 24.6-77mm in 35mm format) min. f/22, number of blades: 9, circular aperture diaphragm, size: 81 x 96.5mm

Samsung also announced a new Galaxy 1 camera (press release and specifications):

  • 21x optical zoom lens, 23mm on the wide angle side, f/2.8(W) ~ 5.9(T)
  • Running on Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean)
  • Size: 132.5 x 71.2 x 19.3 mm
  • Weight: 283g
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  • madmax

    NX30 sounds very interesting. I don´t mind connectivity but find very useful that pancake zoom lens if quality is as good as in former 20-50 mm. Also tiltable EVF, standard micro socket and fully articulated screen are a must for video.

  • Karol Wojdyna

    As one of NX system user (have 3 NX100’s in family besides my Nikon D700) I am glad that the system is developing.

    What I am not glad of is the fact that Samsung still proves that does not care about what their customers say.

    Controls in almost every new model are placed differently than in previous one – I could not use NX300 when tried after using my NX100’s! Here the trend is unfortunately supported but furtonutalely – not so badly. They should look on Nikon – this new fancy D800 is still controlled very similarly to old analogue F90 from many years back. In Samsungs some useful functions for taking pictures disappear sometimes in favour to some different ones or become placed somewhere else than before just because they wanted. The market is waiting for photographer-oriented control scheme of Samsung cameras – constant for all models. AE lock, AF lock, WB, ISO, EV+- -, flash mode, drive etc. – these are basic functions – WE USE THEM – STOP PLAYING WITH IT!

    That is bad and sad – picture quality in Samsung is surprisingly good though – I prefer that than almost all Panasonic/Olympus and some Sony models. I am excited to see test results of this one too.

    • Usee

      For me it is exactly what I hoped it would be…
      …they implemented almost everything their customers wanted.
      As a relatively new player in the camera world,
      it does not really make that much sense to stick with the first try of the positioning of the controls, because they have no big user base who would rely on.
      Instead they have to try what fits most of the customers they want to have – especially in future.

      However, I understand Your reasoning and I think, that Samsung is meanwhile pretty close to a final positioning of the controls…
      …probably after the NX 40 they will keep almost the same for the next generations.
      After all it is a real great start in the new year!
      In addition…
      …standing ovations for their lens decision and announcement!

      If the quality control is as good as the lens specifications –
      then they are in!

    • MR

      I exactly share your pov.

  • istreetshooter

    I’m tempted. It will come down to build quality, ease of accessing important functions, and price. But I like where Samsung is going.

  • Common Sense

    The fast zoom is trend setting instrument.
    No other company has a zoom like that.
    I call it SMART ZOOM because it utilizes whole diameter of the front glass to provide effective aperture. This zoom shows that Samsung can do the same quality of optics as Zeiss, Nikon or Canon (did I mention Sigma?)
    Also new samsung flash is a right step in right direction. I will buy 3 of them. I will not buy the camera. I’ll wait for NX400 or alternative.
    Samsung, I have a question for you. WHEN do you update nx200 firmware so I could reverse the lens for macro photography?
    Please note samsung, that all other photo companies in our galaxy allow to reverse the lens. You are the only NOODLE company that has NOODLE software. Aren’t you ashamed of your …. incapacity? Are you going to provide “extension” cord for your flashes? I’ll buy one IMMEDIATELY.
    What about 50-135 F2.0-2.8 zoom? Please Samsung, surprise the world and sell us this zoom. Tell you something samsung. If 3 months ago you had;
    1/ 16-50 2.0-2.8
    2/ 50-135 2.0-2.8
    3/ current nx30
    4/ the flash that you just announced
    YOUR SALES would look totally different.
    Your sales would exceed your expectations before Christmas.
    What other companies do? They announce cameras with old sensor BEFORE Christmas and cameras with brand new generation of sensors in January. You samsung still did not learn how to listen to the people.
    Therefore your sales of NX30 will be below expectations.
    Do not forget about firmware for my nx200 samsung. I am really very good macro photograher and i want to reverse my lens on nx200. Do not be a noodle company samsung.

    • Usee

      Sorry, I don’t understand, why you waste Your time on continuously bashing a company, which is not the only camera maker on the world, so that you can choose another camera maker without problems?

      …b.t.w. why did you choose Samsung in the first place, if You are such a good macro photographer and Samsung has only one mediocre macro lens?

      …and where are examples that show that you are a really very good macro photographer…

      …and which camera do you actually use for your macro photography if not Samsung…

      …and why don’t you buy a NX to EOS adaptor, or NX to screw mount adaptor?

      I glued the lens detection lever on my Samsung camera in retracted position, so that I can use the camera even without lens, attached to a telescope, or whatever device I want.

      Where is your problem?

      Too much time for writing non- sense critics, or what? 😉

      The NX30, the announced lenses and the flash improvements are the proof, that Samsung is THE company that listens most to their customers – isn’t it?

      • Common Sense

        😉 there is one “constructive” section in your post.
        “I glued the lens detection lever on my Samsung camera in retracted position, so that I can use the camera even without lens, attached to a telescope, or whatever device I want”
        Please describe in details how you did it without putting debries on the sensor. Many people claim that they did it but when asked for details, they immediately back off and admit that they lied. They just read about that but never did it. So waiting for your response 😉
        Re: bashing samsung – and what particular part of my post is not FACT OR LOGICAL CONCLUSION OF THE FACTS? I’m talking FACTS and you are talking trash. I’m not demanding from samsung something extra-ordinary, I’m demanding features that all other camera makers have. You do not like a “noodle” part? Yes, they were noodle makers before Rothschild invested in them a lot of money.
        Re: my macro pictures 😉 you want to compare mine and yours? You want to bet for $500 that mine are better? ;-))))) I’m on.

