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Adorama now sells Kipon Adapters.

Jury orders Motorola to pay $10M for Fujifilm patent claims.

Metz logo
Metz: "future is assured" (the company filed for insolvency last year).

→ The new Sigma 24-105mm f/4 DG OS HSM Art lens is rumored to start shipping by the end of this month.

Leica now offers 12% off on almost all of their products.

Sony FE 28mm f/2 lens
→ The new Sony FE 28mm f/2 lens got reviewed at DxoMark

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  • Spy Black

    Is that Sigma full frame? Sounds interesting if so. If it has stabilization, should be very interesting indeed.

    • Paco Ignacio

      Is it the same one that was released almost 2 years ago?

      • yes, almost two years ago 🙂

        • Spy Black

          I just barely remember this now.

          • preston

            When you say “rumored to start shipping” it makes it sound like a new release. This is not a new lens. It is just out of stock at B&H and Adorama. Your local camera store probably has it. All of the online lens rental places have it as well.

        • KT

          But it’s available at B&H and Adorama, what am I missing here?

          • fanboy fagz

            The lens has been in backorder for a few months now. Sold very well till it stopped

          • not available yet, but should be soon

    • fanboy fagz

      Yes ff. Big lens 82mm. OS. Iq is stellar. Not 24-70 levrl but outperforming the nijon 24-120 f4 without strain. Has a lot of positive reviews

  • Ah, a broken mirror… yes, away with mirrors! So a new mirrorless. A7000??!

    • aurele

      seems so !!

  • Jason

    An a99 replacement that is mirrorless and alpha mount?

    • Neopulse

      They are going to stick with the SLT design. Or the A-Mount lenses would be rendered useless.

  • Noktzutzka

    the site has NOTHING to do with sony australia…. it´s a FAN page.

  • Noktzutzka

    if you bloggers would care for a second to get you infos right instead of copy and past everything…. you would not spew so much nonsense…

    from the SONY X INFO PAGE:


    Sony X is a group of passionate people who love Sony and love to enjoy entertainment.

    • don’t blame the bloggers, take a look at the website they provided on Facebook

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