Sony Alpha a77 Mark II translucent mirror camera announced (a77M2)

Sony-77M2-camera Sony-Alpha-a77-Mark-II-camera Sony-Alpha-a77-MII-camera

Sony officially announced the Alpha a77 Mark II translucent mirror camera. The price will be $1,198 for camera body and $1,798 for a kit with the 16-50mm/2.8 lens. Shipping will start on June 10th. Here are the main a77M2 features: World’s fastest continuous shooting speed up to 12 fps

The α77II has the world’s fastest continuous shooting speed in its class1—up to 12 frames per second at full resolution. Equipped with a 79 point AF sensor and advanced auto focus tracking, technology, you never have to miss a moment. The α77II outperforms even more expensive rivals with continuous auto focus and auto exposure when shooting at 12fps at full 24.3MP resolution and can capture up to 60 frames in a single burst when in JPEG fine setting.

World’s most AF points: 79-point Phase Detection AF system*

The α77II is equipped with a newly developed phase detection auto focus system, featuring wide coverage 79 AF points. Fifteen of the AF points are cross-type and placed in the most-frequently-used central area of the sensor. This helps the α77II achieve accurate focusing even with horizontally striped subjects, which line-type AF points typically find challenging. The new AF system also performs well in low-light conditions—as low as EV -2 (ISO 100), which is similar to a moonlit night under which objects are difficult to see even with the naked eye. The new AF algorithm instantly recognizes and reliably tracks the desired subject. The α77II also realizes impressive focusing accuracy, even when a large-aperture lens is mounted, thanks to the f/2.8 AF point placed horizontally in the center of the AF sensor overlapping another AF point.

*Among interchangeable-lens digital cameras equipped with a dedicated phase-detection AF sensor as of May 1, 2014.

24.3MP Exmor® CMOS sensor

The α77II houses a large APS-C sensor with approx. 24.3 effective megapixels for incredible detail and gorgeous enlargements. Its high resolving power adopts the same gapless on-chip lens structure as the α7R and features the latest-generation RGB color filter and other cutting-edge device technologies developed by Sony, the number 1 manufacturer of image sensors. The α77II’s image sensor exhibits approximately 20% higher sensitivity and lower noise levels compared to the α77 throughout a wide sensitivity range of ISO 100 to 25,600.

Advanced BIONZ® X image processing

The α77II is equipped with the same BIONZ® X image processing engine as on the top-of-the-line full-frame models—α7 and α7R. This engine achieves approximately three times the processing speed of previous BIONZ and features all the latest image processing technologies, which are optimized for this model. The result is astonishingly high-speed processing capabilities as well as faithfully reproduced textures and amazing definition.

Detail reproduction technology

Strong outlines a common characteristic of digital images, are minimized as much as possible to achieve finely detailed images with a natural three-dimensional appearance and naturally depicts subjects as seen by human vision. This increases the ability to depict detailed textures and brings photography another step closer to creating totally realistic, high-quality images.

Diffraction-Reducing Technology

Diffraction-reducing technology maximizes the optical performance of lenses and produces finer details when shooting with a small aperture setting. Optimal filter processing—that best matches the f-number—is applied to correct image points that are blurred, preventing diffraction effects that become an issue when shooting with a deep depth of field and high pixel count. You can therefore depend on finely detailed images even when shooting with a small aperture setting.

Max ISO 25,600

The α77II has a wide sensitivity range of ISO 100 to 25,600 for faster shutter speeds and low-light shooting situations. Combined with detail reproduction technology, area-specific noise reduction effectively suppresses noise and realize high-sensitivity images resulting in fine details and less grain from corner to corner.

Sony-77MII-camera Sony-a77M2-camera

Smartphone sharing with build-in Wi-Fi and NFC

Connectivity with smartphones has been simplified with Wi-Fi® and NFC control for one-touch sharing. Simply tap the camera to another NFC-enabled device like a tablet or smartphone and photos are transferred with just one touch. Users need only touch devices to connect; no complex set-up is required. Moreover, when using Smart Remote Control, the camera’s shutter can be conveniently controlled by your smartphone’s touchscreen.

Full HD Movie 1080/60p/60i/24p video recording

Take full control when you shoot HD movies and enjoy the full expressive potential of Program, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority or Manual (P/A/S/M) control in HD movie mode. Capture spectacular HD movies in your choice of super-smooth 60p, standard 60i or cinematic 24p, all at Full HD 1920x1080 resolution. AVCHD™ codec delivers stunning picture quality. MP4 codec offers smaller files for easier upload to the web. You also have the option of capturing uncompressed HD to an optional external recorder for super high bitrate via the clean HDMI® output.

