Rumors: Panasonic LX8 compact camera to be announced on July 16th


The current Panasonic LX7 model

I received some rumors that a new Panasonic LX8 compact camera will be announced on July 16th. The new model will feature a build-in EVF and a larger sensor. I have no other information at that point.  The previous LX7 version was announced on July 18, 2012 and that product line has been on a two years refresh cycle. Stay tuned for additional details.

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  • TinusVerdino

    It Better have a 1″ sensor or it’s ancient history

    • I think this is what they mean by “bigger sensor”.

      • BP2012

        Why not m4/3 ?

        • Too good to be true.. ;/

          • nobody

            Or rather … too large to be true 😉

          • BP2012

            Compact camera with 35mm equivalent pancake lens and m4/3 sensor could be very tiny.

        • SteveHood

          I don’t think they would use the LX name for a m43 sensor camera.

          • BP2012

            Why not?

        • madmax

          I agree, why not? They should do a big move to stay in front, not behind competition. But it shoud have a fast zoom lens as there are lots of fixed focal lenses in large sensor compact cameras.

  • Controls

    Manual controls? I don’t care much for gadget specs.

    • Ulysse

      Sony RX100 Mark III offers a bright lens with wide angle and short zoom, packed with a 1″ sensor. I would personally love a LX8 with the same body design than the LX7 (manual aperture ring) but with a 4:3 1″sensor, in other words, something more suited for portraits and printing. I own a LX7 and love the video quality, as well as the camera design, but it also started bugging (zoom error) after a few months of use and Panasonic’s service is absolutely terrible in north america. So, unless they built a far more reliable product, I am out.

      • MC

        Manual controls are several rings and some buttons, not just the one. Think 80’s cameras. Me, I wouldn’t touch a menu-based toy, whatever the “specs”.

  • Burner87

    A Zoom with a 4/3-sensor should be impossible. A 4/3-ensor with a small body and a 35mm Lens (35mm equiv.) ~ F2 would be very nice.

    • madmax

      A zoom with a 4/3 sensor in a compact camera would be smaller than power zoom interchangeable lenses and so it could be a faster lens, but I doubt they want to compete against their mirrorless system. A fast 3,5x, 21-75 eq. zoom in 4/3 would be the bomb.

  • Vas

    It would be hard to beat the new rx100 with LX-size camera.

    • madmax

      I don´t think so. Just don´t cram so many MP with better DR and improve RX poor ergonomics.

      • TooManyMPs

        Some idiot years ago said that megapixels are bad and it has stuck: many more idiots stand by this truism.

        • madmax

          Yes, and a lot of idiots (99.99%), including you, are buying cameras with a lot of not bad megapixels only for sharing in the web and always printing under A4 size, that can be done very well with a 6 MP camera.

          • TooManyMPs

            Why, do you know me? Are you keen on your truisms? They make you feel like you are in the wise 0.01%, obviously.

  • Spy Black

    “The new model will feature a build-in EVF and a larger sensor.”

    Any new model in this genre that wouldn’t have either one of these features would ignite in spontaneous combustion upon introductory announcement.

    • Allanz10D


  • Dmitry Anisimov

    I wonder if EVF will be lousy like the one in LF1

  • Shirosan

    I bought a LX7 last black friday for a steal at $274. Loved that camera for the 24mm but short on the long end of 90mm and F1.4-2.3. Sold it off craigslist for a profit…Been looking for a good vacation travel camera since…Ive been eyeing fuji x20 for its beautiful retro style every since it came out a couple years ago but didn’t the sensor size and F2.0-2.8 at 28mm-112mm range didn’t impressive that the Fuji X30 is rumored to come out as well with a 1″ or larger sensor and fuji’s reputation for producing amazing skin tones..which do I choose? LX8 or X30? Opinions and suggestions please.

    • madmax

      Take the money and go on holiday with your camera phone.

      • Shirosan

        Thanks for the suggestion. Ive shot with my phone before and it just takes up too much memory before I can off load them so I like to have a dedicated travel camera that I can swap out memory cards.

    • JohnOGroats

      You don’t need a camera. Stick to your phone and spend the cash on hookers.

      • Shirosan

        Hahahaha thanks for the suggestion. I’ve shot with my phone before and it just takes up too much memory before I can off load them so I like to have a dedicated travel camera that I can swap out memory cards.

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