Adobe Lightroom 6 DVD set listed on Amazon UK

A new Adobe Lightroom 6 DVD set is listed on Amazon UK (currently not available).

Few months ago I reported about a new Lightroom 6 book listing on Amazon Germany and Amazon UK with a release date of May 15th, 2015.

Previous rumors indicated that Lightroom 6 will be released in March, 2015.

Adobe Lightroom 6 will require a 64-bit OS.

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  • KT

    I thought Adobe shifted all their apps to a cloud-based monthly subscription model, or is this only for their CS which Lightroom isn’t part of. Glad to see Lightroom will still be available for one-time purchase rather than monthly subscription.

    • D600 Owner

      lightroom is one of the few (if not the only) that currently is remaining available for one-time purchase

  • I don’t find anything really new 🙁
    I was hoping for layer support!

    • 3456789765

      no layers.. for layers buy photoshop or elements

  • 3456789765

    i am a betatester…no facial recognition.. sorry to disappoint you guys.

    • Anything new & interesting in LR6?

    • markus

      Anything like lasso tool or quick selection tool?

    • markus

      Anything like lasso tool or quick selection tool?

  • layers and facial recognition was the reason, why I got onOne software. They offer all that and much more and the files are compatible with PS.

  • Marius Linauskas
  • Looks like a great leap forward, features both “nondestructive photo editing” and “nondestructive editing”…

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