Ricoh confirms the Pentax full frame camera is coming in 2015

Ricoh France posted on their Facebook page that the new full frame Pentax DSLR is scheduled for release in 2015:

"The full frame [camera] is under development right now! We will keep you posted on this page!

Great news that will delight those who expected a full frame PENTAX [camera]: product development has been launched!"

Thanks Mistral75!

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  • Ayoul

    They don’t say in the whole conversation that it will be a DSLR… It could be a mirrorless too… It’s just “a full frame”. It may even be a fixed lens camera.

    • Cinekpol

      RX1 competitor would actually be very interesting if they’d focus on keeping price down instead of delivering one of the best 35mm lenses on a market like Sony with Zeiss did.

      • julian

        how about an M mount?

    • A FF RicohGR would be great.

      • Doc

        Ricoh GXR mount A12 FF (M mount)

        • Please


  • If they are smart enough, they go mirrorless!

    They will have to start from zero anyway, the mirrorless FF market is
    barely starting, it’s basically an open market and using APS-C with
    crop is not as much as a selling point for a FF anyway, better off with a
    new mount, flange distance and all.

    Ricoh/Pentax has so much good stuff that is often underrated, they also have nice lens design, it will be a nice competition. And hopefully they are not gonna try to compete in the miniaturization department and end sacrificing some other important stuff.

    If they focus on a faster fps with a reasonable sized camera, not as small as the A7’s but not as big as a DSLR, they should be fine. But they should come full force with the lenses!

    • x4rd

      They already are. New “secret” developments are probably FF ready.

    • Bob

      Dslr would be better for Pentax, because that gives current Pentax user an upgrade option above the k3.

      • Why would a mirrorless FF camera be any less of an upgrade? I don’t get where is that logic coming from.

        As I said, with a FF, there is no point in using the same mount, why not go mirrorless with a shorter flange distance and be able to adapt basically any lens possible? They won’t really get many points for being able to use their APS-C lenses anyway, someone wanting FF wants FF lenses as well.

        What difference does it make if it’s a mirrorless FF with a new mount or a FF DSLR with a new mount except the mirrorless has a lot more advantages?

        If K-3 users want to upgrade to FF, they inevitably are going to buy FF body and lenses for a new mount, I can’t see why rely on an old-fashioned DSLR form factor.

        • SJH

          Have you any clue about Pentax? Where is the point in changing the mount if they go FF? The K-mount already is a FF mount! And they already have modern lenses, that are compatible with FF (FA LTDs, D-FA 100 macro, DA 50, 55, 200, 300 just to name a few).
          Your claim, that they would have to start from zero anyway, is just not true! The mount and some lenses are already there and FF ready.
          If they introduce a new mount for FF, they’ll shoot themself in the foot, because then a FF Pentax would have no eminent appeal for existing Pentax users over other FF offerings. Pentax has not a huge marketshare, so it’s even more important, to keep their existing customers.

          • But you can always adapt existing lenses! An electronic active adapter can do that for all the existing lenses without a problem. So, whoever has those lenses will still be able to use them but they will also be able to offer new lenses as well.

            I don’t really see that as a problem, but with that at least you’ll have more flexibility and instead of just keeping the current customers, you can expand it.

            Given the open market that it’s now the FF mirrorless, that’s a great opportunity to grab new customers and then try to make them loyal as well. Pentax/Ricoh have a lot of great things and Sony is focusing basically in miniaturization of a FF, when you can take other advantages with a FF mirrorless than just that.

            So Pentax/Ricoh could not only expand but explore what Sony is not and then profit and make the most of it.

        • Bob

          First of all an optical(!) view finder is preferred by a lot of photographers. And Dslr bodies are superior when it comes to ergonomics, for some this might not be noticeable but when you shoot an entire day with a smallish body its really uncomfortable.

          As you note your self that a mirrorless (like sony, not like the k01) would require a new lens mount. And thus new lenses, the k-mount line-up isn’t really big and the q-mount also barely sufficient and thus with a new mount lens choice will be restricted.

