Samsung NX lens and camera rumored roadmap for 2015

Samsung NX1 mirrorless camera 8
I received some information on Samsung's plans for 2015. The S 300mm f/2.8 ED OIS NX lens wasn't a real surprise since pre-production copies have been tested for a while. There are three more NX lenses getting ready for 2015:

  • Samsung 16-80mm f/4 OIS
  • Samsung S 24mm f/1.4 ED
  • Samsung S 11-24mm f/2.8 ED OIS

There won't be any new entry level lenses for a while, for 2015 Samsung will focus mainly on building around the new NX1 camera (starts shipping on October 15th).

Samsung is also working on two different NX300 successors - one with and one without EVF. There is also a third camera with a 20MP sensor but without Bayer and low pass filters (maybe a B&W only sensor similar to the Leica Monochrom?).

There won't be any significant new Samsung announcements in the next 6 months.

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  • Jerry

    Wow look at those specs… what no built-in phone?

    • Xoden

      Yes, no iPhone, but you can always DIY.

  • CRB

    question is: nx400, same sensor as NX1?

    • Xoden

      Probably, at least it will be arrogantly dumb to reuse the sensor of two older generations when you have new one.

      • Marco –

        Samsung is arrogant. For example, they didn’t implement remote evf pro on nx300, just to pull ppl to nx30. That could have been easily implemented in software, since nx300 and nx30 share the same hardware.

  • 11-24mm f/2.8 with OIS?! Wowzers!

    • If you don’t already have a NX body and a slight difference in size is not a concern for the IS and image quality, a Sony A7 and a Canon 16-35/4L IS will do a better job.

      • Why? It is slower focusing and clunky adapted lens. Personally I would rather use a fast focusing native lens. The f/2.8 is going to equalize FF vs APS-C difference, but offer f/2.8 for focus capability. Even on A7 I would take the FE 16-35mm f/4 instead of adapted Canon.

        • But the image quality would be better simply because of physics.

        • Ah yes forgot about the FE lens.

          • Just to add, nothing wrong with Canon on A7, great to have that option, but any combo would be nice (11-24mm f/2.8 on NX1, or either 16-35mm on A7)

  • If Samsung really wants to capitalize on the NX-1 or any hype they can get – and the void left by Sony APS-C high-end cameras – they need to take a aggressive stance when it comes to lens roadmap. Fuji X cameras are not going for sports, the Micro4/3 cameras have a decent fps but they are only getting into long lenses now, so that would be a niche that Samsung should explore with the NX-1’s 15fps and high MP count.

    • LOL

      Sony does not have APS-C high-end in production. And their lenses seems to be too large.

      • Eno

        Their lenses seem to be too few, not large. 🙁

      • What’s your point? That’s what “void left by Sony” means, isn’t it?

    • Toys

      They are all more or less worthless toys. If you are serious about your hobby, why don’t you try a real camera?

      • Thom Hogan

        You obviously haven’t shot with a Fujifilm X-T1. Not a toy at all.

        • Toys

          I have, and it feels like… Let me think… A toy? Pretty plasticky and wonky. Not my thing. Do you get paid to promote it?

          • Thom Hogan

            I see. A metal alloy body with strong weather sealing feels plastic and wonky to you. Okay. I’m not sure what would feel right to you, then.

            At the moment, there are a half dozen high-end cameras sitting on my desk. Ironically, the highest price one, a Nikon DSLR, feels the least solid of the bunch, and that’s mostly because of plastic doors on metal bodies and the other covering materials and plastic controls used.

            I’ve drug my X-T1 through a number of pretty tough and rough locations, including the Galagpagos. I can vouch for the fact it isn’t a toy.

            As for “getting paid to promote it,” it’s easy to throw such claims out, but as I’ve noted for almost 20 years on my Web site, I fully disclose all relationships with any company or service whose product I write about. About 10 years ago, I had a relationship with Fujifilm where I did some work with them (S2 Pro book deal, for example), but I haven’t done anything with them since. Nor am I soliciting them or others at the moment, either.

            I simply call things like I see them. Period. Even when I do have a relationship with a company (I was quite critical of several things about the S2 Pro at the time, for example).

          • Remedy

            So maybe try droping your precious, all metal Fuji on a tarmac while driving a motorcycle and then try to use it, or roll a pickup truck over it and then see how it works. Please, if You have D3/4 and claim it feels least solid then You REALLY need to change Your pills, seriously. You obviously mistake material with quality, ruggedness.