        • Usee

          There is no constructive section in your post…

          …and still no answers to my questions.

          I pushed it down with a little screw driver and
          applied something that you probably don’t have…

          …waited a while and then smeared the protruding glue around the hole with the stick…

          …something, which probably isn’t that easy for everyone. ;-))

          So, where are your answers to my questions…

          …probably in the nowhere land made of hot air. 😉

          • Common Sense

            Thank you for demonstration how to disable the “no lens attached” error message. Unfortunately, not many people would be willing to use this method. After you attach the lens, the debris easily go inside the camera, inside your lens and on the sensor. Reversal ring is even worse. When you ever use the reversal ring, you’d understand why. Not to mention that if you want to sell the camera in the future, cleaning that substance will show and noooooobody would buy camera from you.

            😉 What questions you want me to answer? What camera I have? I have nikon with 3 macro lenses (that i use also for portraits), one wide angle, one longer tele and I have also samsung nx200. And I want to go mirrorless 100% and it will be APSc mirrorless. I looked at your dpreview pictures ( i would not call it gallery 😉 I think you need a lot of improvement.
            I’m telling you this because I am really greatful that you responded and you tried to help me. Really appreciate. Try the following links, this should help you improve your pohotography


          • Usee

            Thank you, but…

            …you obviously mistake the technical example pictures in my dpreview gallery (wich are only for conversation purposes) with a portfolio gallery… 😀

            …however, I take it as a compliment, that you thought that this would represent my photography… ;-D

            B.t.w.: what you call FACT, is something one should take with a heavy load of salt:



          • Common Sense

            You call a picture composed so badly that a guys has feet cut of, a “technical example” ?
            And that “silky pic” is really artistic
            ;-)))))))))))))))))))))) very interesting composition 😉
            Sorry it was not my intention to tell you the truth 😉 but since you insisted ;-)))

          • Usee

            I didn’t ask you to play the clown…

            …however, you seem to be really good in this department. 😀

            By any chance, is your behaviour called “macro photography”? 😉

            The “technical examples” I show, are examples to lens quality, color response, noise reduction, sharpening etc. but not in regard of composition, nice looking motivs, or something…

            …something, someone with common sense would see and understand without asking.

            If You look at this example:


            …more than 1000 people with common sense looked at it in full size, to see, what I got to show.

            Have you a similar example, that shows the interest of people in your work? 🙂


            And please don’t forget to read the whole explanation to the picture!

          • CmmonSense

            Pal, you have no idea how companies like Fuji or Oly set the ISO (should I say signal amplification). You try to talk about something that you have no clue. Why don’t you just start learning how to take some decent pictures? I do not want the pest like you under my posts. Amen

          • Usee

            C’mm on no sense…

            …if a camera needs at the same aperture and exposure time settings with the same or comparable lenses and the same or comparable contrast curve another ISO setting to get the same image brightness, then there is a difference…

            …like between ISO 200 and ISO 400 film.

            This difference is called sensitivity…

            …no matter how it is achieved.

            And if a ISO 6400 setting of one camera has the same effect as a ISO 3200 setting of another camera than one has to normalize those values for comparison…

            …meanwhile it is no secret, that under the same circumstances some Fuji and Oly cameras need about twice the exposure time like cameras from other brands like Samsung if the ISO setting is the same…

            …so, if the aperture value isn’t wrong and the shutter speed is correct at the same image brightness (in the RAW file), of the same scene with the same lens and light, than only the ISO number can be wrong if there is something different…

            …isn’t it?

            Only registered and logged in members of dpreview are counted as image viewers,
            so, approximately ten times more people are watched the pictures than are counted.
            Some of my example pictures are therefore probably viewed around 10 000 times…
            …can You imagine how important Your opinion is?
            What was Your opinion? 😀

          • Cmon Sense

            😉 yaaa I was wrong ;-)) your macro picture is an art ;-))))) did you got pulitzer prize for it?
            not yet?
            and how many copies of that masterpiece did you sell?

          • Cmmon Sense

            I also like your attempt in micro photography 😉
            That butterfly shows un-paralles skills in composition, focusing, and artistic inclination ;-))))
            Is it also technical example?
            Hey 😉 thank you for reading my previous posts 😉
            Yaaa indeed samsung tried to pay people to get good reviews. These are facts ;-))) You do not qualify that as fact? Hmmm then you should consider to see a … specialist 😉

          • Usee

            It shows the sharpness in the diagonal of the frame of the 45 mm Samsung lens at F4.5…


            …something a real photographer would see instantly. 😉

            Around 600 people were interested to see this shot in full size…
            …so, it obviously made sense to show it – no? ;-))

          • CommonSense

            Pal, nobody who has elementary knowledge about photography, would consider this crap as a good macro pic. Please go to psychiatrist. Do not show up under my posts. I have no intention to talk to individuals with your state of mind.

          • Usee

            Who claimed that a macro pic is shown?
            …have you comprehension problems?
            I use for macros my Sigma 70 mm lens with native 1:1 capabilities…
            …in my whole dpreview gallery is afaik no single macro shot, or did I miss something? 😉

        • Fuzzfuzz

          why don’t you just buy a cheap adapter?

  • Usee

    Ah, well, the picture, taken with a DP1s…

    …but no real macro…

    …however probably worth above $500 😀

  • Russell Hall

    B&H just listed it with the old jerky 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens for pre-order at $999. The new Samsung 16-50mm f/2-2.8 S ED OIS lens is listed for $1299. No mention of the NX-30 body only.

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