Panasonic GH 4K camera prototype on display at CES

Panasonic-4K-Lumix-Camera-2 Panasonic-4K-Lumix-Camera-5
Panasonic-4K-Lumix-Camera-4 Panasonic-4K-Lumix-Camera-6
Panasonic has on display a prototype of a 4k camera at CES. Company's executives have talked on several occasions that a new GH camera with 4k video will be announced in 2014. Engadget reported that the official announcement will be in February. The new GH 4k camera will be priced under $2,000 (images via Photographybay).

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  • Heiko Bertram


  • DragonTesticle

    about time

  • Sincity

    With the 4K output.. Are they going with the QXD card or the CFast??

  • jk

    they should not put put this silly 4k mark on the body near th left speaker.
    the card should be SDXC , with clean HD out.
    it might also have the CF fast but no XQD crap for sure.

    the XQD is after all Sony’s proprietary format and only two companies support that are Lexar and Nikon.

    • apollo

      SDXC isn’t fast enough to write GOOD QUALITY 4K material. It’s CFast or XQD. XQD is a good format.

  • AnthonyH

    Is that orange thing a 4K action camera?

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