          • El Aura

            @ Remedy
            Ah, one more convenient type of insult. So we have now: paid liar, idiot, junkie. This is getting a competition who can bully the best.

          • Remedy

            It’s not about insulting, it’s about him talking absolute nonsense which is kinda new for him. Maybe You should pay more attention to what is being said that should allow You to avoid making useless and somewhat stupid comments in the future. Try it.

          • Thom Hogan

            Exactly what “nonsense” did I post? Be specific. I’ve actually dropped my X-T1 climbing on lava. I’ve also dropped dozens of other cameras in various situations. My X-T1 is undamaged. I can’t say the same for the others.

            The types of photography I do subject cameras to harsh situations and a lot of physical abuse (and my body, too ;~). No camera is perfect. Indeed, some have hidden flaws that the manufacturer doesn’t like pointed out, for instance the back frame of the D800/D800E, which tends to break and render a camera unrepairable when you have mount shock.

          • Thom Hogan

            Agreed. They think that by insulting someone they’re making points for themselves. All they’re really doing is revealing their own insecurities and problems. The fact that they always do it anonymously tells you everything you need to know.

          • Robert F.

            Try rolling a pickup truck over a D3/D4 and let us know how that works out for you.

            Seriously. Do it.

          • Remedy

            I don’t have to because someone else already did it and it was reported on Nikonrumors, use search option and see how that went.

            Seriously. Do it.

          • Robert F.

            Don’t have to. Witnessed it for myself last year when a friend’s D4 fell under the wheels of an F-250 during a shoot.

            Truck, 1 … Nikon D4, 0

            What I’m saying is that just because they’re labeled “pro” DSLRs doesn’t mean they’re indestructible. At a certain point, it ain’t gonna matter whether it’s a D4, or an X-T1.

          • Thom Hogan

            Actually, I’ve seen and experienced a lot of camera drops in my career. And that includes an X-T1. Frankly, it held up better than a D800 in a similar drop. As others have pointed out, even a D3/D4/1D isn’t immune to true abuse.

          • Toys

            I think your conjugation error in
            “I’ve drug my X-T1 through…”
            gives away the real problem. Be careful, that stuff is no good.

          • Thom Hogan

            You don’t get irony, do you? ;~)

          • El Aura

            What does it tell us about you that your reflexive reaction to a statement you disagree with is that you accuse the other person to be a paid liar?

            It makes you look like you are unable to tolerate disagreement and criticism, that you bully dissenters by attacking and insulting them. Not you would be alone, this accusation of being a paid liar gets bandied around constantly with other insults like that of complete stupidity often thrown in for good measure.

            The question to me is really what you try to achieve with this. Do you want to discredit and ultimately silence dissenters because if nobody criticises you, you have a higher social standing? Or does it just help your self-confidence if (a) nobody disagrees with you and (b) you can bully somebody?

            Ironically, I would say that your behaviour rather massively hurts your social standing but maybe in your social circles being a bully counts more than being polite, smart and honest.

          • Toys

            Relax child, I merely asked a question. Also Thom, the famous blogger, what is that anger?
            And put those dictionaries to sleep, all those useless words “rather massively hurt your social standing” LOL.

          • El Aura

            You didn’t ask a question to get an answer (because you already know the answer that Thom is not being paid to post here), you put an insidious accusation in the form of a question. Maybe I should put denying anything when it is used against you, to the list of behavioural patterns.

          • Toys

            Here is a free tip child: sell that dictionary and buy some pills.

          • Thom Hogan

            Pills and toys. I think you’re revealing a lot more of yourself than you think.

          • Thom Hogan

            You’re all over the board here, anonymous Toys. Do you actually have a clear, relevant point, or is it you just want to target non-responsive comments at me?

            I’m not angry at anything, no even your pointless posts.

            As for your question: why don’t you try a real camera? Uh, I have. Many. My full comments about the X-T1 are in my review of it, and I’ll stand by those.

          • Toys

            Oh crikey, you are touchy. Can’t we have a little fun in these forums? Or are we all ambassadors of politically correct?

          • Thom Hogan

            Your idea of fun is insulting other people. That’s cyber bullying, basically.

            My idea of fun is having an honest discussion about a product.

          • LMAO

            LOL, yes you have it…we do believe you…LMAO…”toys”

      • These toys are awesome, much more fun than bricks.