          • EVFs have been advancing pretty well, the X-T1 is proof, I would rather have that than all the chunk that comes with having an OVF. Plus, EVF has others advantages.

            And NO. Where did you get that a mirrorless camera can’t have ergonomics? Or that it has to be small? I even wrote that it would be a DSLR-like body but smaller because it doesn’t need the pentaprism, mirror, etc.

            I said that it would require a new mount. I elaborated about it with the other guy that replied to me, I won’t rewrite here.

            And from that I just get it, you are one of those prejudice guys, no point in arguing, really. I’m not going to try to convince you about anything because ultimately, I don’t really care if you say this or that but if you want to argue, that’s not the way.

          • SJH

            It still doesn’t make sense to me, because it’s important for every brand, to keep your existing user base and expand from there. But if they’d introduce a new mount, they are pretty much saying: “take a good look around at our competition, because you have to buy new leses anyway, whether you stay with us or not…”. And adapters are a clumsy solution.
            And btw: EVF are not good enough yet. At least not for my taste. I have tested a few of the newer ones, and the lag and the “computer-monitor feeling” are still there. Plus the need for battery power JUST to look through the finder. No thanks, I’ll take an OVF over an EVF any day!

  • TinusVerdino

    It has been under development for years and years and years and what do the French know. I’ll believe when the news comes straight from Ricoh Japan. BTW they are a launching FF DSLR lenses this year so it probably will be a dslr. Not to say there won’t be a GR mirrorless FF.

    • Full frame GR – that would be nice!

      • Michael Penn

        Only if it would come close to the GRD1-4 size and not the GR

        • JJ

          The GR’s APSC sensor is roughly 7 times larger than the 1/1.7″ of the GRD. But the GR is only slightly bigger, it’s an amazing piece of evolutionary engineering. If you used one you’d know 😉

      • Zograf

        I had one, the GR-1, and regretfully I’ve sold it a year ago. If they start producing it again it would be great 🙂

    • Maco

      I prefer a rangefinder Pentax FF with OVF and EVF.

      • TinusVerdino

        Pentax has never ever made a rangefinder. Only slr’s Ricoh did though. (plasticky compacts don’t count :p)

    • stan

      Pentax FF rumors I’m hearing already at least 4 years, probably more, maybe these rumors will be alive also after next 4 years….. Before this Photokina I said, if FF Pentax will not be officially introduced here, then Pentax FF is dead, at least for me. Who wants FF should buy whats available now and stop waiting for Pentax. This may be easy never ending story spread by Pentax marketing trying to avoid Pentax owner to switch to other system.

  • Daedbird

    First of all, Ricoh is probably looking for a guillotine, because someone in France is about to lose their head. Announcing this, when Ricoh has spent so much energy trying to hide FF, and not saying something at Photokina, well, someone is going to get reprimanded, at least.

    Secondly, I doubt its going to be mirror less. Ricoh has shown they are doing the opposite of Sony – while Sony has poured millions into buying Minolta, developing a whole new E-Mount (along with full-operating adapter) and then building a new FF mirror less lineup, Ricoh has taken what is existing, and not built much off of it.

    I would love Pentax to have a FF mirror less, as well as a DSLR. My choice of priorities would be a DSLR first, because I have the lenses for that. If they go FF mirror less, it better have an adapter that handles AF and aperture for legacy K-Mount lenses (or have some nifty trick dealing with flange distance reduction), or its going to put a lot of people that stuck with the brand off.

    It better also launch with a wide array of lenses. If it can use FA lenses, it means the Limiteds and the 100 WR, and if the 70-200 is launched at the same time, the real lens they need is with an 16-50 FA (the DA does not cover it) or a 28-70 2.8.

    Having just got a K-3, I probably won’t be an early adopter, but I could see buying the FF in 2016…….

