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→ Two new Canon EOS M mirrorless camera are rumored to be announced by the end of the year (Q3). Most likely we will not see them in the US.

Canon announced a white edition of the EOS 100D camera and EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM lens in the UK.

DxOMark posted their test results for the Canon PowerShot G1x Mark II camera ($799.99).


Pentax Film Duplicator officially announced.

→ Sony A7s: low light demonstration (ISO 1600 to 409600).

Olympus faces £163m ($272m) lawsuit over financial cover-up.

→ New Kickstarter product: magnetic lens cap holder.

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  • Zos Xavius

    So the new G1-X performs almost identically to my ancient 6 year old Pentax K-7. Awesome. I feel bad for canon shooters really.

    • The sensor in the g1x ii is significantly smaller than the aps-c sensor in your k7, so it’s to be expected. Also it’d be wise not to take dxo results as gospel just because they show some numbers. Not all numbers are made with the same care lol In fact, some numbers can even be random 😀

      Also I don’t know if you’ve used this camera but it’s a better quality alternative to the RX10 (for stills).

      • Zos Xavius

        The k-7 still holds its own in good light, but its also a very old sensor design. The G1X has a larger sensor (barely) than m4/3, and yet cannot compete with the newer panasonic designs. Canon is really lagging on sensors. Their aps-c sensors don’t perform much better. I’m guessing this is the same sensor design as the rebel sensor but scaled down to a smaller size.

        • And you’re saying these things about how different sensors compare based on whose facts? DxO’s? Dpreview’s?

          Canon’s sensors aren’t as bad as dxo-heros on forums say. For example Canon sensors are used for DSLR video production at all budget levels. Keeping aside the reasons why other people’s cameras aren’t used as much, they won’t be used if they are that bad.

          Also look at the whole pro photo segment… Canon is very strong on field, if not the majority. Sony might not have the lens range but Nikon does… yet Canon has a strong presence, if not the strongest.

          None of these would happen if Canon’s as bad as ppl on sites like these say it is. Pros don’t hesitate to switch to the brand that gets them thr results. Only armchair naysayers don’t use cameras and base everything based on what dxo and dpreview says.

          Olympus might genuinely have a better sensor compared to what’s in the G1X even if it’s smaller… with FT vs. FF history starting to repeat in the mFT vs. mirrorless FF segment, Olympus’s life depends on that sensor. For Canon the G1X is a proof of concept (relating to their whole anti-mirrorless stand) that they’ve put out there on shelves. They don’t need to try as hard.

          As for some flame war or whatever… I don’t even remember these things, let alone names of ppl involved. All I care about are facts relating to the subject… not here to make online friends or pick up lol

    • Bollox

      Don’t worry, you keep your toys, we keep taking great shots with our real cameras. DXO and spotty teenagers can say whatever you please. I am sorry for your problems.

      • Zos Xavius

        I could care less really. BTW, to claim I use toys for photography is absurd, and quite frankly insulting.

        • Bollox

          Be insulted then, who cares?

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