    • peevee

      ” Micro4/3 cameras have a decent fps but they are only getting into long lenses now”

      What do you mean, m43 has Oly 75-300 and Pana 100-30 forever. The former is even in 2 versions now. The ancient Pana 45-200 is pretty long too. And of course you could have used any of 4/3 lenses with a dumb adapter (including Oly 300/2.8), even with decent AF on E-M1.

      • I just meant that Micro4/3 is not a sport photography first choice and that Samsung could capitalize on the fact that none mirrorless camera really is. Micro4/3 still need a few lenses to be a reliable sport photography system, but between mirrorless parties, they are ahead of everybody else, for sure.

        And I did not count adapted lenses because that would miss the point since there are tons of lenses to adapt and that’s not a exclusive situation for Micro4/3 and ultimately, most people don’t buy a system for a specific job because of adapted lenses.

        • peevee

          The AF support of 4/3 lenses with cheap and light (but weather-sealed) adapter IS an exclusive feature of m43 system. The only other working AF adapters are Sony adapters for A-mount lenses, but they include their own AF systems instead of relying on a camera, and it is only 15-point. Nikon is a total format mismatch. Metabones AF for Canon lenses is a joke.

          • I don’t really understand your point, you say things like a fanboy that thinks I’m somehow attacking Micro4/3, whereas I’m quite supportive of the system, so I just don’t understand.

            Nonetheless, it’s also true that Micro4/3 doesn’t have all the things a sport photographer would want to adopt the system yet. And I’m aware of 4/3 to Micro4/3 adapters but as I said before, exclousive or not, not many people would choose a system so they can use adapted lenses.

            And this discussion kind of miss the point of my comment anyway, which was about Samsung making a good use of their high-speed shutter + good memory buffer by exploring sport photography.

            So, if you want to continue with this, which now is far from being a productive conversation, you can do it by yourself since I don’t understand where you wanna go with it.

  • Brendan

    A B+W dedicated body will be an instant buy from me.

    Sure you get to mess with curves on a bayer before converting however if you know what looking for then a glass color filter can get close in camera.

    What you gain in resolution or ISO will be so worth it.

  • Well well… Fuji has competition!

    • Aaron J. Heiner

      And judging by the LCD panel on the top plate, so does Nikon dSLR models from 1999-2009

      • You’ll need to try again, I’m afraid 😉

        • Thom Hogan

          And you’d say that why?

          On paper, the NX1 has a newer technology sensor, more pixels, faster frame rate, better video capabilities, and by the end of 2015 a better set of mainstream pro-style lenses than Nikon DX cameras do (and it already has pancakes that don’t exist in the Nikon DX lens lineup).

          In practice, we don’t know yet because the camera isn’t out yet.

          In my view, this just adds another “leakage” point for DSLR users to the existing set of Fujifilm X-T1, Olympus E-M1, Panasonic GH4, and Sony A7 models. And believe me, Nikon DSLR users ARE leaking to other brands now.

          • Eno

            I completely agree with you!

          • Tom

            I tried this camera. if people “leak” to it from other systems, they’d better get another hobby altogether. This thing has so many design errors it’s useless – although the usual smart arses will say it redefines photography.

          • I do just fine with my NX30 shooting weddings, looking forward to NX1 for added durability. Wait, before you jump on me I have used a D700 for the same purpose. I like focus reliability of CDAF, and lower light focus is getting good enough. Obviously the weak point for NX30 is processional if the lighting is poor (if lighting is good no issue).

          • Why

            Really? Why did you change down to Samsung?

          • Wanted only 1 system, I tried Sony A7 and it wasn’t going to work for me, no AF assist light possible with A mount lenses, and not enough E mount lenses. At the time I had an A99 which was fine, but focus point limitations were annoying, and focus was a bit unreliable, especially outside of center point with large aperture lens. D700 and D7000 were fine, a bit of focus inconsistency since only few points near center are cross type, once I figured out the others were horizontal line sensitive I did better, but overall I like features like face detect focus for weddings, really nice to not have to move your focus point all the time. All cameras should have eye detect focus (unfortunately I don’t think NX1 has this yet, at least not in beta firmware).

          • Thom Hogan

            “Tried this camera” how, exactly? Picked it up for a couple of minutes at a booth at Photokina? Sounds like kicking the tires at the car dealer to me.

