This new Yongnuo 50mm f/1.8 lens is an exact copy of the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8

Yongnuo 50mm f:1.8 lens 2 Yongnuo 50mm f:1.8 lens 3 Yongnuo 50mm f:1.8 lens 4
A reader sent me those pictures of a new Yongnuo 50mm f/1.8 lens (available on Amazon and eBay) that is almost an exact copy of the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens:


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  • King of Swaziland

    Outsource your stuff to the Chicoms and you have nobody to blame but yourself when they blatantly copy it (or manufacture more than your order and sell them on the side).

    • CaMeRa QuEsT

      I recently bought an original Canon EF 50mm 1:1.8 II and it has stamped “MADE IN MALAYSIA” on its plastic mount. I doubt that Canon (or Nikon for that matter) has ever outsourced any lenses outside its own factories. This Yongnuo looks more like a bad copy of the original, as I am seeing more than a few physical differences between what is shown on the pictures and my actual lens. Also, the type of multi-coating on the glass has a different color reflection to it. It’s selling for half what the Canon sells for even at rock bottom discount, but at US$45 per, I do wonder if Yongnuo’s efforts wouldn’t have paid better somewhere else.

      • fjfjjj

        I know for a fact that the 60mm AF-D Micro-Nikkor (one of the great 35 lenses of all time) was not manufactured in a Nikon factory. Many others I’m sure.

        • Les

          Wasn’t the 60 Micro-Nikkor manufactured by either Cosina or Kyocera (Yashica) over the years? That’s hardly the same thing as a counterfeit Canon lens of unknown provenance.

          Cosina and Yashica both had/have top-tier optical factories and are fully capable of assembling a lens to Nikon specs (or Zeiss or Leica).

          The “fact” that an unknown factory somewhere in China may be using some unspecified chip that may have been manufactured in the same country as an original chip has absolutely no logical link with Nikon outsourcing some production to world-class manufacturers (at some point in the past). I honestly don’t see how you made the leap from one to the other.

          • fjfjjj

            …or how you make the leap to “fact”

      • Simon Joseph Lau

        Although it looks like a bad copy of the original, it is in fact a superior product. Their similarities end at their external appearances and f-stops. The Yongnuo has 7 blades instead of 5, has a better t-stop, sharper corners, nicer bokeh, less CA and a significantly better price point.

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      Yup, the high quality fake iPhones here in China are made in the same factories with the same tools as the real ones.

      • SH*T666

        My experience in China is very different. A lot of fake phones lacking the minimum quality standards. Better go for well known Chinese brands, just as good as anything else.

        • TheInconvenientRuth

          I said the high-end fakes, meaning those that are made to fool buyers of real iphones etc. Fakes come in different quality/price levels here. I’ve seen fake LV bags that are SO good that LV struggles to tell the difference, but then they do cost half of what a real one would cost. Same applies to phones and watches. But of course there are plenty of cheap fakes here too, not really meant to fool anyone, but for those who want the ‘brand’ but can’t afford the real thing.

          • nzswedespeed

            An iPhone is a bad example as it can’t run ios without a verified serial number. Thus it can’t be a high quality fake as it will clearly not look similar. Yes it could run android with a ios8 launcher but even they’re not that good

      • Dave

        That is what they say to get people to buy their junk. Often I’ve heard that exact same line while standing in a factory I know for dam well sure doesn’t actually make the legitimate product. They are made in different factories. Sometimes real products are stolen from legitimate ones. The stolen ones aren’t even sold as fake, but more often grey market exports. If you buy a fake, it is exactly that. I have seen racks of Hermes bags being copied in China and then the people making them claim that Hermes outsourced the work to them and they are using left over material and the same production line to make 100% copies. When I have also seen the real bags being made in France by hand and I know for sure that they never outsource anything to China for just the reasons outlined above.

        • winblozTenpin

          haha you keep telling yourself that. Trying to justify the reason you allow yourself to be ripped off buying the ‘legit’ version when fakes are the exact same thing.
          Having worked in Electronics for most of my life I can tell you now, you are WRONG!

          Take Samsung for example who build the major parts of iPhone hardware because Apple lack the skills.

          • Adam Jaffe

            I’ve seen examples of both fakes coming from the same factory and fakes coming from different factories.

            In general, it depends on how close the purveyor is paying attention.