    • Cinekpol

      *A-mount shooter in sorrow just sits and nods…*

      • Daedbird

        I feel for you bro – If the first Alpha came out at the same time as the K10d, I might have bought a Sony…..and when the E-Mount came out, I thought that maybe I had made a mistake, given the a850 out there as well.

        Then they went all pellicle mirror, and well i was glad I stayed Pentax…..

        You know what? Mirrorless does not give you any real size or weight advantages over an SLR. When you are dealing with big glass, the body is only part of the total package. All of Sony’s new glass for FE is about the same size as Canon or Nikon’s in the same range….

        Pentax should throw that 70-200 mockup they are showing , and try to match closer to their 20-40. They should have a mentality to make all of their high-end lenses like their Limiteds – smaller, even if that means slightly odd numbers. I would take an 87-175 if it was noticeably smaller than the standard 70-200……

        • Steve Griffin

          No lens focal lengths that I know of are precise representations of the real numbers. The Nikon 70-200 may well be a 68-197 but they round out the numbers.

          • 24×36

            It would probably be more like 72-197, but what’s the point? That’s true for all lenses from any manufacturer.

  • fjfjjj

    I heard this will use the new 70 megapixel CMOSIS CHR70M sensor.

    • Zos Xavius

      since when are you a ricoh insider?

    • Neopulse

      If it does, for one thing, they need some serious lenses for that kind of resolution and second, Canon’s thunder got stolen if they planned on ever releasing that mythical 75 MP that has been rumored about in the past.

    • Zos Xavius

      I looked up that sensor and it is a specialized sensor for industrial use. Not a photographic sensor. Also it only supports 3fps and has very low DR. I highly doubt it.

      • fjfjjj

        The dynamic range is about 10 stops. That was enough for Ansel Adams.

  • ponyrojo

    What is this, 2012? Haven’t us Pentax users been subject to enough FF rumor torture over these past years?

    I’m not gong to believe anything until I see it listed for pre-order on B&H or Adorama.

    • 24×36

      It’s truly amazing how they have continued to drag their feet and string along the ever-dwindling Pentax user base with this kind of crap. A Pentax FF DSLR should have been in users’ hands years ago.

  • Lightmare

    Where does it say scheduled for release in 2015?
    Also, they are releasing the 70-200 in K mount. So its probably not mirrorless.

    • Mistral75

      > Where does it say scheduled for release in 2015?

      The French magazine ‘Le Monde de la Photo’ on their website today:,9985.html

      Ricoh : le plein format arrive…

      C’est désormais officiel : il y a aura bien un boîtier plein format chez Ricoh Imaging. Il faudra patienter jusqu’à l’année prochaine, le projet étant en cours de développement.


      Ricoh reconnaît officiellement qu’un projet est en cours de développement et qu’il sera dévoilé l’an prochain, sans préciser de période pour l’instant.

      which, once translated into English, reads:

      Ricoh: the full frame [camera] is coming…

      It’s now official: there will be a full frame camera from Ricoh Imaging. You will have to wait until next year, the project being under development.


      Ricoh officially recognize that a project is under development and will be unveiled next year, without specifying a time frame for now.

  • sasa208

    Many questions of course..
    I do hope it will be a Ricoh brand camera instead of Pentax. With the GR and the GRX in mind, they are more progressive than the conservative, but excelent Pentax camera’s. On the lens side, it would be great if Zeiss backed up this mount with their latest Otus line too. If the sensor is 36 mp, Zeiss support and Ricoh handeling.. K.O. Nikon and Sony.

    • Daedbird

      What is the color of the sky in your world?

      Frankly, I don’t care what Zeiss does – when they announced they were no longer supporting the K-Mount I thought “who cares, if I wanted a pricey manual focus lens, I would shoot Leica”

      • sasa208

        It’s not about wanting to have a pricy manual focus lens, it’s about having the option to get the best lenses there are for your system. If Ricoh goes full frame with 36 mp or more, they need better glass. There is no need to debate on that, it has already been shown on the D800 with the best Nikon glass vs the Otus. The difference is huge.
        Mounting an Otus on the A7r or on the D810 makes these high pixel sensors shine. From a marketing and versatility standpoint, the option to get this (expensive) glass is an important one for Ricoh if they want to compete with Canikon and Sony I think. If they do, then there can be no debate anymore about the lenses not being good enough for the system.

