Samsung’s flagship mirrorless camera NX1 to be announced at Photokina

Samsung's flagship NX1 mirrorless model is rumored to be announced at Photokina in September. The weather sealed camera will feature a 28MP APS-C sensor, 4k video recording and will run on the Android OS. Samsung is also still expected to announce a new NX 50-150mm f/2.8 OIS STM splash and dust proof lens:

Samsung NX 50-150mm f:2.8 OIS STM lens

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  • Kynikos

    How can I tell if I’m “photo centric” or a “cool creator”? So… confused…

  • madmax

    The 50-150 f/2.8 lens is really impressing but I am now more interested in the 16-50 power-zoom. It seems Samsung is getting very serious now!

    • madmax

      Sorry, I´d better say: “impressive” not “impressing”… 😉

    • LeFred

      The 50-150 looks tiny on this picture. Is it a mistake ? This type of lens is generally 15cm long.

      • madmax

        I also think it could be a mistake, but maybe it is a collapsible lens.

      • Marco –

        I think it’s not in scale with others. Nevertheless it sounds interesting, 150mm at 2.8 should have great dof. Just make it stabilized and very fast focusing (and sharp of course).

  • fjfjjj

    I hope it includes professional Art Filters that I can select with the professional focus ring.

  • george

    28mp on a APS-C sensor?
    I thought the 36mp of the D800 (16mp with crop sensors) were considered enough already. This thing would scale to 60+mp if it were full frame.

    • Josh

      So what?

  • Duarte Castelo Branco

    if they made a camera like the nx30 with the design of the nx300, i would be all over it

    • madmax

      Agree. NX30 is great, but design could be improved.

  • Samsung is yet to cause any real impression on the photo/video business, a couple of years ago I thought they could, but at this point, I hardly believe in them. Their products are not crap, they were the first to bring WiFi, the iFn button seems to be an interesting idea, some lenses are good but photo and video are not impressive, the AF and even normal usability of the cameras took quite a while to work properly.

    4K? From a 28MP sensor? That’s something like a 6.5K sensor and full readout wouldn’t work so well on so many MP, they would do line skipping and encoding to be able to get 4K, which would probably take away most of the details and DR of the shot.

    What about the Android thing on a camera, I just can’t see how that will work out. The NX Galaxy was a horrible camera, the lack of controls for most of things a photographer or videographer need, the interface wasn’t optimized for touch as the new Leica seems to be.

    Not just that, but they also missed the opportunity to be the first FF
    mirrorless. And it’s funny how here in Fnac’s Brazil, there are NX cameras on display but not X-Cameras from Fuji but I think that not even Samsung’s marketing power has been able to sell the NX cameras.

  • Hmmm normally I would scoff because it’s Samsung, but releasing a 16-50 and 50-150 professional zoom has my attention. Hopefully they create a fantastic camera, competition has been driving the mirrorless market while DSLR remains stagnant.

    • the 16-50mm is already available

    • Marco –

      I agree, those two lenses could turn a dull system into an interesting one, but if and only if they can finally produce a body with outstanding evf, iq and operational speed. Better if all packed in a nice and pleasant design (something samsung is totally missing in nx30). And it has to be competitive in price. If it costs as much as fuji x-t1, I can’t see anybody going for sammy instead of fuji.

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