Samyang 100mm macro lens rumored to be announced this summer

Samyang is rumored to announce a new 100mm macro lens (probably f/2.8). The official release is expected in the summer. The price will be close to the similar Canon ($899) and Nikon ($734) lenses.

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  • TinusVerdino

    Similar to branded AF-Versions? Pentax 100mm 2.8 macro sells for €550 Tamrons 90mm 2.8 for much less (a litte dependent on the version). Sigma’s 105mm F2.8 also under €500. Samyang can sell a macro, but it should cost no more than €300

    • Louis-Félix Grondin

      It better be good then ;). Maybe it will go 2:1 like the new Venus lens 😀 …

    • Eno


    • Chaitanya

      For that rumoured price, it can sell if mag ratio went higher than 1:1 , maybe upto 2x similar to Venus optics lens.

  • Hubertus Bigend

    Interesting, that will very probably become an excellent lens, at least for those mounts which will get an automatic diaphragm. Without AF, it should indeed be significantly cheaper than Canon’s and Nikon’s existing lenses, though.

  • Kynikos

    I’m guessing a lot of people who buy this will also want to use it in non-macro situations (esp. portrait, and people who prefer longer street lenses). If no AF, no way it sells any copies at a price anywhere near where the AF lenses are.

  • Spy Black

    Unless it’s autofocus (and I would imagine that highly unlikely), there’s no way that lens will have a price similar to the OEMs. I peg it $500 max.

  • Aeroengineer

    There are no macro lenses that I know of that have been designed with 36+ mp sensors in mind. I would consider paying $700+ for a Samyang MF macro lens if the optical performance approaches that of Zeiss Otus .

    • That is a good point; if Roki-Bow-Yang is engineering their latest lenses to handle 36-50 MP, they do have an advantage and a reason to charge a slight premium. I still wouldn’t pay more than $500-600 for a mostly plastic, manual focus macro lens though…

      …Maybe if it went to 2:1 reproduction?

  • vimal

    after 50,135 flops samyang coming with another flop..these so called poor mans lens r not even cheap my country..they r selling MF lenses for high prices..

  • I’ve been asking for a MF Samyang macro lens for a long time. If the optics are as great as the brilliant 85mm f/1.4, AND the price is right (~ $300-400), it will be a very interesting lens. Especially for those planning to use it exclusively for macro, the lack of AF would be irrelevant. If, however, Samyang decided to make an AF version (and sell it at higher prices), I frankly don’t see the point

  • Camaman

    800$ with the dollar strong as it is?
    Say godbye to sales outside US

  • If it can hit 1:1 reproduction and weigh significantly less than the Canon / Nikon, I’m sold. I’ve been using a tiny Tamron 90mm f/2.5 adapt-all for a few years now, but it only goes to 1:2 (.5x) reproduction…

    And, there’s no way it’ll cost $700-800. If they can make a 135mm f/2 for $550, they can make a ~100mm 1:1 macro for $400-500.

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