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→ Meike announced new MK-A7II battery grip for the Sony a7II camera. Check pricing and availability on eBay and Amazon.

→ New Veydra 85mm T2.2 cinema lens for Micro Four Thirds mount announced.

Adorama released a new Flashpoint transmitter/receiver set and other new accessories for the Zoom Li-on flash. More information is available here.

→ The Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Sports lens is now shipping again.

Sony to spin-off Image Sensor Business?

"Sony plans to make the department responsible for the Walkman brand a separate subsidiary in October. This would likely be followed by the spin-off of the device division including image sensors in the future, according to Kazuo Hirai, [Sony] chief executive."

→ New Apple iPhone camera patent details a mirror and prism.

→ Intersting - Intel RealSense 3D camera demo:

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  • Neopulse

    Damn, $70 bucks for an A7II grip that has a built in transmitter for remote release. And the $348 OEM version is damn pricey. It’s quite the no brainer.

  • Spy Black

    If Sony spins off it’s sensor business, I hope they sell it to Nikon/Mitsubishi…

    • Global

      Making a division into a separate subsidiary isn’t all that uncommon — so it doesn’t necessarily indicate any intention to sell. Although, there is a lot of accounting wizardry and options available in spin-offs. Theres many types of spin-offs and its never sufficient just to say its spinning off. How it is spinning off is important.

      For example, it could actually be used to raise funds if the Sony parent company sells shares in a carve-out offered to the public. If a division is doing especially well, then buyers of shares might value that subsidiary’s stocks higher than the overall corporations stocks. This is one way of “selling” a good business without actually giving it to a competitor. Of course, if a division is doing poorly, then it could also put distance between the subsidiary and the parent and only the divisions stocks might fall, not the parent (the parent’s might even rise).

      Sony does a lot of stuff other reasons for spin-offs might be purely organizational. For example, in very large companies with high levels of politics and weak top-control, the Board of Directors and Executive Management can be under tremendous and even unreasonable or ridiculous levels of pressures. Better for each division to have its own CEO and Board of Directors when your people are killing each other politically from within. Or it can even be to avoid monopoly or unfair practices laws (such as back in the days of the Japanese “zaibatsu” and Korean “chaebols” which all had to spin-off many of the parts, having been virtual monopolies).

      • Spy Black

        Sony has had a problem however with even internal divisions not working together and fracturing the company, so I don’t know if this would help or hurt that more.

  • Spy Black

    I picked up a manual Adorama flash, so far so good. I tried the Neewer version first, and they had dead chargers/batteries on two successive orders. I’m going for one or two more Adorama units. The rated GN is definitely not right, it’s JUST slightly brighter than my 285s, about 1/16 stop.

  • Spy Black

    Never heard of Veydra. Anyone?

    • jojo

      Kickstarter project from last year, but don’t know who
      actually makes the lenses

  • saywhatuwill

    That Adorama ad for flash is funny as they try to make using a proprietary battery a good thing. Yes, I’m traveling for a few days where there’s no power outlets and I only have 2 batteries. Good thing I have the Flashpoint flash that made my 90s AA batteries obsolete….oh wait, my proprietary batteries are out of power. Good thing there’s a small store that sells AA batteries and batteries for my Flashpoint…uhhh, you do sell those, right?

    • So it affects 0.000001% of the market. For the rest, not having to carry 12 batteries/flash is awesome (a single Li-Ion battery supplants 12 AA batteries). When you carry 3 flashes, that 36 batteries for the same amount of power. Add to that charging, labeling, etc. Even if you travel, you’re better of with a spare battery (=24 AA batteries).

  • BernhardAS

    The apple patent is interesting! Three! color sensors and a color splitting unit!

  • Cesar Sales

    Sony, circa 2011: small cameras! save your back! You don’t need big lenses and cameras anymore!

    Sony, circa 2015: huge lenses are better! Add a ginormous grip to your steadily growing camera! Bigger is better!

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