Samsung NXF1 camera bundle price: $499

A quick update on the upcoming Samsung NXF1: the US price of the camera bundle (I assume with one lens) will be $499. The official announcement should be very soon because some retailers have already added the camera to their websites.

The Samsung NXF1 camera is already registered with the Korean Radio Research Agency which is a clear indication that  the official announcement will be in the next 1-2 months:


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  • Alex Alexander

    Now, NXF1 and NXF1 Mini are the same?

  • madmax

    If they include a lens, this is a very good price for what you get. Tough competition for Sony´s Rx 100.

  • Marco –

    Considering that this is the launch price, if this camera accepts nx lenses I’ll buy it after some months at 30% less 🙂

    • Andre Joseph Stuart-John

      hahaah definitely, iv learnt never to splash out at launch price, especially with samsung, wait 2-3 months and you get £100 off and a free tablet hahah

    • madmax

      Well, you see, RX100 II price is considerably higher, has only a fixed lens that is 28 mm equivalent at the wide end vs. 24 mm in NXF1 with any of the lenses already on sale, tiltable screen in RX100 only can go 84 degrees up and 45 down, no touchscreen…

      I don´t think NXF1 is 30% overpriced.

      • Marco –

        We have to see the final specs and iq, anyway I’m not saying it’s overpriced. Even the nx300 was not seriously overpriced at launch, but this didn’t prevent it to fall by 30% after 6 months. Now, less than one year since it’s on the market, you can buy a nx300 for less than 500$ with two lenses.


    Ok then, I bet this is gonna be 259 USD for Christmas.

    • Marco –

      Agreed 😀

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