Tokina AT-X 11-20mm f/2.8 PRO DX lens officially announced

Tokina AT-X 11-20mm f:2.8 PRO DX lens
Tokina officially announced their latest AT-X 11-20mm f/2.8 PRO DX lens (Aspherical, IF, APS-C) - one of the two prototypes shown at the 2014 Photokina show. The new lens will be a replacement for the current Tokina 11-16mm f / 2.8 and will be available in Nikon and Canon mounts. Shipping will start in February 2015, the price in Japan will be ¥100,000 (around $800, US price not announced yet).

Tokina AT-X 11-20mm f/2.8 PRO DX lens specifications:

Focal distance 11-20mm Brightness F2.8
Format APS-C Minimum aperture F22
Lens constitution 12 group 14 sheets Coating Multilayer coating
Angle of view 104.34 ° ~ 72.42 ° Filter Size 82mm
Shortest shooting distance 0.28m Macro maximum magnification 1: 8.62
Focus method Internal focus Aperture number of blades Nine
Greatest dimension 89.0mm Full length 92.0mm
Weight 560g Food (included) BH-821

Tokina AT-X 11-20mm f/2.8 PRO DX lens MTF charts (tele and wide):

Tokina-AT-X-11-20mm-f2.8-PRO-DX-lens-MTF-chart-tele Tokina-AT-X-11-20mm-f2.8-PRO-DX-lens-MTF-chart-wide
Tokina AT-X 11-20mm f/2.8 PRO DX lens design:

Tokina AT-X 11-20mm f:2.8 PRO DX lens design

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  • Michele Perillo

    That could be pretty nice…. If the price stays that low and the results are good, I wouldn’t mind to leave home the 14-24 for rugged outdoors.. maybe it’s lighter as well.

  • Food is included apparently 😛

    • AlphaTed

      My Hoot hurts. 🙂

      • asdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdf

        I wonder if this is a combination “Foot + Hood.” 😀

    • Spy Black

      Either military rations or space meals…

  • Randy Kernen

    Could this replace both the 11-16 and the 14-24 in the camera bag? It means another set of filters but they are cheaper than a second lens.

    • DStudio

      Not if you’re a Canon shooter 😉

      • Randy Kernen

        It will be only my second DX lens. I am getting FX when I can anticipating a move to FX someday. Reportedly the 11-16 came very close to filling a FX frame.

        • At 16mm is does fill an FX frame.

          • Randy Kernen

            That is what I have read. I have the 11-16 and the 14-24 on my wish list but it would be great if this could replace both of them.
            It should satisfy my desire for glass for a while so I can focus on other things.

  • Spy Black

    Hmmm, don’t think I’ve ever seen a separated glass like the two front elements. I guess it may be common, but I’ve never seen that. I’ve always seen fully bonded elements.

    • SH*T666

      Interesting. Frankly, I never think of internal design when buying a lens. Just read reviews and test it at the store when available. This space between the aspheric (yellow lens in the graphic) and the next lens do you think could do a difference in quality?

      • Spy Black

        I have no idea. Like I’ve said I’ve never seen that, but it wouldn’t be in use if it wasn’t functional I suppose.

    • Scythels

      Typically very small airspaces are used to control coma, but they cause enormous spherical aberration. The molded asphere is probably used to control 3rd order spherical, but the airspace being complicated is going to add 5th order spherical. That must be compensated for elsewhere in the design, probably with the split doublet right before the rear groups.

      • Spy Black

        It should be interesting to see how this lens performs. The 11-16 share a similar but less drastic arrangement up front:

        • Scythels

          It’s an all-new design, so the similarity in construction is only worthwhile to look at the lineage of the design, not to characterize the lens. Especially with new aspheress in play.

          The margin on this new lens will be lower, the shape of the second asphere is not a pretty one to manufacture and will provide considerable difficulty.

          The FK1 and FK3 glasses are interesting choices… Schott has ceased production of FK3 and there is no NFK3 replacement, I wonder if they’re using CDGM, nasty manufacture…

          • Spy Black

            Well, I was merely pointing out the spacing in the older design, although it’s not as drastic. It’s obviously an entirely different lens.

          • Scythels

            Of course. It’s just not a very nice design. Enormous spherical aberration is induced by the first airspace, FK3 and FK1 are discontinued/inquery (=$$$) glasses from Schott, the second asphere shape is difficult and expensive to manufacture, more elements to align… Wide angles get messy, but this one is especially so. I get the impression they backed themselves into a bad local maxima re:optimization and just started adding aspheres to improve it.

  • Silverstream

    I appreciated the fact above that “Food included”! 🙂 Interesting to market food with a lens but a lens hood might actually be better! 😉

  • MacLo

    and for pentax???

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