Weather-resistant magnesium alloy body

The α77II is a high-quality, high-precision shooting tool built for the real world with a rugged magnesium alloy body that combines high strength with light weight. Sealing around the main buttons, dials, ports and doors are weather-resistant with a double-layered structure that enhances sealing effectiveness at all camera body openings including the media compartment and terminal area. The same high-level resistance to dust and moisture is maintained even when the camera is mounted with the 16-50mm F2.8 (SAL1650) zoom lens, VG-C77AM vertical shooting grip or HVL-F60M flash.

EVF - XGA OLED Tru-Finder

There’s never been anything quite like the OLED Tru-Finder™ electronic viewfinder. For size, speed and brightness even after sunset, this is a gem. It begins with 2,359,296 dots for amazing resolution and high contrast ratio for incredible depth and shows 100% frame coverage. OLED reduces motion blur to a bare minimum. You can also see the results of camera adjustments in real time with superb color and detail, including the ability to display the effects of various camera settings, the use of MF Assist and a peaking function for fine-tuning the focus.


Three-way Tilt and Swivel LCD Screen

The α77II incorporates a large 3” TFT LCD with 1,228,800 dots pixel count for bright high resolution and high contrast display making framing and shooting a breeze - even in harsh lighting situations. Tilt it up or down to frame high and low-angle shots that would otherwise be hit-or-miss. Tilt and swivel over the camera for self-portraits. You can even tilt it up and down when you hold the camera in vertical mode! Finally, the monitor folds flush to the camera with the LCD exposed for shooting or protected for travel.

Full-Time LiveView in LCD or EVF

You can use both the LCD monitor and OLED Electronic Viewfinder for composing shots in LiveView. Both provide a what-you-see-is-what-you-get preview of white balance, focus, depth of field, exposure and 100% framing accuracy, plus informative on-screen displays.

Every Lens is Stabilized

The α77II incorporates sensor shift technology called SteadyShot® INSIDE image stabilization. This means every lens you use—from the widest angle to longest telephoto—Is corrected for camera shake and reduces blur, resulting in crisp and sharp images.


Built-in Flash (Guide Number 12)

To help you shoot more effectively, the camera includes a built-in flash (Guide Number 12) that can also trigger a wireless accessory flash (sold separately). The integrated hot shoe enables you to expand your lighting options with a range of accessory flashes (sold separately).

Long Shutter Life

A highly durable and reliable shutter unit has been proven to endure approximately 150,000 shutter releases. This durability ensures long-lasting shooting performance, including continuous shooting performance that takes into consideration the large number of photos shot by advanced users.

Here is a quick specifications comparison with the major a77M2 competitors (click for larger view):


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  • Graham Culleton

    Looks a solid all round update to me. As a happy NEX 6 user I could see myself buying one of these and it should attract those outside the Sony camp to take a look as well.

    • Ms.KrystalMeth

      This is a perfect camera for guys with cameras who shoot only jpegs!

      • Sebastian

        I’m pretty sure it does RAW, too.

      • devon

        This camera also shoots 26 frames of raw and 60 jpegs for 1200 bucks plus all the bells and whistles like steadyshot, beautiful EVF, Tilt screen, etc etc, until canon and nikon releases their 7d and d300 updates obviously for not this price 😛

  • Hker

    Seems to be all singing and dancing, has everything except a built in coffee machine:) Although I am in the Nikon camp it is good to have competition from other manufacturers, so good on Sony! Helps to hopefully push the specs forward in all camps. For a pro user, I would have preferred double card slot as a backup. Otherwise nice specs on paper. Guess some will be waiting to see how with these specs actually perform in reality and image quality.

  • Camaman

    Diffraction-Reducing Technology:

    is that some marketing fakeness and clarity boos for jpegs onl, or an actual advancement?

    • TinusVerdino

      It’s a processing algoritm so it does not actually reduce diffraction but tries to repair it, taking the used f-stop into account.

      • frank

        Diffraction on the sensor will start around f/5.6, thus making the kit lens usable at f/4. At f/2.8 you’re all the open which is the soft point of the lens and f/4 you’re getting soft images due to diffraction – Why anyone would by a system with such limitations is beyond me.
        With this fact in mind, the a77II is an absolutely useless imaging machine.

        • frank

          I meant to write “…and beyond f/4 you’re getting…”

        • TinusVerdino

          24mp dslr’s deliver sharper images than 16mp ones, where the diffraction sets in later. Because of the higher pixel density. Basically what you are saying 24mp is useless on aps-c. It has been proven not to be so, though 16mp would be better for high ISO. Diffraction is just one factor in the equation. Not al lenses are soft wide open. The new Sigma Art lenses are sharp at 1.4. The kitlens is not soft wide open and useable from F2.8 It is not soft at F5.6 just a little less sharp, which is barely noticable.