            I asked specifically why you’d say what you did. Your only responsive answer was a vague “design errors.” So I’ll repeat: exactly what was it that caused you to come to your snap conclusion?

            It’s not that I disagree with your conclusion, it’s that I see no basic on which the conclusion was formed, so I have no idea if I’ll end up agreeing or disagreeing. You might just as well have written “I don’t like it.” That would have been more honest, I think.

          • Tom

            Thanks Thom for telling me what you think is honest, we all love a know-it-all. Also, look up “specifically”, you may have a surprise.

            Here some hints for anyone interested, in a random order:
            1) Put the camera in A and try changing the exposure without using the menu. Nope.
            2) Try touching the display, so it will focus where you touched and shoot. It won’t.
            3) Open the menu and look for the basic settings (like raw – jpg): you cannot, it’s a crazy jumble.
            4) Focus is not so good. Sometimes it’s fast, sometimes it hunts, even in good light.
            5) Burst mode (I cannot confirm this personally) produces images with fewer bits that single shot mode.
            6) Menus and controls can be fast or sluggish, at whim.

            I was being assisted by a Samsung employee, but perhaps it was bad firmware, or we are both dumb, surely dumber than our Thom here 🙂 .

          • Hal

            You may be right that the NX1 is not ready for the primetime, but a lot of features and refinements can be added later in firmware.

            That being said, what you listed proves little more than the fact you don’t know Samsung menus and had a hard time changing settings. We should all wait until some proper testing can be done before we draw conclusions.

          • Toys

            I disagree. Cameras must not hinder the creative process, and most of these me-too brands do just that with tons of useless clutter. They often look like the product managers did their research in the internet, because asking actual photographers is too much work.
            I also think products must be ready when presented to the public, not half-baked attempts. Customers are no beta testers.

          • Tom

            Feel free to wait for reviews, but you’ll be better served going out and trying it. Too many people trust online shills and buy the wrong product.

          • Andre Stuart-John

            1) did you try pressing the iFunction button on the side of the lens??
            2) Firmware
            3) You couldnt find how to change photo size?? even with a Samsung employee assisting you?? really??
            4) firmware
            5) guessing
            6) firmware

            ‘So many design errors’ hahahaha

          • Tom

            You are so smart you could apply at Samsung. They may let you rearrange the menus, or maybe clean the loo. It’s not your fault, but even your name sounds dumb.

          • Thom Hogan

            I asked a question and got the answer I expected, it turns out.

            1. What do you mean by not able to “change exposure”? You mean exposure compensation? Try the Exp Comp button.
            2. Can’t comment on this as I’ve not had a camera in hands long enough to do a full analysis. But my point was that I don’t think you did either. That the Samsung employee couldn’t answer your questions is certainly disconcerting, but I’ve found that problem with most of the booth personnel at Photokina. I’m STILL waiting for the two Nikon “product managers” to answer two specific questions I had at Photokina 2012 ;~).
            3. Can’t do that at the moment, as I don’t have a camera. But I’ve found Samsung menus to be far better organized in the past than a lot of companies, particularly Olympus.
            4. Not possible to comment on this based upon a flyby session with the camera. Autofocus performance is always about learning how the system works and optimizing your settings and use, even on DSLRs.
            5. I can confirm it for you: when you shoot raw in burst mode the camera sets 12-bit data, when you shoot raw as single shots, you get 14-bit. Frankly, this doesn’t on the face of it bother me. I find Sony’s compression of A7 raws to be far more problematic than the number of bits used to record the data. With most APS sensors, they’re not able to actually produce usable 14-bit data anyway.
            6. Didn’t see that, but the camera hasn’t actually shipped with production firmware yet, has it?

