Sony a6000, HX400, H400, H300, WX350 and W800 cameras announced

Sony officially announced the mirrorless a6000 camera and several new Cybershots. For pricing, availability and detailed specifications check the links below:

→ Sony 70-200mm f/4-5.6 G lens

→ Sony A6000 mirrorless camera body (kit also available with the 16-50 lens)

→ Sony DSC-HX400

→ Sony DSC-H400

→ Sony DSC-H300

→ Sony DSC-WX350 black (available also in white)

→ Sony DSC-W800 black (silver also available)

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  • So the rumors about this also being a NEX-7 replacement don’t seem to be accurate. So I wonder what to expect about the a7000, I liked the tracking AF though, finally Sony was able to pull an AF that doesn’t look crap on video with that horrible hunting focus. Even more when you don’t really have much option since with the MF you got to make a lot of turning to get the focus right.

    But more importantly, WHERE THE HECK IS THE EFF LENS ROADMAP?!?!

  • fjfjjj

    The Sony looks so much like an expensive Canon lens. Maybe if I shoot all street, all telephoto, people far away will think it’s the real thing.

    • JoeJohnBear

      Seems like Sony’s problem of having large lenses on small bodies with their NEX platform is just as true for their new full frame e-mount system.

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