          • Zos Xavius

            diffraction isn’t the brick wall that people make it out to be. my k-5 is diffraction limited past f9, and yet the k-3 clearly outresolves it at the same aperture. out of curiosity I stopped down to f32 one day and took a shot with a fairly sharp zoom. The guy that wrote some article claiming that I now only have 2mp of actual resolving power is an idiot. There was clearly a loss, but nowhere near as severe as people would have you believe. I will happily stop down to even F16 if I have to. A lot of lenses reach their most even sharpness across the frame at F8-F11. Having a sharp image is a lot more important than worrying about diffraction IMO.

        • Dpablo unfiltered

          Other cameras don’t have diffraction. Which trolling company do you work for?

  • Les

    Sony’s SLR line makes no sense anymore. There’s almost no reason to get this over a NEX, given that it doesn’t have an optical viewfinder. I guess if you really really need 60 jpegs in 5 seconds (but can’t make due with unlimited 4K frames at 30 fps that other cameras provide), then this is the camera for you.

    Anybody else who is committed to Sony can just get a NEX adapter for their lenses and forget about their whole lame-duck SLR lineup.

    • zev

      possibly you just cant stand the over $4k price of an a7s plus shogun.

      • Les

        You can get Sony’s APS-C NEX 6 for much less than this camera, and it uses the same sensor.

  • Kynikos

    Anybody who buys this instead of a NEX just isn’t paying attention.

    • BJ

      Oh trust me, they are. You can’t get sustained FPS and a buffer like that in an NEX. This is coming from a NEX owner. The A77 mk 2 will quite possibly replace my D7000.

    • CHD

      Completely different cameras for different styles of shooting…pay attention and you would know this.

  • stoooopid

    This seems pretty good. I am a little skeptical about the translucent mirror thing. Given the same sensor, iso, and shutter speed – a translucent mirror camera will have to boost the ISO to get the same exposure as a traditional mirror flapper. This shows up in the DXO ratings.
    But I like the body design. And the price seems pretty good. If I were to get the equivalent setup from Nikon (D7100 + 17-55 f/2.8) I would be paying a lot more for the Nikon equipment.

  • Mike D

    This is absolutely awesome. I currently use the A57 and A77 with 70-400 for college football and surfing at the Wedge in Newport Beach. I’m primarily a Nikon shooter but where else can you get 24 MP, 12 FPS camera with tracking auto focus for $1,200. The answer, nowhere!

  • Jassem

    Sorry, I don’t shoot jpegs. Although, good job Sony!

  • Global

    The offerings by SONY lately have just been rolling out…… like torrential rain. There is a monsoon crashing down on NIKON and CANON and they had better get their act together. From the Sony A7S vs. Nikon D4S/Df and mirrorless technology, SONY is moving forward, and CANON and NIKON distinctly feel like they are entrenched and incapable of flexibility.

    Nikon — bring out a D400, bring out a mirrorless Df-400, and stop intentionally crippling cameras like the Df, and make them something that people can be proud to own, instead of an internet joke (albeit with a great sensor despite crippled low-light autofocus). Just make a high-quality adapter for the F-Mount for any mirrorless cropped or fullframe offerings, like the N1, and everyone will forgive you. But Fuji, Sony, Olympus are eating the markets….

    • stoooopid

      I get the feeling CaNikon is letting the other companies throw out all kinds of stuff and see what sticks. That way, they don’t have to waste all the R&D money developing all kinds of contraptions. They just wait, see what the market is most responsive to, then make something a little bit better and market the hell out of it.
      I would like to see CaNikon respond to the Fuji X100s, or the XT-1. Lots of external control points, etc.

    • circle head

      A7S aint out yet … SONY has NOT done SHIT….pardon my language. And RUMOR has it the A7S will be priced at $4000….. looks like SONY will FUCK this up like the did with their WALKMAN and VIAO PC.

  • Spy Black

    Sony and Fuji are on a roll. Nikon and Canon are in a stupor…

  • pyktures


  • Ms.KrystalMeth

    They are just as bad as Nikon and Ca(2008)non. A small tweak..a couple things here and there…and Bam! Let’s call it Sony 77ll. I can read the difference between the first and this one…not much to write home about. Hey Jpeg fans your in luck. A new Fugly Sony is here for you…and IT IS all new. lol

    • Denis

      New AF, new sensor, new processor, WI-FI, AF-Range, zebra, and so on. “A couple things”?

  • moore

    Astonished to see the “comparison chart” lists D7100 and D5300’s AF method is contrast-detection AF.

    The 70D has the dual AF, yet they gave the star to a77M2…

    • Zos Xavius

      they are comparing live view methods since the A77 is full time liveview

  • Confused

    Why would I buy something for a doomed mount?

  • fjfjjj

    translucent |transˈlo͞osnt, tranz-|
    (of a substance) allowing light, but not detailed images, to pass through

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