Deal of the day: Adobe Lightroom 5 for $80

Amazon is currently running a special for a limited time: Adobe Lightroom 5 for $80 (available for PC/MAC, boxed/downloadable version, regular price: $149).

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  • KGruppe44

    Expensive-its price 30 or 34 dollars. No more. They are crooks.

    • TinusVerdino

      You can also get it for free and get even.

      • KGruppe44

        LR is not so bad !
        Just see an unhealthy fascination with the Adobe promotional stunts that they hope to attract users. I am a professional photographer silk shirt and tie I don’t need. Only the hard and very good Wool Sweater.
        My favorite all the time is Capture One.

      • Global

        $80 is a reasonable price. I’m not saying its a wonderful price, but its reasonable. What it buys cannot be gotten for free, unless you are a thief. And that’s f’ed up. There is a reason why artists don’t support thieves and shouldnt be thieves. Take a look at intellectual property in China. Your art and your software are both equally worthless there, as a culture of idiot thieves destroy the markets — only growing by copying and stealing what others do elsewhere.

        • rt-photography

          blah blah blah…
          dont be a hypocrite. there isnt anything you havent downloaded illegally, past or present since youve you started using the internet? copied a song, even a picture, or a font or anything, right? cmon cut the bullshit.

          there isnt a single person whos been around the internet that everything on his pc is paid for. and if you say “I pay for everything” youre a liar. say what you want, you have. some less, some more.

        • TinusVerdino

          sarcasm was lost on you

    • reddit kid

      I suggest you go and learn to program, then make the software yourself then since it is clearly not a complex bit of development and worth so little in your eyes.

      • KGruppe44

        Try to explore the image editing program.
        Then compare them and try to work on them. I did it a long time ago.
        Adobe products are different from other very strongly and it’s inflated price.
        This principle they apply to the entire lineup of their software.
        If there is a program which works well but price much below what I should do.
        You guessed it but I’m not writing a program. I just work with them they need.
        Of course it’s not Adobe. PictureWindow for example.
        See its price, please.

  • atat

    According to the listing, the product is only available to folks with a US billing address 🙁

    • Paul

      and those willing to pay more than 30 or 34 dollars. of course.

  • LarryC

    This only means LR 6 is around the corner.

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