      • sasa208

        It’s not about wanting to have a pricy manual focus lens, it’s about having the option to get the best lenses there are for your system. If Ricoh goes full frame with 36 mp or more, they need better glass. There is no need to debate on that, it has already been shown on the D800 with the best Nikon glass vs the Otus. The difference is huge.
        Mounting an Otus on the A7r or on the D810 makes these high pixel sensors shine. From a marketing and versatility standpoint, the option to get this (expensive) glass is an important one for Ricoh if they want to compete with Canikon and Sony I think. If they do, then there can be no debate anymore about the lenses not being good enough for the system.

  • Aaron Carn

    With what looks like a 70-200 in the works (on display in early form) at Photokina… this may be the first concrete proof that a FF Pentax DSLR is actually in the works and on it’s way in the next 18mths or so. The above lens with a 24-70 or 24-105 would be ‘enough’ to get the system onto the shelves with. They probably have more than that lined up anyway. Now what Ricoh really needs to do is get enough of their camera’s into peoples’ hands to gain back some more support from Tamron and Sigma. (I find it strange that Sigma state lack of sales for Pentax mount versions, surely there are more k-mount cameras around than sigma dslrs. And yes, I know they will support their own system, but c’mon).

  • Neopulse

    Have to ask anyone who knows about lens optics and/or engineering. What is more inexpensive to produce? Mirrorless or reflex nowadays and in terms of profit for the maker. And does this apply also to lenses?

    I’m asking since it would be nice to see a FF mirrorless that has large aperture lenses in comparison to the Sony which it’s max on the FE-mount is the 55mm f/1.8 and the zooms are around to f/3.5-f/4.

    So ultimately which would be the smartest, financial decision to do? Even though it is announced and it’s too late, but what would you guys do?

    • nwcs

      Thom Hogan has written about it often. Parts requirements and tolerances for SLRs is significantly higher than mirrorless. So SLRs cost more. Mirrorless has a lot of profit margin for the makers currently. Some due to R&D recovery some due to trying to position them in particular markets.

      • Neopulse

        Gotcha. Just hope they make a mirrorless FF. So far only Leica and recently Sony are in that department. While Pentax made the jump to MF.

        • Daedbird

          …if it has an active adapter that allows for SLR K-mount lenses to be attached with AF/aperture functionality

          • Neopulse

            I think you lost me a bit, I apologize. You hope it has an active adapter for the APS-C lenses to be used that allows full functionality you mean?

  • aekn

    Too little, too late. Many of us have moved on. Ricoh had a chance to be relevant, and they missed it.

  • Dpablo unfiltered

    >>>>>>>> I <<<<<<<<
    believe it.

  • Mogh Baba

    When I got my K10D in 2006 I thought my nest camera will be a Pentax FF. The K10D got injured so I got a K5. This is all i want except the crop sensor. I wish, like many other Penatx users a FF but a different mount? No thanks. A different mount is not a Pentax anymore. If I am to get a different mount I just get a Nikon 750!

  • RiceHigh

    I can’t see any word mentioning about 2015, where is it?

  • johnny

    Pentax FF saga continues…

  • Kevin Lind

    Having ricoh in on this, I do actually see an opening.
    If they decide to go with a slightly scaled up k3 with a fullframe body that natively can change mounts (rather then sensor/lens kits, as seen on the GRx) they can actually go DSLR to hit not just the K-mount shooters, but also M, F and E users, getting to everyone who’s ever changed systems without selling out their old favorite lenses. Food for thought!

  • Trololo

    And there is even better, it’s been confirmed in an interview of Kazunobi Saiki

    the article is here (in french again)×36-news-5719.html

  • Quadrupel

    “Le full frame”? How retarded can this PR team be?

