All the colors of the upcoming Pentax K-S1 camera

A reader sent me this picture of the different colors for the upcoming Pentax K-S1 camera - a larger version can be found here.

Update: here is a translated explanation of the green LEDs on the camera's grip:

The shutter release button LED lamp The grip of 5 LED lamp
  • Green: Photo Mode
  • Red: Video Mode
  • Remaining time of the self-timer
  • When the number of face recognition face recognition

According to the information when the picture mode, shutter parts in red when the lamp is switched green, video mode, and five lamps of the grip is also represented by the number of lamps Number of face recognition when the face detection self-timer shooting or at work It should.

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  • Goki

    You’re welcome. ^^

    • Please keep me informed in the future. Got any other info?

  • Goki

    By now I don’t, but as son as other info come, be sure I will let you know 🙂

  • Ms.KrystalMeth

    What no Pink..but do do brown. No Sale.

  • jlw518

    Man, what a butt ugly camera….

  • Joe

    50 shades of ugly

  • rt-photography

    when they were at the big meeting and the big boss says “ok guys, were going to production with this camera and these colors..are we good”

    didnt anyone raise his hand and say “thats an ugly camera and those are ugly colors. this will fail” ?

  • JeeterLester

    No wonder camera companies aren’t profitable anymore….

  • Ahmad Al-Joboori


  • Karol Wojdyna

    No pink this time? I am disappointed. Will not buy, thanks!

    • Kynikos

      Patience! 12 months from now it’ll come out as a limited edition for an extra $300.

  • EnPassant

    Pentax has found their nishe market;
    People with bad taste combining colors!

  • TinusVerdino

    Cotton Beige whoopy. Put the white lens on it! No WR I guess? The Mount is wr-ready though (wider than the mount on the old K-x K-r camera’s.

  • george

    What, no faux leather or wood???

    • Vikes

      …at least the ‘blads’ will actually be collector items in the future!

  • Jon Ivy

    Remember how quickly the public dis’d the iMac in it’s many colors

  • J.L. Williams

    What, the grip LEDs don’t match the body color? Then I’m not buying!

  • PGi

    Ugly as my dog, it really looks cheap.

  • I’m sure the retailers of Pentax cameras will really enjoy stuffing their shelves with dozens of iterations of the same camera.

    • Anonymous

      Retailers of Pentax cameras? You’re just being silly.

  • Dan

    So, the selftimer funktion of the LED sounds pretty useful but otherwise just a gimmick. So this will be Pentax new entrylevel camera, they have a history of testing weird designs there. I hope they have something more high end coming as well.

  • Tonya

    these should sell well at toys-r-us though.. cos their target market loves playful coloured toys 🙂 btw, this body shape really looks like it should have a MF sized sensor in it :p

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