New firmware for the Pentax K-3 camera coming in July

Pentax will announce a new firmware update for the K-3 DSLR camera in early July that will include a fix for the mirror flutter problem and a new diffraction correction feature that is already available in the new 645z.

Via Digicame-info

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  • Pentos

    I don’t know which is worse Pentax lenses or bodies. Any ideas?

    • kickars

      What do you mean by worse? Compared to each other or different makes? If you mean when comparing to each other, then nobody can give an answer. Coz, lenses are lenses, bodies are bodies. If you mean when comparing the similar things to different brands, then for what they are (I presume you are talking about their DSLR range), both lenses and bodies from Pentax are not worse than their competitors. They only have apsc size sensor DSLRs. So, we can only compare them to the relative apsc DSLRs from Canon, Nikon and Sony.

    • Mel

      Is this a trick question? Oh I got it Nikon and Canon bodies are worse and sigma lenses are worse. As it turns out no company is perfect go figure.

    • Zos Xavius

      I don’t know which is worse: clueless idiots or weak attempts at trolling fanboys. Any ideas?

    • PentosIsAMoron

      Your stupidity take the prize anyday.

      • GMO F’upTypewriter

        What do you mean? Wanna challenge me on the Paralympics?
        *facepalm* (yeah I know, I’m a contemptuous retard suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder in need to degrade and humiliate people, their use of language, opinions and less than “pro” camera things)

  • J.

    I’ve never had one single problem with my 2 Pentax cameras and 6 lenses.
    Before switching to Pentax I had 2 Nikon bodies and both had recurring problems.
    I’m not putting down Canikons but I sure love my Pentax.

  • Magnus

    Diffraction correction sounds nice, I suppose that would be for JPEG only?

    • Mistral75

      Not necessarily. As for Fuji the appropriate corrections are included in the RAW container.

  • Pencoh

    Another firmware release with new features? Nice!

    Hey, maybe Ricoh’s acquisition wasn’t that bad after all. Glad they found a fix for the mirror flop issue. At least they’re not only updating language in their menu as many firmware updates tend to do.

    This is turning out to be a nice camera. Glad I pulled the trigger.

  • BuzzFotoz

    I read in one place that they are coming out with another firmware version in July and then I read in another place that they will be coming out with version 1.03 (???). Then I read from someone else that you cannot apply 1.03 (or whatever) by yourself but you need to have a Pentax service center apply it. Pentax K-3 came out with firmware version 1.03 in March and indeed you can download and apply it… Just goes to show that the Internet is overflowing with uninformed and/or confused contradictory remarks by various ignoramus. Who really know what is coming down…

  • gex

    Who needs mirrors anyway?!?

    • Cynog

      I do. To me, an EVF is like looking at the rear LCD through a peephole. I can foresee a time when they might be good enough to replace mirrors, but for the present, I’m sticking with OVFs. If you don’t want a mirror, there are plenty of alternatives.

  • Tinusverdino

    No news about the Nikon D810? What happened to the commenting system?

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