Samsung NX30 mirrorless camera now in stock


The Samsung NX30 mirrorless camera is now shipping and is currently in stock at B&H. Here are the detailed camera specifications:

Samsung NX30 camera specifications

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  • Bruce_K

    Yet another Samsung mirrorless camera that won’t sell much outside Korea. Samsung was aiming at a 20-25% market share but does well to achieve a tenth of that.

    • Global

      Do you find anything wrong with this camera (your comment is neutral — but I am just wondering)? It seems like this is an interesting iteration.

      Its not only under $1000 w/lens, but its also bundled with Lightroom 5.

      • Bruce_K

        I wondered why on earth anyone would buy this camera. Because it is cheap?

        Can you think of any valid reason other than low price?

        • Marco –

          The problem is tht it’s NOT low priced…you can have a fuji x-e2 for this price and a sony a6000 for way less.

          • Bruce_K

            No reason to buy it then, which was my original point. Samsung seems to set sales targets which are unrealistically high given the mediocrity of the product.

          • Marco –

            Definitely. And it’s also very ugly 🙂 ok, that’s subjective, but looks like a plastic duck…

      • bruno

        $1000 is not cheap. I would put this camera on par with NEX-6 which is $800 also with lens.

  • Global

    This is actually a very good effort by Samsung — I think Samsung seriously hurt themselves early on by failing to make notable cameras — but this one is a really serious contender if real-world tests show it to handle well:

    – APS-C,
    – 9fps,
    – 2mil dot OLED,
    – Tilting veiwfinder,
    – 1080p 60fps
    – Dual stabilized Movie recording,
    – 100+ Focus Points,
    – Swivel oled LCD,
    – 20 mp.

    This brings Samsung right up there with the rest of the pack & although this has a modified dslr look (is not in trendy retro form), it is definitely worth taking a second look at and comparing to other cameras. Especially considering the new lenses Samsung is bringing out.

    • Marco –

      The evf is not oled. The 9fps can be achieved just with mf or locked focus, not with caf.

      • Global

        Oh, hm. Isn’t XGA — OLED (like Sony)? Or do the two have to be listed together (“XGA” vs. “XGA OLED” vs. “OLED”?)?

        • Marco –

          XGA refers to resolution (1024*768). Oled is the technology. The evf in nx30 has a sequential technology, while those in recent fuji and sony are oled.

    • Ross

      The body might be OK, but what about the lenses? I think, ‘ho-hum’ when it comes to Samsung cameras, although some of their products aren’t too bad.

      • Marco –

        As a paradox, samsung lenses are – imo – much better than the bodies. The 10, 30, 45 and 85mm primes are real gems. The 60mm is 1:1 macro and has ois. The 16 and 20mm pancakes are quite decent and so even the zoom kits and the 50-200mm zoom. It’s the bodies that need a new sensor and much faster processors to compete with others at the same pricepoint.

    • Marco –

      The sensor is now outdated and the 9fps are with locked focus (where other cheaper cameras like a6000 can do 11 with caf). Also the buffer is subpar and so is the overall operational speed.

  • Global

    Admin, how are the rumors for the lenses?

    – Samsung16-50mm F/2-2.8!!
    – Samsung 50-150mm f/2.8??

    Are they both bright 2.8s, splash proof, dust proof, have OIS USM and the L-Fn buttons? I’m kinda diggin’ what Samsungs doing here.

  • Andre Joseph Stuart-John

    Its been in sale in Jessops for 2 weeks now at £899 really not that bad at all if you make use of the extras you get, Lightroom and Dropbox space.

    Unfortunately Sony Undercutting everyone in price is going to really effect Samsung and Panasonic sales this year

    • Marco –

      Also having a sensor with higher mp and better dxo and faster caf / smoother operations helps in winning on the market 🙂 the price helps as well, definitely.

      Consider that most ppl in photography already own LR (or don’t want it). And the dropbox space offered – I think but may be wrong – is limited in time.

  • frank

    Wouldn’t touch Samsung if you paid me.
    I used work at a camera store back in the days just as digital was being introduced (circa 1999). Back then we sold Samsung film cameras. Once we realized that every single one of those sold was coming back for repairs, we began to test our stocks. Usually 1/3 to 1/2 of what we had in stock were broken in the box. Hopefully they’ve changed.

    • Andre Joseph Stuart-John

      They have hahah

    • Global

      Sorry, Frank, but that perspective is completely invalid today. You worked in cameras right when digital was starting up almost 20 years ago before Samsung was an modern sophisticated electronics powerhouse & you are talking their FILM cameras?? As the meme goes:

      “That’s a nice story, bro.”

      Today, Samsung is widely regarded as superior to Sony in electronics and quality. And no one dismisses Sony’s quality. Samsung may not have focused on DSLR’s the way the Sony has done with their mirrorless line — but if Samsung takes notice, then we can have a great option on the table.

      I really do hope that Samsung gets serious — and, to me, this looks like a serious attempt and a step in the right direction worth applauding. Although, I’m sure lots of guys have stories about walking through the snow to school, it still remains that most high quality electronics these days have Samsung or Apple written on them. And if either Samsung or Apple get serious (as Samsung is showings hints that it may), then we’ll have another Sony in the camera market.

      • frank

        That’s good to hear that they’ve turned into a respectable mfg of cameras. Their TVs have been top notch and highly rated since I can remember.

    • istreetshooter

      I bought a Samsung WB250f for my family to use and it is a great compact. I’ve been tempted to buy a NX300 after playing with one at a store in the past, so Samsung has definitely made strides.


    The main thing that is wrong with this, is that Samsung has spoiled it’s own user base with generous price reductions after a while. If the company policy is to reduce price by 25-30% after 6 months, I find it hard to believe that anyone interested in this will go and buy it right now and not wait a little more.

    Othe problems?
    – The 20.3 Mpx sensor has been “revamped” once or twice but it’s the same imaging machine that you can find in the 200-euro NX1000. It’s about time it’s replaced.
    – There is virtually no Flash system (yet).
    – Not many lenses (yet).

    On the other hand, seeing how Samsung has prevailed in the mobile market, I do believe that if they are determined to dominate the photo market, they somehow will. Sony had to buy a major player to get in the game, Samsung seems to try and make it on their own (although I still can’t figure out why they didn’t buy Pentax), and this will take some time.
    Unless thay go out and buy some other major player soon…

    • cyco2

      There is a new flash: SEF-580A which was announed with NX30
      -10 mm F3.5 Fisheye Pancake
      -16mm f2.4 Pancake
      -20mm f2.8 Pancake
      -30mm f22 Pancake
      -45mm f1.8 (not Pancake but small and light)
      -60mm f2.8 Macro
      -85mm f1.4
      -16-50mm OIS f3.5-5.6 Pancakezoom
      -16-50mm ED OIS f2-2.8 Waterproof
      -18-55mm f3.5-5.6 OIS
      -20-50mm f3.5-5.6
      -18-200mm ED OIS f3.5-5.6
      -50-200mm f4-5.6
      -50-150mm f2.8 waterproof (rumored for mid-end of 2014)

    • Marco –

      I totally agree about price (way too high for the ‘old’ sensor) and about your considerations about the sensor. This camera is one year too late and/or 300$ too expensive.

  • Marco –

    Here you can see some sample high iso images:

    Terrible jpg, as you see, with high nr even at 1600.

    The raw at 3200 and 6400 are pretty bad as well, with lot of chroma noise. Seems worse than nx300, even if they should share the same sensor.

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