  • DP

    What colour?

    Seriously though, if they could get it in a K-5 sized body, that and a trio of FA limiteds would make a very strong and compact kit.

  • Martin

    Looking forward to the Pentax FF. My ideal specs: the same body / size / form factor / weight as the K-3. Proper, big, glass pentaprism, with a viewfinder as large and bright as in the LX (even if it means an increase in size/weight). Interchangeable split image focusing screens to allow precise manual focusing with all those legacy K-mount lenses. That feature alone would set it apart from all current competition. No battery-sucking EVF; instead weather sealing and very long lasting batteries. Use the latest Sony CMOS chip; resolution 24-36MP would be ideal. I am still keeping the F*300/4.5 in my closet, after I gave my K-3 and 20-40 limited to my 17-year old son, who is looking to become a better photographer than me. I’d be intrigued to use this super sharp compact and lightweight telephoto on the full frame model, ideally if I could focus it manually with more comfort and precision than on the K-3.

  • Oscar

    In 2007 i got my first digital: Pentax K10D (smashed months later by a stupid son of the b***). The decision to jump from film to that camera was, comparing a lot, but a lot with the rest, a really easy decision, because it had everything, and the rest just offered a sensor, Manual mode and that´s it.
    Later on that year, or the next one, i made the decision: Pentax K20D.
    Again. Comparing this camera to the rest, it was the perfect camera: rugged, water resistant, more frame rate, better dinamic range, dedicated AF-ON button, live-view… But, the focus issue started to be a real pain and the rest of the companies offered, even less advance tech, but better focusing speed, so, on 2010, i decided to switch to Nikon, a D700.
    The change was like night and day, in terms of frames per second, focusing speed, viewfinder and of course, the FF sensor, that you can just judge by the creamy bokeh you can produce with a 50 1.4 (more depth of field)
    Appart from that, i always felt Pentax is one of the bests companies out there, because they use to sell things completely prepared for almost professional purpose, and in better shape that the rest.
    No matter the sensor size, again the Pentax K5 was amazing in terms of quality, so good camera, and for so low price, that i just wanted sometimes to change again, but the focus issue came again, and of course, the sensor size.
    Following many years web-forums from Pentax, people was so desperate for not seeing their prays made real about a Full Frame camera to use those fantastic and cheap lenses, already made exclusively for FF sensors (film in Pentax case), like the fixed lenses (F, FA and DA mount) that people use to buy for almost four times less that the CANIKON. They wanted that camera desperatedly, of course, because the rest was producing FF cameras “como churros (bang out)”:
    Sony started with the A900-A850, Nikon with the D700, D series and the coming D600, Canon, with the famous 5D (then the MkII) and 1D series…

    So, the promise from Pentax headquarters about a FF camera has been around for quite long, and i think they were just focusing on fighting the financial problem, moving from Hoya to Ricoh and changing the way they do things because of that. And the more the people asked for, the more thay left rumours about it, but as i already did read, so many years passed by, like 6 or so since the first rumours…
    So, at the end, they probably have lost a lot of buyers because of that “going and coming back” attitude they did.
    But i can promise, if they show up with a camera, half nice as they used to produce APS-C cameras before, and the focusing speed has a professional end, i can tell by so many good experiences, i will switch again. Fuck the 36MP from my D800, 4fps. I cant even hack it to change the frame rate on video (1080 30p at that´s it).

  • Nuno

    Existing full frame lens, check;
    Existing body, as dslr (Pentax) or mirroless (Ricoh), check;
    Legion of loyal PEntaxians and potential buyers, check;
    Launch a rumor through social media to measure the needs and the right direction, check.

  • high treason

    The way Pentax are going, the FF camera will be out as the rest of the industry gets in to curved sensors with matching spherical lenses. This will make FF almost irrelevant as quality will go up overnight, rendering the FF advantage obsolete.

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