      • Phil Harris

        It’s worth noting that the Yongnuo appears to have a seven blade aperture as opposed to the five blade on the Canon.
        This would require more than a few modifications to the design, so I don’t think it can be fairly described as a fake.

        • SH*T666

          This is just my point. Some Chinese brands are very good indeed. Most fake products aren´t. China is selling now excellent pro video equipment and no doubt very soon they will compete with Japanese and Korean camera makers.

      • UnknownTransit

        Yeah, they’re the bad copies that have to be discarded. To the garbage they go, wait, why don’t we just sell them.

    • Global

      Exactly. The west is going down, thanks to the greed of a handful. This is where politicians should step in, if they were not on the payroll already.

      • winblozTenpin

        The west is going down? CANON ARE FROM JAPAN! what a div!

        • Has to be said!

          The WEST includes JAPAN dumbo!!!

          • Quadrupel

            Only in Unitedstatian books, then.
            Normal geopolitical literature classifies Japan as being in the East.

          • “Normal”? Japan is effectively part of the “West”.

          • Luis F. Vidal

            Where it is classified as part of the “West”?

          • Quadrupel

            Not because Japan is the Unitedstatians’ lapdog means it’s part of the West.

        • moklo

          Japan is called “The land of the Rising Sun”. Sun rises on the East.

  • Fiatlux

    I saw it at Photokina this year, in the hall full of small Chinese booths. It was proudly standing in an otherwise empty glass case next to a sheet of paper with a handwritten “NEW” on it.

    It always amazed and amused me to see all those booths and knockoff products at Photokina. Not sure how all those companies can afford a trip and a booth there, and it almost looks like the exhibitors are immune of customs checks for counterfeit products… 😉

    • Zos Xavius

      you should have taken a picture! 🙂

  • Chris

    Is there an F mount coming out soon? Lol…

    • Guest

      huhuhuhuhuh you said F

    • David Peterson

      Hope so! Hope an 85mm one is in the works too, I’d get that.

      • Klicko Orange


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    • tomm

      Why should I?

  • Kynikos

    Please copy the Zeiss Otus stuff next…

    • MonkeySpanner

      I think Samyang is working hard on that project.

    • fjfjjj

      Cosina’s working on it 😉

  • Has to be said!

    SO, has the owner or anyone bothered to test it with the original Canon????

    • duck

      I found some reviews written in chinese, their conclusion: optical difference bw the two is minimum, the yongnuo makes a louder AF sound.

      • fjfjjj

        The louder noise in the Yongnuo is probably due to their polyurea motor grease being derived from human urine instead of synthetic.

      • Anton PupkIn

        louder than Canon 50 1.8?! It was second loudest lens after Tamron 17-50.

    • moklo

      here some review I appears that yongnuo is better than the canon in IQ

  • _sem_

    How old is the patent?

    • :-) :-) :-)

      the lense looks very much like it’s fd countrpart…

    • FredBear

      It’s a Canon. Probably before patents were invented 😉

  • Panchoskywalker

    I wonder which would be its Dxo score.

  • Lensit

    Just what we need; a cheap knockoff of a mediocre lens. Hooray!

  • duck

    This is just the beginning, they currently have the 50mm 1.4 on pre-order. Cost is about $199, where else can you get a 50 1.4 af lens for less than 200 bucks, LOL

  • James Donahue

    When is the Nikon version coming

  • johnny

    They are not identical. They may share the same housing, but the optical formula is definitely different.

  • johnny

    By the way, they have 50/1.4 also. It may look like EF50/1.4, but it doesn’t have USM.

  • Chanwoo
  • Jay

    AF switch is in the center of the panel, Canon’s is on the left. It’s not an exact replica, there’s undoubtedly differences. It may be near identical in performance and look, but it’s no exact replica. Mine gets in (DHL) tomorrow at noon, I’ll have a hands-on including tearing one apart. to see the differences.

  • Zen-Tao

    Old Spanish sentence: “The poor’s money goes twice to the shop”

  • Anton PupkIn

    Well, Canon’s 50 f/1.8 is not a lens that I’d like to have on my Nikon.
    I had one (when I had Canon), and it was close to crap. A chineese clone can only be worse.

  • DF photo

    I am just wondering the guts of the lens. Since it feels like the 50mm 1.8 from canon feels like it has a really weak casing. Does anyone know if this one is like that?

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