          • Tom

            Hi Thom, funny you should say that. I also asked for a Nikon product manager, and they told me they had all driven off already 🙂
            I was inquiring about the 1V2 and 1V3: the new one has the direct manual controls the older one sorely lacks, but it keeps one mind-boggling bug: you can shoot lots of pics per second, but you cannot compare them in camera. Here is the “should” thing: watch the picture, zoom in to the area you need to compare, scroll to the next picture. You will have an immediate comparison, so you can easily throw away the pic where the old woman was squinting, or the night lights were shaky, or the birds in flight were not whatever you want – at once. Not so: you need to zoom out, then select the next pic, then zoom and position on the comparison area. Otherwise, you download them first, and run this comparison on the PC. Your card will fill up with junk! How many cards are you going to need for a brief holiday? The answer was comical: transfer the pics to your tablet and compare them there. The 1V3 has wifi. Does it work with raw? Answer: sure – probably – maybe. To top it off, the person said this is done on purpose because deleting pictures would leave holes in your memory card, which may break it. LOL.
            Re Samsung: 1) I am fed up with cameras that take over, I want to take over. 2) You cannot demo a product that is not complete, and the firmware is part of the package you pay for. I am no beta tester, I pay for the bloody thing!
            3) Marketing by numbers (amount of pixels, frames per second, max ISO etc) is the last thing I am interested in. I want a tool that works as an extension of my brain. I have some, mind you, but I like to check new things. Well, none of these new “inventions” manages to hit the spot there. How is it possible? Are these corporations dumb or what?
            What do you think?

          • Thom Hogan

            You’re describing the original “pro” Nikon DSLR scrolling (via the command dial), even when in magnified view. I agree it should be in the V3, for sure. It’s bothersome to me that a company that has learned how to solve some user problems then gets all paternalistic and decides that some cameras shouldn’t have those features. It seems like an elaborate game to establish artificial differences between products.

            Nikon’s approach to WiFi (and even Apple’s to photos coming into an iOS device from outside) leaves a lot to be desired.

            As for corporations “being dumb,” I think the correct wording is that “they’re lost.” They simply are electronics engineering companies, not photography-oriented companies. As I wrote in an article I posted today, everyone is looking backwards, no one forward.

          • HF

            I used it at Photokina, but it was difficult to judge about specifics as the firmware was not finalized yet (Samsung representative). So camera froze several times while trying to photograph a model on a swing. Hit rate by just trying was about 50% at 15fps. Should be getting better, however if you know how to tweak settings and get the newest firmware. One thing that looked weird was build quality. The wheels to adjust aperture, for example, could be moved axially. This is I didn’t find in my Nikons or XT1, for example. So tolerances seem to be a little off here (maybe it was only my model, didn’t try out several others). The four way controller felt very cheap and mushy, too. Fuji XT1’s isn’t the best, too, with the 4-way controller, but for a 1500 Euro camera I expected more (as I expected from Fuji). II’m interested in what the new backward lit sensor is achieving. The other thing interesting in Samsung is the lenses, which get very good reviews.

          • Bryan Mordt

            The NX1 firmware at Photokina was in beat only. It was no where close to being finalized yet but Samsung wanted to introduce it and start people talking about it. Once the firmware has been finalized people will likely see this as a best in class camera.

          • NoMeJodas

            Thom, sometimes trying a camera out for only two minutes in a store is sufficient to decide that it is not “the one”. Happened to me with the Df (mainly because of the locked dials) and with the X-T1 (would have forgiven the DSLR shape if it had the right size for my big hands and, again, no locked/ intelligently locked dials).

          • Thom Hogan

            Maybe. But this is a bit like saying that if it’s not love at first sight, you’re never going to marry her (or him as the case may be).

            It’s certain that people have initial reactions to things. Marketing often tries to get you to emotionally connect to that, despite real other issues in a product. It’s really only through pragmatic analysis of real use that you start to realize what really works and what doesn’t.

            I’ll give a case in point: the Nikon V3. I’d reject it in seconds on a first impression. Too many odd problems that are very visible on first sight. On the other hand, this camera produces photos I can’t easily get with other products. Would I like all the issues I’ve identified to be fixed? Absolutely. Will I keep shooting with it even if they aren’t? Absolutely, until something better comes along.

          • NoMeJodas

            You are right. No camera is perfect. The question is, what type of imperfection one is willing to live with or is able to work around.

            I made the wrong decision once by going for an X-E1 instead of an X-Pro1. It was clear to me from the beginning that the XP1 was ergonomically the better solution for me, but the X-E1 had the better specs. I still love the images produced by the X-E1, but if I could turn the time back I’d pick up the X-Pro1 only because of the better ergonomics. With current technology every camera that has more than 6-8 MP and an MFT or bigger sensor is more than sufficent for my personal needs and output sizes (be it digital or print). So for me the most important factors are ergonomy and controls.

            BTW how locks on dials can be implemented intelligently was demonstrated by Pentax on the K-3: turn a switch to unlock the dial and it will stay unlocked until you turn that switch again to the lock position.

          • BdV

            I also tried a camera. I thought ‘does it have design errors or do I need to get used to it?’ Then I made up my mind, bought it, got used to it, and I was actually very satisfied.

