Venus Optics announced the Flexible Macro Twin Flash KX-800: the world’s most powerful macro twin flash with flexible arms

Venus-Optics-Flexible-Macro-Twin-Flash-KX-800 Venus-Flexible-Macro-Twin-Flash-KX-80
Update: a review of the Venus Optics KX-800 Macro Twin Flash can be found here.

Venus Optics, the company that launched the 60mm f/2.8 2X Ultra-Macro lens few months ago (see review), announced a new Flexible Macro Twin Flash KX-800 - the world's most powerful macro twin flash with flexible arms priced at $299:


  • GN 190 (in feet at ISO 100)
  • Rapid Recycle Time (Appr. 2-5 seconds @ max output)
  • 48cm long dual flexible arms
  • Independent Output Control
  • LED focus assist light
  • Light Weight (Weigh 1 pound)
  • Compatible with Canon/Nikon/Sony/Pentax SLR Camera


Circuit Design Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor(IGBT)
Guide No. 58 (in meter), 190 (in feet)
Horizontal Rotation Angle 0~270 degrees
Power Supply 4x AA size batteries
Lighting Times 100~1500 times(Alkaline cell used)
Recycling time appr. 2~5s(Alkaline cell used)
Color Temperature 5600k
Flash time 1/200s ~1/20000s
Flash Control 8 levels of output control(1/128~1/1)
External connection Hot shoe, PC port

Press Release

Venus Optics announces the Flexible Macro Twin Flash KX-800, the World’s Most Powerful Macro Twin Flash with flexible arms

The first macro twin light equipped with GN-190 (feet in ISO100). Rapid Recycle Time, Flexible arms & Light Weight make it perfect for macro photography.

Anhui China, Apr, 2015 – Venus Optics, a Chinese manufacturer of macro equipments, has announced the Kuangren Macro Twin Flash KX-800, the world’s most powerful macro twin flash with flexible arms.

The new Macro Twin Flash is specially designed for the use of macro photography. It features a combined guide number of 190 (in feet) with 8 levels of power adjustment. Powers can be adjusted independently in the left and right flash. The high output makes it extremely handy for macro photographers who shoots under small aperture and high magnification ratio. Quick recycle time (2 sec) also helps in shooting in a volatile environment. On top of that, KX-800 is built with two 48cm long flexible arms. This gives photographers complete flexibility to position the flash for the best performance. A LED focusing light is equipped for focus assistance. The whole system weigh only 1 pound, making it a very portable gear for bringing around.

Pricing and Availability

The Flexible Macro Twin Flash KR-800 is currently available at authorized resellers and at the English official website ( The recommended retail price is at USD 299. During promotion period, discounted Price is USD 279. Worldwide free shipping is provided.

About Us

Anhui ChangGeng Optical Technology Company Limited (Venus Optics) is a new Chinese macro equipments manufacturer based in Hefei, Anhui. They are well known for the launch of the Laowa 60mm f/2.8 Ultra-Macro Lens with 2X Magnification.

For more information about Anhui ChangGeng Optical Technology Company Limited and our products information, visit

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  • Jarret O’Shea

    I think I’d half expect it to come alive and attack me at any moment.

    • markz

      for when I want my DSLR to look Lovecraftian…
      but “In his house at R’lyeh, dead Cthulhu takes lovely macro photos” just doesn’t cut it for filling the reader with existential dread.

      that said _much_ lighter and more controllable than my Arca/Swiss rail system with speedlites

  • Louis-Félix Grondin

    I’ve seen enough Hentai to know where this is going…

    • markz

      I’ve seen enough ukiyo-e to know where this is going…..

      “Dream of the Macro-photographer’s Wife”

  • Fox “News” Lies

    beedeep-beedeep take me to your leader beedeep-beedeep

  • Chris Knight

    For that price, you could get two Yongnuo YN-560 III’s plus a wireless transceiver to activate them…’course that’s a lot more to carry/position, but $300 seems pricy for what is a really cool idea. (FYI I love my Venus lens, although it does vignette badly on my a7R)

  • Camaman

    The Kraken has been released…

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