Samsung NX1 is the new king of APS-C hybrid cameras at DxOMark

The Samsung NX1 camera ($1.499) has the highest score at DxOMark in their APS-C hybrid category:

DxOMark's conclusion:


The new sensor in the NX1 has upped the stakes in terms of hybrid image quality, making Samsung’s latest hybrid the current king of mirrorless APS-C cameras in our database. The BSI sensor is not only the physically largest sensor of its type, but boasting a 28.2 million pixels, it’s also the highest-resolution APS-C hybrid currently available. With an overall DxOMark Sensor Score of 83 points, the NX1 knocks our previous APS-C hybrid champion, the Sony A6000, down into second place with 82 points.

As we’ve also seen with the impressive image quality results from the latest APS-C sensor in the Nikon D7200, the NX1’s smaller chip offers image quality close to that of full-frame sensors. It’s not quite as good, but still, being just one stop behind in all categories against models such as the Sony A7R, the image quality on the NX1 is impressive.

Add to that high-caliber features such as the 205-point autofocus system and 15fps burst shooting, and the NX1 is an attractive-looking proposition. The slightly bulkier design, not to mention the hefty $2400 price tag, will put off some consumers. For the more discerning enthusiast, however, the DSLR-style body, larger handgrip, optional vertical handgrip, external controls, and great image quality will certainly appeal.

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  • Eric Calabros

    What the heck is this “hybrid image quality”? Its still behind D7200, even with BSI

    • HF

      From the text it is clear they compare to other mirrorless cameras only. But writing it this way people get curious and click the link.

      • correct, mirrorless only and let’s be clear that this is how DxOMark wrote it, I just copied it

  • TinusVerdino

    Great to see the Pentax K-01 still going strong 😉

    • Arn

      Yep, but it’s a curious choice when you know than the K5 have better perfromances but is not in the list…
      (the K5 scores 82 at DXO, k01 : 81)

      • TinusVerdino

        because it’s not mirror less 😉

        • Arn

          OOps, my bad.. Next time i’ll check the new’s title twice.

  • Dante D’Money

    The review by DxOMark is a shameful “shame”!! On April 10 of 2015 DxOMark…published it’s review of the NIKON D7200 and proclaimed “The Best APSC camera !! The reality is that the review was clearly stage promotional marketing a the request of what can only be seen as Samsung ! Here at Photo Rumors…you published the review of the D7200 and the APSC sensor show it grossly out performs the NX1 !

    The D7200 posted a score of 87….versus the NX1 score of 83 !!

    Seems to me someone at DxOMark needs to have a lessons in ethics. They have been pushing the Samsung, when in reality it does not hold the title as best APSC sensor. The NX1 has several flaws that were totally ignored in the review. So You at Photo Rumors published both the NX1 story….and the April 10, 2015 story on the D7200…so what is with that?

    Just because the Nx1 is a not a DSLR does not give it the title as best ASPC sensor….

    So sensor performance is sensor performance….NX1 does not out perform the D7200. The effort of DxOMark to try and create a phony “King of the Hill” award by pushing the “hybrid” is a marketing spin.

    So in the end there is no excuse for kind of game playing. Samsung needs to know we consumers see through this and DxOMark needs to know there credibility is now in question.

    • just saying

      It’s shameful to think the scores mean anything. Shame on you.

      • J-Man

        Your car sucks, because mine goes 1 km/h faster…

    • jstevez

      Only equipment junkies care about this BS, they mostly look 100% crops, if someone needs scores to help them buy their next camera or lens they are in the wrong hobby or profession.

    • Amabird

      Hybrid sensor is sensor with PDAF, not comparing it with normal APS-c like Nikon. Is pretty clear on that front.

      • Eric Calabros

        Who says PDAF degrades image quality? They usually use only hundreds of pixels for that, from 24-28million pixels. by the way, Canon 70D should be in this list according to your definition

        • eno

          As if that was your problem… sad.

    • Neopulse

      What the hell are you going on about?

    • Frankie

      There’s a fact that noone can refute. What you can get from shadows and highlight from the nx1 is just unbeatable. shooting at 100 iso and pushing to five stops results in an impressive recovery of details without too much quality loss or too much grain added.
      No other apsc sensor can do this… nikon df and a7s can.
      So in terms of sensor quality and image output, I’ve never used a crop body as qualified ! And I’ve used plenty !

      • HF

        This is in contradiction to measurements by DXO or B. Claff, for example. Even review sites mention the DR to be slightly worse to the D7100/D7200. The DXO title clearly refers to mirrorless bodies only.

        • yes, this is what they call hybrid cameras

      • eno

        You have used plenty… what about cameras?

    • Tom

      I think consumers don’t look at DXO. Photographers should know better, too. There is still the geeks niche, and it’s OK if they get scammed (M43 anyone?), that’s what geeks are for 🙂

  • Amabird

    What is the problem with you guys, it stated clearly hybrid sensor, which has PDAF embedded in the sensor, it is indeed better than A6000 but by only image quality definitely not better than Nikon offering.

  • Neopulse

    Even with the extra 4 million pixels in Samsung’s best APS-C it managed to barely beat the mid-category a6000. Gotta see how this performs against Sony’s top APS-C sensor when it gets released hopefully this year.

  • Ken

    a6000 at 1 points behind. i’d still keep my a6000 due to the many zeiss lens choices.

  • Tom

    This is probably the worst camera I ever used. It looks like DXO scores must be read reversed.

  • Fiatlux

    Note that DxO did not test any Fuji hybrid camera yet (due to issues with X-Trans processing). That limits competition…

  • Lee

    Why do all these blogs post the DXOMark Scores? They’re completely meaningless. They’re random numbers they pick out of a hat. Post the CHARTS.

  • VanHoff

    Samsung is out of the photography business right now, Period.

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