            A bit later I was even a total leak.

            So, indeed, ‘tried’?

          • Tom

            You prove absolutely nothing with this…
            The internet is full of corporate shills who lie about stuff in the attempt to sell it. For example, look at m43 or fuji.
            I lied to you, but you cleverly sussed me out. The camera is fantastic. Or am I lying now?

          • BdV

            I didn’t even mention a camera brand, so….

          • so what?

            so what?

          • Dave

            It’s probably m43 LOL.

          • BdV

            Yes, but then you still don’t know what brand. But that’s not the point anyway.
            What about the camera you own now? Can you keep it a bit longer? If yes: problem solved. If not: what’s wrong with it and is there a successor available that doesn’t have these issues?

          • Dave

            So what? You’ve got time to burn huh?

          • Tom

            So nothing… I wasted 20 minutes of my life trying to make that junk work. They might fix it one day, but now is now, and my money stays with the old reassuring provider of proper camera stuff.

          • He was referring to the LCD on the top.

            Didn’t read the rest of your reply.

    • Eno

      On paper maybe, in the end I hope Samsung doesn’t make another disappointment!

      • Have Samsung lenses been bad? I’ve only heard their bodies being badly built a few years back. Not sure now.

  • guy

    90 – 100mm macro lens would be nice to have for NX1. My ideal spec is f2.8, 1:1 macro, weather sealed, and OIS.

  • Fred Flintstone

    Nikon could learn a thing or two from Samsung for their DX lens lineup

    • Eno

      And Samsung needs to learn more than “two” in image processing from Nikon!

      Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Samsung, I just wish they make good cameras, not crap!

  • Eno

    Samsung should first focus in making the jpeg engine and 4K video great in the newly announced NX 1. The images on the web looked like water-paintings not pictures. If they want anybody to buy into their system, they need to deliver a good camera first!

    Samsung if you are reading this, do somthing about it!

    • One

      Eno if you are reading this, stop that drivel, go out and learn to take pictures!

  • Karol Wojdyna

    Samsung will be big, because any field they came into, they succeeded. It means more competition which is good, but on the other hand – anybody buying a Samsung camera should be aware of BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE they provide.

    Examples? I bought 3 cameras NX100 for my family (personally I shoot Nikon D700). Except of poor JPG engine (but much better than in newer NX20/NX200/NX300), it is a great camera. Besides I got GN42 flash and a telephoto zoom.

    There are known issues, very serious though:
    – factory bad controls on top plate,
    – iFn controls in the lenses failures,
    – broken in-camera control of AF assist light in the flash;

    As you can see – really serious problems and if you read any forum – you will know they are very common. I have them in ALL 3 cameras.

    Samsung would repair all only during warranty and… only in a country where it was bought!!

    I already said many times that I am not a Canon fan (switched from that system to Pentax and then Nikon – and do not regret a thing). But when you compare their service to Samsung’s – they show how to work! First of all – they ADMITTED to have issues in some cameras (Samsung never did). And secondly – my brother-in-law bought the camera S1 in the USA. 4 years later a camera broke down. He called the service in Poland and they DID NOT ASK FOR RECEIPT, about where it was bought etc. and did not care that it was 4 years old – just replaced it with new Canon S5 camera! Samsung refuses to do ANYTHING. Please potential Samsung buyers – be aware of that.

    It is a pity because NX100 would be a great camera if not above.

  • SpecsAreForNoobs

    The specs are impressive but cameras are not made of specs. I tried it and it had awful ergonomics. Image quality is probably the same as the rest, but it shoots with fewer bits when it goes into burst mode.
    Noobs will say what they like, as usual, they will compare it to Canon and Nikon (LOL) and so on.

    • Tom

      Yeah, I am looking forward to the usual knobs – noobs comparing it to N & C.

      • I think there are enough noob knobs in this thread already.

    • pepe

      Same ergonomics as the rest “pro-ish”,
      but way better menu than C or N… wich is not difficult… I still hate the idiotic Nikon menu and been 10 years using it.

  • jojo

    Seems the sleeping giant may actually be awakening, instead of just talking about it. Looking forward to seeing how good these are.

  • Marco –

    Nx1 is definitely too big and heavy for me, but specs wise it’s interesting.

    What they absolutely need to do is a rangefinder like camera, with a top in class evf, weighting like the nx300 (with a grip similar to a6000, possibly).

