Nissin to launch new Di700 AIR flash and Air Commander

Nissin Di700 AIR flash
Update: more information on the new flash is available here.

I received some information that Nissin will soon launch a new flash model called Di700 AIR (similar to the current Di700) and a new Air Commander for Nikon, Canon and Sony cameras. Here are the model number:

  • N083 Di700A Canon
  • N084 Di700A Nikon
  • N085 Di700A Sony
  • N082 Commander Air 1 Canon
  • N089 Commander Air 1 Nikon
  • N090 Commander Air 1 Sony
  • N086 Di700A KIT Canon
  • N087 Di700A KIT Nikon
  • N088 Di700A KIT Sony
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  • Chaitanya

    Nissin already has a page up for the said flash. not much seems to be changed over the older version.

  • Guide number is barely higher than the built in flash.

    • mark

      as per specs, the GN is comparable to sb900

      d7000 popup is at 12 (ISO100, meters) at roughly 16mm coverage. sb900’s GN at the same 16mm coverage is 27.

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