New 2014 Pentax K-mount lens roadmap published with a new 70-200mm lens

Pentax published a n updated K-mount lens roadmap on Facebook with a new 70-200mm lens listed to be announced in the future.

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  • itznfb

    Is it just me? I don’t see a 70-200 listed on there.

  • Zos Xavius

    I’d be willing to bet this covers full frame. Otherwise it doesn’t make much sense. There is too much overlap with the 50-135.

    • Sky

      ??? I don’t see how -135 zoom is any reason not to release -200 zoom.

      • Jun-Kai Teoh

        50-135mm is 75-202mm FF equivalent.
        60-250mm is 90-375mm FF equivalent.

        70-200mm is 105-300mm FF equivalent, if we assume this is an APS-C lens.

        Which means the current Pentax lineup already has a “70-200mm FF equiv” lens, and a “100-400mm FF equiv” lens. They’ve covered that range.

        A 70-200mm is nice but it’s somewhat irrelevant.

        I’m aware that many APS-C shooters use 70-200 and 24-70 lenses, but Pentax’s approach has always been for an FF equivalent range instead. Their 16-50mm was a 24-75mm FF equiv, for example.

        • x4rd

          Agreed but the lenses You have mentioned are designed purely for APS-C sensors. 70-200 is the FF range and this lens will cover the upcoming Pentax FF camera. 🙂

          • Jun-Kai Teoh

            Agreed, simply mentioning it in context to what Zos originally posted and what Sky responded.

          • x4rd

            My post referred exactly to:

            “A 70-200mm is nice but it’s somewhat irrelevant.”

            We can now say without no doubt that this is FF lens designed for a FF body. 🙂

  • Tim Reeves

    This lens makes no sense unless they go FF…
    Or is this yet more vapourware to get us excited over the prospect of FF.
    I really wish pentax would sort out the shitty 50-135 first, they should just ask sigma to make their 50-150 for them instead.

    • Sky

      “This lens makes no sense unless they go FF…” – BS. It’s equivalent to 100-400 full frame lens. Makes PERFECT sens.

      • Tim Reeves

        you mean 100-300…
        This slot is already filled by the 60-250. The addition of a 70-200 means there’s 3 tele-zooms, only one standard-zoom and NO UW-zoom for professional use.

    • x4rd

      IT IS designed for future FF camera, no doubts about that.

    • Rob S

      So I guess my Tamron 70-200 f/2.8 that I use constantly makes no sense.

  • Sky

    Pentax: More pancake lenses than in any mirrorless system out there.


  • TinusVerdino

    FF is coming. There will be a new mid range aps-c in may. FF on photokina

  • Steelski

    Well, the keen eyed will spot that all other DA* zooms and lenses were always designated DA* before we knew the focal lengths…… DA always meant it was a crop sensor spec.
    Now this is just * tele zoom…. It is a small heads up to the FF crowd in Pentax Land.

  • DP

    I haven’t checked in a year or so, but I see the 16-85 (or whatever it is) has gone from a DA* to a DA zoom, so who knows if this 70-200 will appear at all or if they’re just testing the waters?

    As for DA lenses not covering FF, that’s mostly true, but there are exceptions, mostly when the formula is based on a FF lens. The DA*55 covers FF though, and that’s a newer design and a great lens. The DA*200 and DA*300, the DA 40 and 70 limiteds and the DA 35/2.4 (based on the FA 35/2) and 50/1.8 work as well.

    Personally, I’d prefer smaller lenses designed for the sensor they use in their cameras, but nothing wrong with keeping your options open.

  • Samael

    Definitively a very positive sign, compared to the recent APS frenzy (K-3, 20-40, tc1.4).

    I would have loved a FF version of the 60-250/4 which really overpower other lenses, even in mft tests where pentax often struggled (welle, except for the 60-70 part).

    But if 70-200/2.8 it is, then let’s go for that! The old 80-200/2.8 was really good in it’s era, a very strong performer at 200/2.8.

    If the TC 1.4 is not half bad, and FF, a FF body, TC 1.4, 70-200/2.8 would be a very nice telephoto setup.

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