What else is new?

→ Canon's EF interchangeable lenses production surpasses 100 million mark.

→ The Sony NEX-6 mirrorless camera is now up to $275 off.

→ The newly released Blackmagic Studio HD Camera with MFT lens mount is now in stock.

Fujifilm X-E2 camera
New firmware update brings X-T1 viewfinder performance to the Fujifilm X-E2 camera.

The Cactus V6 is a new wireless flash triggering system.

Samsung announced the Galaxy K zoom camera-phone

→ iPhone 6 camera may feature electronic image stabilization and bigger pixel size.

FlashQ is a new a new solution for wireless flash photography.

→ This is how you can give your DSLR 9 hours of battery life.

New55 FILM is a new instant 4x5 film that produces a superb negative and a positive prints too.

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  • madmax

    The Black Magic Studio HD camera is a lot more interesting than the ridiculously priced Sony A7s. And if you really need 4K pro features you´d better try the Kinefinity Mini 4k. There are lots of HD and 4K video cameras way better than the Sony A7s and not too expensive.

    • A part of the ridiculous price might also be related to the full-frame sensor with a full read out… resulting in around a 1 stop lower noise compared to S35 with a full-read out. The bigger sensor is also less demanding on the lenses because the resolution is the same (magnification is less)… indirectly, you could be saving money by using cheaper lenses that perform as well as high quality ones for the smaller format. Same story as mFT/FT vs. FF.

      • madmax

        A part of the ridiculous price is also related to absence of true raw output, having to buy and carry an external recorder… Even Panasonic GH4 is better for less than a half of the price for 4K recording. But if you prefer the Sony´s crap, feel free to throw your money away. I´ll go for the Blackmagic or the Kinefinity when I need a new video camera, not a photo camera adapted to video.

        • Ken Elliott

          It’s funny that you call the Sony “crap”, but compare it to a studio camera that can’t even record.

          God, I love the Internet….

          • madmax

            Hahaha! Very good observer. Nobody noticed before you 😉
            Anyway, the point is other Blackmagic, Kinefinity, etc. cameras give you true raw output and are video dedicated cameras. I´d buy a hybrid camera like the GH4 for the good price but not a Sony A7s.

        • No true raw output? You want 24fps 4k raw video at 300+ megabytes/sec? Makes a lot of sense.

  • mrt

    100 Million Canon lenses at the expense of quality, yeah…they’re simply pumping them out…My wife recently bought a 50mm 1.4 – Shockingly soft and incorrect out of the box…had to be sent back and was rectified and made true. Last week we bought 24 – 70 f4 is…different camera store, both L series…exactly same quality and soft focusing issues…wonder what the true figure out of that 100 million lenses has been returned for poor quality or focus issues.

  • NoMeJodas

    Fuji should really quit the practice of releasing cameras with pre-mature firmware and building the final product on-location by releasing updates to add things that should have been there from the beginning or fix things that should have been fixed in the testing phase at the latest.

    For example the X-E1 was announced half a year later than the RX100. Since then Fuji has released 4 firmware updates for it (1.01, 2.00, 2.10, 2.20) and Sony has released ZERO updates for the RX100. Now the current internet hype says that because of this, Fuji’s after-sales support for old products is better than Sony’s. But the truth is: Fuji needs IMO at least 2-3 more firmware updates for the X-E1 to bring it feature- and bug—wise to the firmware level that Sony has put into the RX100 from day one!

    But unfortunately this practice is working very good for Fuji from marketing point of view. So I’m afraid they’ll won’t see a need to change it very soon.

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