What else is new? (new Fuji rebates, Lomiography LC-A, Mamiya Leaf Credo 50 and more)

The new Fuji XF lens rebates are now live.


→ New from Lomography: LC-A 120 fully automatic 120 film camera. Additional information, including sample images, can be found on this new microsite.


Mamiya announced new Leaf Credo 50 medium format digital camera system (price: $30,995).

Elicar-600mm-800mm lens
→ New Elicar lenses: 10/600mm f/10, 800mm f/10 (black) and 300-600mm f/4.5-6.3 (green). More information available here.

Canon EOS C300 Digital Cinema Camera 2
→ Canon to release firmware upgrades for their cinema cameras.

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  • Let’s see…Lomo or Leaf Credo. Can’t decide! The Lomo is definitely more hip and I will only be praised for my worst screw-ups. Lomo.

  • fjfjjj

    Wow, Cameron Davidson can pull details out of the shadows, and, er, also the sunlight. Yeah. Shadows and sunlights. Right? Isn’t that the word they use in Capture One, sunlight detail? Whatever. Look, it’s the Statue of Liberty. Why bother with the torch? Cameron Davidson doesn’t bother. He can use his Mamiya Leaf to silhouette it with zero contrast onto a dark background. The chip is so much bigger than a DSLR chip. Wait, isn’t this Mamiya a DSLR also? Whatever, what was I saying? Attention to detail is unnecessary when you read Cameron Davidson’s new guide on how to cultivate your inner dumbass dilettante photographer. Dude, the photo is of Central Park from a helicopter, nobody’s gonna complain about it.

    • 100

      If you are an old white guy holding a big black thing with 4 balls under it close to you face, you might start to babble too.

  • mooh

    The LC-A 120 looks pretty impressive on paper. You get the 38mm field of view at 1/4 price of a Hassy SWC and it comes with an automatic P&S body – something that never had been done in 6×6 before. And a built-in finder.

    Well done Lomo. Hipster or not, it looks like a solid step in the right direction (while Fujifilm got rid themselves of the GF670 and speed up their process in turning into Fujipixel).

  • Nacho

    for a photo to close to the moon we need a 2000 mm or more

  • Camaman

    This is a bettr ling of the new Elicar lenses:http://www.photoscala.de/Artikel/photokina-2014-Neue-Elicar-Teleobjektive
    Also a new 1000mm f11 mirror comming,
    not small one, 10cm+ and 1500g heavy. 🙂

    • Camaman

      better link…

    • That’s the link I posted.

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