The latest deals on photo gear

→ Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera is now 50% off.

→ Save up to $225 on SanDisk Pro CF cards.

→ Topaz Labs ReMask is 50% off till July 31st with coupon code "julyremask". Topaz Labs recently released a free ReMask update for existing customers.

→ Adorama currently offers up to $300 off on selected Samsung cameras, including the Samsung NX mini, Samsung GC200, Samsung NX30, Samsung NX300, Samsung Nx Gn120. Use coupon code: "SAMSUNGSUM" during checkout (expires: 07/31/2014)

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  • Keep in mind the $500 off on the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera is an official price cut through the end of August – any legitimate seller should be honoring that price; I’ve seen the lower price at more places than just Adorama – but everyone is sold out right now. I’ll be placing my backorder tomorrow. 🙂

    • Spy Black

      Unless you’re ready to invest in a lot of support gear for that camera, understand the limited useful lenses you can use with it, and of course have a true use for it’s raw capabilities, this camera is a lot more trouble than it’s worth.

      • Les

        I think that the ProRes option is much more exciting than raw. All modern NLEs handle ProRes.

        You really need good S16 glass for the BMPCC. It’s not meant to replace generic camcorders, but it’s an awesome tool for traditional-style film making.

        • Spy Black

          Although I don’t agree that ProRes is that great a format, if that’s your thing then a Black Magic HyperDeck Shuttle is a much better investment, as it allows you to record your raw footage out of your DSLR straight to ProRes, assuming your camera has raw output from it’s HDMI port. This allows you the luxury of shooting with your DSLR, with it’s larger sensor and it’s far greater lens base.

          • Les

            How big a “lens base” do you need? Thousands of movies have been shot with 4 lens kits, and they typically don’t all get used.

            Sure, it’s “old school,” but if it’s good enough for Jean Renoir and John Huston, it’s probably good enough for your project.

          • Spy Black

            You’re extremely limited by the effective lens base available to the Pocket Camera. You DLSR gives you the option of using any optic you want.

            The Pocket Camera is a very niche market item. If you’re hot for it, knock yourself out. But for more versatile production, money is much better spent on the HyperDeck Shuttle combined with an appropriate DSLR.

          • Les


            Not sure you understand this product. The alternative that you propose is much bigger and heavier. Both have their uses, but there are many many situations where one will work and the other won’t.

          • Spy Black

            When working with the likes of a Pocket Camera correctly, that last thing it’s going to be is a compact camera. Just look at the photo above for starters.

          • Les

            That is a huge lens. There are lots of very good older Super-16 and 35 Cine lenses that are no bigger than a Leica M 50mm.

  • Oberoth

    Why are CF cards so much more expensive than SSDs when they are so much slower? Is it really just the cost of making them smaller?

    • Neopulse

      You do have a point… and also CF is quite old tech too.

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