B&H Photo has a new Apple Watch app

B&H photo Apple Watch app 2 B&H photo Apple Watch app 3
B&H photo Apple Watch app 4 B&H photo Apple Watch app
B&H Photo has a new Apple Watch app currently available for download on iTunes:

The home screen features four categories, which are Trending, Best Sellers, Deal Zone, and Just Sold. Best Sellers lists the best-selling items on the B&H website. Deal Zone provides ongoing specials on certain products. Just Sold lets you know which items other consumers have bought. Trending combines all three into one list.

When you see something you like, you can tap on the item to go to its abbreviated product page, which lists the photo, price, name, and customer reviews, on your Apple Watch. You can then use Force Touch (a long press on the screen) to get a list of three options, which are Add to Cart, Watchlist, and View in App. Add to Cart is pretty much self-explanatory and adds it to your cart. Watchlist lets you add the product to your B&H wishlist for future reference. View in App pushes the product to the B&H app on your iPhone so you can complete the checkout process. Please note that currently, you cannot check out from the Apple Watch.


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  • Camaman

    So stupid… Like mmost of these things.

    But it’s important to be the first, and for those that come after it is important to have an app.
    Marketing curse…

  • Stuart E. McConaghy

    This app sort of begs the question: Why? And why would a store want a “trending” or a “Just Sold” feature?
    This reminds me of that old IBM commercial:
    “This report says we should be on the Internet.”
    “Doesn’t say.”

    • fjfjjj

      Because people who will spend $350 on a watch with a laggy interface and plastic band are a retailer’s dream demographic.

  • Fox “News” Lies

    The iPad and iPhone app is great, makes my online photography shopping a pleasure.

  • sleipnir

    What garbage,
    Dell xps (2015) qhd touch pwnz the new one port macbook
    Passport,s6,s6edge pwn iphone6
    Iwatch now… maybe get a real watch? Omega, breitling, tag ect…

    The whole IProducts are getting old

    Next will be ibleutooth earpiece so you can sync it with your iwatch and iphone oh and only works with iproducts

  • jimh

    Terrific – shopping was too easy on my phone, I want the challenge of doing it on a postage stamp. Make that a round postage stamp

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