New Fujifilm mirrorless X camera coming “very soon”

Fujifilm may announce another mirrorless X system camera very soon according to this Facebook post.

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  • PeerlessPaw

    maybe an update to their lower-end models? adding on-sensor phase-detect for faster AF maybe… 🙂

  • Ranger 9

    And historically, the number of accurate photo rumors originating in Bangladesh has been…?

    • If it’s official, it’s irrelevant how many rumors they got right before, because when an official source say something, technically, it’s not a rumor, it’s a teaser.

      • Fred Flintstone

        It’s a combination rumour/teaser which makes it a tumour 🙂

        • Zos Xavius

          IT’S NOT A TUMOR!!!

  • lord eels

    with so many models they will break down the second hand market, hooray!

    • johnny

      Fuji has too many craps. I only care about their plan for FF camera.

  • Goegem

    If it’s going to be a MF, 50+ megapixel, organic sensor MILC camera with a hybrid finder I wil be interested.

    • Pat Mann

      Yes, it has to be the 6 x 17 panorama camera coming back as digital, though that should be at least 300 mp. It will certainly have PDAF for auto-optimization of focus for tilts, 8k video and 20 fps in 645 mode.

  • regular

    It will be called X-T610, and will fix the leak issues.

    • Global

      Fuji is already fixing any light leaks (which only leak in some of the cases, and only if someone shines a very bright light directly into the input flap open by the way). Seems like every camera from every manufacturer has some small bugs in the beginning.

      But gotta love Fuji for owning it right away, unlike the other guys! 🙂

  • Pat Mann

    There is a slot for a very compact APS-C 18-55 collapsing zoom X100Z in the lineup before Nikon brings out the $1800 Coolpix B.

  • Mr.Black

    Tiny compact with APS-C sensor, fixed collapsable zoom lens, tilting screen and evf.

  • PeterG

    I cannot give this any credence.

    1. The Facebook page given as the source is a “fan page”.

    2. There is no Fujifilm Bangladesh. A distributor called Color Trade Limited handles Fujifilm in Bangladesh.

    3. Any official Fujifilm distributor would not divulge this prior to press release.

  • Tyler Evert

    Just give me an X30 with an APS-C and a 24-105, please

    • Neopulse

      It’s an IL not a fixed one :-/

  • alreadyupsidedown


    (Joking, obviously)

  • aekn

    So, two leaks in one week?

    • Zos Xavius

      light leaks 🙂

  • Neopulse

    Hmmm…. does another mean a new successor of a previous one or a completely new line? You think they might get into making an all weather style/submergeable Fuji like the Nikon 1 series?

  • Lance

    It will be the X-Pro 2 with improvements similar to the X-T1, but with a body big enough to actually hold on to. Plus there would be room for a Thumbs Up, and a place to install a soft release button. While they’re at it, it will include a new 27mm pancake lens that actually has an aperture control ring on it.

    Then I would give up my X-Pro 1. I tried the X-T1 but got hand cramps trying to hold it, and I couldn’t find the tiny flat buttons. Oh, and I missed my soft release button, a lot. Havind to keep a finger tip on top of that tiny release just made my hand cramp up more. Other than that stuff it was great, before I sent it back to Amazon.

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