The new Panasonic GH4 YAGH interface unit is huge

This is the new Panasonic GH4 interface unit called YAGH that will be announced in few hours. It's huge and has several different audio, video and power interfaces:


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  • grayskale

    lol, that’s the interface unit you dingo!
    very funny.

    • minivini

      That interface unit ate my baby!

  • x4rd

    What for??? And for who is this? Personally if I ever wanted to expand my video capabilities I would buy blackmagic etc.

    • Couple this with a Speed Booster and you have a very capable 4K video camera with Super 35 DOF and a stop more of light for less than $2.5K. Not only that, it really depends on your workflow, Panasonic has one of the best codecs for video and @100mbps IPB and @200mbps All-I, that will save you a lot of memory.

      It’s really a matter of what you prefer, so don’t act like this doesn’t have a lot of appeal. You said yourself, that’s your personal opinion and preference, so don’t put like everybody else thinks the same.

      If you want RAW, BlackMagic is really the way to go, but this Panasonic camera provides enough for some serious videographers but it’s better for a run and gun situation than most of BlackMagic’s cameras. If it had IBIS like Olympus have, then this would be the ultimate 4K run and gun camera, with to no gear you would be able to shoot in all kind of situations, with all sorts of lenses.

      For me the BMPCC has a small sensor and the BMPC needs the whole rig to be used properly, so I would rather take this Panasonic, even more for less than half the price of the BMPC and a BMPCC-less than the BMCC.

      So I think that this has anough appeal for a lot of people, people have different needs and this camera seems to assess them well enough.

      • Nishi Drew

        you missed the point, this interface limits the run-and-gun capability by quite a margin and you’d definitely want a rig for this set up, x4rd is responding to this whole set, as why would you go this far for all the cost and bulk when the BM cameras become more viable as an option.
        And “less than $2.5K” is an assumption, no prices are out yet to compare this effectively. And no, as this doesn’t have IBIS it isn’t as ultimate, you still want a rig if you’re a competent videographer. Can you shoot without one? Of course, but especially with that bulky interface which goes against the whole design of the camera, I’d want one at least.

        Really, this attachment adding all the possibilities and capabilities is awesome, but it seems just getting a dedicated video camera with everything built in makes more sense, as much as it’s cool to just take off the extras and use the GH4 standalone.

        • I made a mistake and I was actually talking about the GH4 alone.

          But my point was about GH4’s flexibility. This interface unit gives the GH4 the flexibility to appeal to more than just enthusiasts, and PRO-level people would be able to make a full use of its capabilities. And depending on the workflow, plus the extra feats that the GH4 has and the BlackMagic cameras don’t, this GH4 package can be more useful, even for those that would use a whole rig.

          Bashing it just because one can’t see the use of it is premature, it can output 10-bit 4:2:2 via HDMI and that should be plenty for most scenarios, even with the now known extra crop, unless you really need or work with RAW this GH4 package has plenty of appeal.

          • Nishi Drew

            Yes, flexibility with the codec and that output are great for fast turnarounds. I’m sure the GH4 is going to rock, and I’ve been using the GH3 and it’s great to work with. Still don’t know the price or how the image is really going to be like working with, but compared to the BM cameras with their clunky handling and menus and issues with batteries and what not, the GH4 would be very much usable. Just that, with this huge attachment, it defeats it’s own design, it’s no longer flexible, and might as well get a larger screen to work with as stuff gets added on, and by then it’s another mashed up DSLR rig which would be better off with a full on cinema camera at the core (but again, quality codec 4K is already miles ahead of the DSLRs of past so… it’s up the user)

          • Price has been rumored for a while for being below $2K, which should mean just $1 below, $1,999.

            But I don’t understand your point since you don’t need this interface unit to make the GH4 work. You DO have flexibility of choice, if you want full rig for pro-level work or if you need a more run and gun with just the GH4 – and possibly the normal vertical grip for extra battery.


          4K is far less forgiving than HD when shooting with IBIS. PRactically it’s not of any use.

          The YAGH unit is not designed for handheld use. It is meant to be used on a Tripods, Rails or DSLR Video Rigs.

          Any proper rig for Videography is quite big in itself, so the YAGH size really isn’t that much of a burden after all.

          Check the size of this for the BMPC4K :

          The YAGH could easily fit in there without any problem.

          • Plus, does no one else notice the screw points lining up with the mount. That means that this will probably take 15mm rods with a smaller male screw. Making the YAGH a great companion for a studio package- much like the picture above.

      • fjfjjj

        The 4K area of the sensor is not Super 35, and not even Micro 4/3, it’s even smaller.

        • “Couple this with a Speed Booster” and that info about the crop wasn’t announced at the time.

          • Henri De Vreese

            I guess it’s around Super 16… (2.7x crop +-)

          • it adds a little bit less than 1.2x crop, which turns it into the same BMCM 2.3x type of crop, but put it with the Speed Boster you get pretty close to Super 35mm

  • saywhatuwill

    Well, I guess they’re definitely serious about video.

  • Zoron

    brilliant….whatever it takes rite

  • Isn’t this more of a docking base than a vertical grip?

  • ehhhh

    That’s not a vertical grip ya dingus

  • Fredus

    Nikon…pls watch and learn

  • Neopulse

    I see this camera getting delayed often. Happened to Blackmagic 4k a shitload of times already.

  • minivini

    The yagh accepts 14mm rods! I predict it’ll cost more than double the body, but that looks like a well thought out bit of gear!

  • Anon

    YAGH! Gesundheit.

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