The Vivitar IU680 is an interchangeable lens camera module for smart phones

After Sony and JK Imaging, Vivitar also announced at CES their own interchangeable lens camera module for smart phones. The Vivitar IU680 is sightly different - you can attache different lenses:

The Vivitar IU680 seems to be only a prototype and was not covered by any of the major websites. Technical specifications or mount details were not revealed.

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  • Gods! This one is a bigger kludge than the previous two!

  • Jack Meoff

    What’s the deal with the Zeiss logo on the baseplate?

    • Mistral75

      The Vivitar IU680 is shown attached to a Sony Xperia smartphone.

      • lord eels

        no it’s not. that’s an iphone 5s. don’t post garbage here.

        • Mistral75

          An iPhone 5s with a big Zeiss logo on it (see first picture above)?

          • lord eels

            it’s a case, you actual idiot

          • Mistral75

            Wow! Strong ability to interact with others topped with the most exquisite politeness…

  • madmax

    Next is medium format module adapted to phone. More stupid, impossible.

    • Ell Aura

      I think the opposite makes more sense (well it is already used like that) is to mount a smartphone or tablet onto a medium format camera (or DSLR or something like GH-4) as a larger screen, a direct transfer of the image to the smartphone/tablet, and the control of camera settings.

      • madmax

        A little more sense, but no real advantage. You can buy a dedicated screen and connect it directly to the hotshoe, way better than having your phone connected to your camera. What about if you receive messages or calls where you are using it as a screen? Also you can do direct transfer to your computer using a camera with Wifi or a Eye-fi card.

        • El Aura

          Can this dedicated screen run apps that allow you to control the camera, do some minor editing, or send the images over the internet to somewhere else? Can this dedicated screen be used for other uses when not needed as a camera companion? Does this dedicated screen have its own battery? — Using a camera with WiFi [to send images to a smartphone or tablet] is exactly what I described as a potential usage.

          Dedicated screens have their advantages, cheaper, lighter, easier to make a wired connection but tablets have their advantages as well.

  • alreadyupsidedown

    Wow. They actually managed to make this mad concept even more pointless and awkward. My heartiest congratulations to Vivitar.

  • Sakini

    Sakar just trying to milk their fallen iM1836 concept – in this size the whole concept is even more pointless than obvious.

  • itsmyname

    What an hideous looking combination try and get that in your shirt pocket.

  • Neopulse

    I understand the Nikon 1 copy look that they had one their MFT camera that they made before, but now Sony? C’mon….

  • Andre Joseph Stuart-John


  • Andrew Hollywood

    Shut up and take my money !!

  • arhur

    Was I the only one thinking they’d make for many, many different mounts so that now my phone can use all sorts of lenses?
    That seemed more logical, but now they’re just using some stupid godforgotten mount!

  • Damian

    Everybody is missing out the idea of this smartphone lens camera. It was designed for people who likes to take a good quality picture occasionally without the need of bringing a bulky dslr or digicam. Let’s admit that most of us owns a camera but they are hidden somewhere in the cabinet most of the time. So the concept of this camera lens is similar to what Apple has been doing with their gadgets, basically they removed unnecessary things and attached the core function of a camera through the smartphone. It has great advantage for light travelers since most of us aren’t interested in taking professional photos, we are just lured with the zoom lens and clarity of a dslr. I am just hoping that these company’s will not take so much advantage on their product because the price of a smartphone camera lens could buy me a nice sleek digicam.

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