    The specs should be the same as nx1 to gather some attention from the public. I’m personally interested in such a camera if and only if it comes with the new sensor AND the new AF system. At a competitive price, of course (but the price falls fast anyway, for nx cameras).

  • Consumer

    Sony consumer electronics and Panasonic have competition. However, I have tested it and it is not very useful for my hobby, which is photography.

  • Neopulse

    Although the Samsung line looks nice, I still want to read about the lens quality. That’s where most of the magic happens in my opinion.

  • Karol Wojdyna

    There are not too many NX users in Europe. Besides the fact that Samsung name is probably not convincing when competing with Canon or Nikon (which is wrong – I prefer picture quality of NX over Canon’s counterparts, to be honest), there are other reasons.

    I already mentioned service down here. The other thing is that customers do not trust this system. Please remember there was already GX system developed with Pentax. Samsung dropped the system and customers where left with equipment that cannot be used with newer products (flashes are great examples, but other GX accesories are useless now too). By the way – if Samsung took over Pentax instead of others doing that – both names would probably benefit from that, not to mention the customers. Now both systems are so weak…

    Third thing is that the NX system is so inconsistent. Once you get used to NX10 or NX100, then they completely change controls placement that you cannot use NX200 or NX30 without constant mistaking (and spoiling shots by this). NX1 is another turn to different logic… As a D700 user I had a hance to use old F80 film camera lately – their control’s are so similar! No wonder people choose Nikon.

  • peevee

    “Samsung S 11-24mm f/2.8 ED OIS”

    Oh, nice! The system suddenly sounds like a winner, with NX1, 16-50/2-2.8. 50-150/2.8 and now this! I wonder if they will be able to get ahead of Olympus with their 7-14/2.8 this time!

  • Pro shooting digital since ’92

    I recently sold all my Canon gear on Craigslist – here’s why. I think there is a paradigm shift happening now that is as significant as the shift from film to digital. This one is about mirrorless and state-of-the-art manufacturing skills.

    I have used Canon for over 25 years. My favorite recently was the 5D MkIII for stills and two 70D’s for A and B cameras for Video. I had 9 Canon Lenses 4 of which were current L Series. I occasionally used a Sony PMW-EX1 as a locked-down set-it-and-forget-it C cam. I always record separate audio with some very nice pro gear.

    Why in an all-digital camera would you still go for a legacy design involving a MIRROR BOX??? Mirror boxes with their great number of moving parts (just waiting to fail) were designed to divert light away from the film, up through a pentaprism and through a magnifier to the eyepiece. Digital cameras don’t need any of that antiquated apparatus or convoluted light path.

    I waited 6 YEARS for an update to the 7D hoping it would be touchscreen with increased resolution and better video and more advanced sensor and some corresponding fast compact lenses. I wanted to update my 70D’s. Ha. I found all those upgrades and much more in the Samsung NX1.

    With the Samsung 1.21 firmware I am now doing everything with 2 NX1’s that I used to do with three Canon cameras. And I LOVE THE SUPERIOR RESULTS!! With the 1.21 firmware I can finally achieve a slower and more cinematic focus change from one person to another in a video interview situation. The Samsung is rock solid on following a person who is moving while shooting video. Touch-to-focus while shooting video is my absolutely MUST HAVE feature. I’ve sold all my follow-focus rigs and wouldn’t even consider a camera without touch-to-focus for video.

    Speaking of touch-to-focus, I frequently use the feature while shooting stills to capture the right focus at just the right moment. Just touch the OLED at the desired focus spot and the camera takes a picture seemingly instantly.

    My NX1 has had new firmware with significant improvements each month so far! Rumor has it that the next firmware will significantly improve tracking focus and make it rival or surpass the best of the best. It is probably the most powerful camera out right now. It is the ONLY camera out right now that internally records h265 4k video. My MacPro tower isn’t even powerful enough to encode h265 4k in real time!

    Shooting 1080 30p on the NX1 results in files that are clearly better and 1/9th the file size of 1080 30p shot on the 70D with Canon’s All-I codec!

    Samsung is building circuits that are two generations ahead of Canon right now. Canon=500Nm aluminum circuit features vs Samsung 32Nm copper features. Think about it, Samsung has built 200 million phones and tablets. I kinda doubt Canon will ever catch up to Samsung’s semiconductor manufacturing prowess.

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