Sigma will make lenses for Sony FE mount

In a recent interview with dpreview, Sigma's CEO Kazuto Yamaki confirmed that they have plans to make lenses for Sony FE mount - "we'd either make a F1.4, or something different" referring to the Sony 55mm f/1.8 lens:

A lens like Sony's Zeiss 55mm F1.8 for the FE mount is optically superb but quite small and light. If you were to design 'Art' lenses for that system, would you try to strike a different balance between quality and size, and try to make the lenses smaller?

Yes - that's also one of the segments we're interested in. Another motivation for us to make new lenses is to differentiate between other manufacturers. Sony already has a 55mm F1.8 which is nicely sized and reasonably priced, so why make another? But F1.4 compared to F1.8 is a huge difference, so we'd either make a F1.4, or something different.

Similar comment was given by the CEO in interview with Imaging-resource in November last year.

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  • Spy Black

    So I guess the A-mount is dead.

    • Global

      This is why Nikon has never switched from the “F-Mount”.

      Although it may not be able to accomodate f/1.2 lenses, every lens ever produced by Nikon for a 35mm camera works on every Nikon DSLR (even if its full manual and some lower bodies, at least it fits and can be used).

      There’s a lot of pressure to switch to the newest thing; but having decades and decades of lenses to choose from, a nearly infinite supply of used lenses, sure is nice for any hobbyist.

      • jojo

        Would have worked well for Canon to stick with the FD
        mount (not to disagree with your comment, but just in the interests of putting the other side of the coin).

      • John

        Not sure why you think “Although [F-Mount] may not be able to accommodate f/1.2 lenses” Theres a Noct-Nikkor 85mm f/1.2… F-stop is about the size of the aperture, not the mount.

      • Leica M mount is smaller, yet there is a Noctilux.

      • Hagbard Celine

        “Although it may not be able to accomodate (sic) f/1.2 lenses…”

        Not true. 58mm mm f/1.2 Noct, 55mm f/1.2, 50mm f/1.2

        “…every lens ever produced by Nikon for a 35mm camera works on every Nikon DSLR…”

        Not true. The Nikkor S-mount for Nikon 35mm rangefinder cameras will not fit any Nikon SLR or DSLR. Nikon also made LTM screw mount lenses that will not fit any Nikon SLR or DSLR cameras.

        Nikon didn’t start producing F-mount lenses until 1959. Nippon Kōgaku Kōgyō Kabushikigaisha (the official company name until 1988) started making optics and lenses in 1917. None of those lenses are compatible with any Nikon DSLRs.

        Know your Nikon history before you go speaking so authoritatively on subjects you aren’t very well-versed in.

        • Ian Boyd

          Wow calm down

          • Hagbard Celine

            Calm down? I’m not freaking out over here. I’m just pointing out your glaringly inaccurate statements.

            You can’t even admit you made a mistake, all you do is fire back a non-sequitur.

          • Ian Boyd

            I never made any glaringly inaccurate statements.

          • Hagbard Celine

            Sorry, I assumed that since you chimed in you were the OP. Now I see that you’re not, and you’re comment is just a non-sequitur.

            There’s no reason to tell me to “calm down” when I’m simply clarifying that what was posted was wrong.

            How did this even pertain to you? Why did you interject for no apparent reason?

          • Ian Boyd

            Listen,u come across as a googling copy and paste ignorant twat,I can chime into all I want,it’s a thread open to anyone interested,get off your high horse u prick.

          • Ian Boyd

            The other guy got something slightly wrong that was all,i thought this was an open thread for anyone,so please relax ureself……………..

          • Hagbard Celine

            Slightly wrong? He said any Nikon lens EVER made could fit a Nikon DLSR. That’s not slight, that’s stupid. And I am relaxed, also it’s spelled YOURSELF not “ureself”. You’re about as stupid as that other idiot. So why don’t you STFU?

          • Ian Boyd

            Why r u being so obnoxious?,he makes a mistake and u go on a Google copy and paste fact find,btw I got a chuckle at ure STFU,wot age r u 9?.

          • Hagbard Celine

            Google copy and paste? I know all that from my head. I have been using and servicing Nikon cameras for decades junior.

            Why are YOU being so STUPID?

            And try not to spell like a teenage girl. “wot age r u 9?” It’s WHAT, ARE, and YOU. Dummy.

    • Licheus

      It’s not the first time we lament Minolta’s final demise..

  • Maria Mociornita

    R.I.P. . . .

  • Global

    This is a HUGE boost for Sony. Being able to tap into the Sigma system, at a time when Sigma is capturing large consumer support, will be a boon to FE mount users.

  • Global

    This is a HUGE boost for Sony. Being able to tap into the Sigma system, at a time when Sigma is capturing large consumer support, will be a boon to FE mount users.

  • jojo

    When Mr Yamaki was asked why we’re not seeing Sigma lenses for systems like Sony FF mirrorless he answered “we want to increase our lineup for mirrorless cameras, but it’s just a matter of priorities.”

    Then when asked about those priorities, he said “DSLRs first, particularly Canon and Nikon, since most of our customers use those systems. And after that mirrorless. Sony FE-mount. “

    Thanks and congratulations to Mr Yamaki (and dpreview) on an interview that was much more open and informative than these usually are. Well worth a read.

  • MonkeySpanner

    Hopefully, Sony will share autofocus system information with Sigma that will make it easy for Sigma to design lenses that do not have integration problems with the AF system. Wish Nikon would do the same.

  • preston

    “We’ll either make a f/1.4 lens, or we’ll make a lens that’s something other than f/1.4.”

    Good to know.

  • MS

    The question was «If you were…». No more than speculation. Shame.

  • V. Anand

    If Sigma wishes to make a unique 50mm lens for FE mount fullframe Sony Emount cameras, I suggest they make a 50mm macro f1.8 lens. This will truly be unique and if not f1.8, a reasonably smaller stop will do. I would buy one!

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