New Tokina AT-X PRO 24-70mm f/2.8 SD (IF) FX lens spotted at CP+

This is the new full-frame Tokina AT-X PRO SD 24-70mm f/2.8 (IF) FX lens that will be announced at Photokina later this year. The new lens was on display at the CP+ show in Japan

Tamron announced their SP 24-70mm f/2.8 Di VC USD lens ($1,299) last year.

Sigma is rumored to announce a new 24-70mm f/2 OS HSM full frame lens this year.

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  • Tokina should work on their design. Lenses looked like this 20 years ago.

    • My first impression was that it was nice looking!

      • lord eels

        you are so annoying

    • AM

      If its optics are great, why would the look matter?

      • Of course it wouldn’t but still… Why not make a design that matches the optics as well? 😛

        • aggin

          Even if they don’t look good, they feel really good in hand!

        • Zos Xavius

          Tokina never had the best looking lenses, but their interesting (and sometimes excellent) optical designs have more than made up for that. Tokina has been around longer than I think both Sigma and Tamron.

          • Duarte Castelo Branco

            even if it was designed in the 90 it would look old, not that hard to create a new design language, get your shit together Tokina, And take a look at zeiss, sony and sigma. Most of the photography market belongs to amateurs and serious amateurs, the lens needs to be a desirable object or most people will not buy it.Even if it is almost as good as the others and cheaper

          • Zos Xavius

            A lens is desirable to me if it performs well. I really could care less what it looks like as long as it isn’t pink.

    • thinley

      Retro looks! .. and probably built like a tank. I have two tokinas. they’ve survived many impacts over the years. not like my Nikon 24-70 with grating zoom when new which nikon assessed as ‘impact damage’

    • Clint

      Funny, I had a similar thought….this looks identical to the Tokina 12-24mm that I bought in 2006….not that it matters at all.

    • poor snapshooter

      why not make it into a full time manual focus? i find it hard to use that push-pull focus ring.

  • AM

    It doesn’t seem to have VR or IS or OS. Tokina is years behind the other 3rd-party companies in this regard.

    • x4rd

      Unless it’s designed for manufacturer(s) that have in-body stabilization. If You know what I mean… 😉

      • j

        who has in body vr

        • Keith R

          Pentax. It’s SR.

          • x4rd

            True, and Sony 🙂

    • Duncan Dimanche

      yeah…. don’t know what the (if) stands for…

      • mikeswitz

        if stands for internal focusing

    • alin

      With this occasion the company also presented a mockup of a new Tokina AT-X 24-70mm F2.8 PRO FX lens that comes with an AF-MF ring. Price and availability is yet to be announced.

      In addition to that, Tokina also presented the AT-X 70-200mm F4 PRO FX VCM-S telephoto zoom optic that comes with both ring-type ultrasonic autofocus motor (with manual override) and optical image stabilization.

  • Nguyễn Tùng

    and in near future, Tokina 70-200 f2.8 to complete the trinity 😀

  • Chris Pearson

    Looks like it’s still manual or auto, no full time override. That’s the most backwards thing about this lens to me.

  • John

    Which means that pentax may have a 24-70 f/2.8 formula available; to complete with their coatings, weather sealing and hopefully DC motor. Definitively worth waiting photokina.

  • Duncan Dimanche

    It looks pretty small for a 24-70 2.8 🙂

  • stoooopid

    What ever happened to the Tokina 70-200 f/4 project? It showed up at a few trade shows about a year and a half ago, and since then – no one has seen it. I guess that project got killed when Nikon announced their 70-200 f/4.

    • jumeaux

      Comparison with the nikon 70/200 f4 to be fatal to the tokina !

      • stoooopid

        Probably did. But I was hoping Tokina could make this lens for around $900. Nikon version is too expensive for an f/4 lens.

    • Toli

      According to late reports, Tokina 70-200/f4 will be
      releasing in May, 2014 for C,N mounts and S mount to follow my best guess <$1100 save $ to get your new toy soon.

      • stoooopid

        Thanks for the update. The web has been very quiet about this lens. But $1100, for me anyway, puts it way too close to Nikon 70-200 f/4. Only about $300 separate the two. I was hoping it would come in closer to $900.

  • PB

    Is it attractive? Bottom line: who cares? If it performs as well optically as their other short zooms, and has the same build quality (every Tokina I’ve tried has been very solid), it’ll be a compelling lens.

  • Rock Kenwell

    Well, 70-200mm F4 was displayed just like this back in 2012 and never comes to market. 50-135mm on DX was great other than slow AF, and FX are still waiting… waiting… and waiting… but never comes out of these displays!

  • rt-photography

    IQ and focus accuracy is all I care about. I owned the 28-80 and it was ok but from f/4 on. hope this useable at f/2.8. build quality is always there but QC is crap.

  • I’ve been won over by Sigma (Art), almost by Tamron but still not by Tokina. Open to them but def still not their FF lineup. If I shot crop I’d use their wide UWA’s but they need to get the focus ring direction correct for canon variants and vignetting issues as well.

  • Armin

    I love the Tokina build quality, so I’ll buy if IQ is also good.

  • Toksu

    This seems tempting. I really like Tokinas nuclear war survivor look like in 12-24 f/4. Any guesses on filterthread size or wright?

  • Jim Coarse

    I debated the Nikon 105mm macro for a few years before discovering the Tokina 100mm macro at half the price. It has by-far exceeded my every expectation. I can’t wait for this to come out as I am not interested in paying $1900 for the Nikon wide 2.8…

  • Jim Coarse

    I debated the Nikon 105mm macro for a few years before discovering the Tokina 100mm macro at half the price. It has by-far exceeded my every expectation. I can’t wait for this to come out as I am not interested in paying $1900 for the Nikon wide 2.8…

  • BA

    I’d buy it over the Canon. I own the 16-28 f/2.8 and it’s just as good as the Canon… Maybe a hair softer on the edges wide open but that’s it… Still a third of the price of the Canon. Build quality feels way better than the plastic canon. As much as I love canon products, they really need to step it up…

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