The latest patents from Sigma, Olympus, Samsung and Ricoh

Sigma 28-85mm f:3.5-5.6 lens patent
→ Sigma filed a patent application in Japan for a 28-85mm f/3.5-5.6 lens.

Olympus selective exposure patent.
Olympus filed a patent for selective exposure in different areas of the frame.

Samsung patent for camera with transparent display
→ Samsung files patent for camera with transparent display.

Ricoh 0.7x wide converter patent
→ Ricoh filed a patent for a 0.7x wide converter.

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  • Kevin

    A transparent display….because that’ll be really easy to read in daylight!

    • madmax

      Not only easy to read, but a whole new concept in photography, joining the best of EVFs, OVFs and rangefinders. You will be able to frame with the flexibility of rangefinders, the luminosity of OVFs and the information and focus aids of EVFs. Also, this could be the end of conventional viewfinders, as framing will be made with the articulated transparent screen. Probably, a polarization system will help to diminish luminosity when needed.

  • Les

    I like the Sigma lens, if only because it means that they will be releasing cheaper full-frame lenses.
    Right now the only third party full frame lenses are huge/fast/expensive (other than discontinued film-era lenses). That’s fine if you want to pretend you’re a pro (nothing wrong with that), but there’s a lack of small zooms for cameras like the 6D and D610.

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