No, you won’t get a Sony a7r camera for $199

An error on the Sony online store caused a lot of discussion on reddit yesterday - a brand new Sony a7r mirrorless camera was listed for $199.99. Of course all orders got canceled, except those paid with PayPal... but don't hold you breath, they will get canceled too. Sony will never sell you a $2,000 camera for $200. Don't waste your time.

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  • Neopulse

    I’ve gone through it twice before where even though I paid via PayPal, they never honored it. It was messed up, but oh well. Can’t win’em all.

  • The legal battle centered around “false advertising” laws would cost far more than just buying the camera at it’s normal price.

    Or you could just find a friend who works for Sony and wait for the next 50% off “secret” employee offer. 😉

    • dredlew

      Only that there wouldn’t be a legal battle about “false advertising” because it isn’t. It is an obvious mistake under which circumstances the seller is not liable for the “advertised” price.

      If the price said $1899 instead of $1999, you’d have a case. But not if the decimal point is clearly at the wrong position. So employee discount would be your better option, though I doubt that it be 50%… 😉

      • Depends on where you live, the laws may actually give you a snowball’s chance.

        The 50% employee discount is a pretty well known event, actually. It is periodical, but predictable. A subtle Sony market-flooding tactic. When it first appeared, some Sony employees bought 3-5 A7R’s and sold them on FM for a nice profit.

        • ST

          Well it depends. Here they would be legaly bound to give you the camera for the price. Its the sellers responsibility, if you as a customer buy it for the price thats stated you are obliged to get it for that price.

          • Fiatlux

            Laws against false or deceptive advertising require an intent to deceive on the part of the advertiser. An obvious mistake does not qualify as an intent to deceive and a company is normally not required to honour a price that is wrong. It might in fact be forbidden to sell at loss (outside of official sales periods).

            That should not stop you from trying. A couple of years ago, I bought a Nikon lens that was obviously wrrongly discounted to -80% during a sales period. The error was quickly corrected on the reseller site but my order was honoured at the advertised price. 🙂

          • MonkeySpanner

            see folks, it does happen.

    • Nacho

      in my country they are obligated to respect the price (Chile)

  • Muc Cica

    Sony can f**k itself. Go iphone!

    • Ken

      yes, and iphone uses Sony sensors.

    • MonkeySpanner

      Yes, the iphone is a great replacement for an a7r. anyway.

  • MonkeySpanner

    Paypal myth continues. I didn’t use paypal, and mine has not been cancelled yet. But I did order very early.

    • You order is probably canceled, they just did not send you an email.

      • MonkeySpanner

        Probably – yes. Everyones order is probably cancelled. That is true. Probably.

  • MonkeySpanner

    ” Of course all orders got canceled, except those paid with PayPal… but don’t hold you breath, they will get canceled too. Sony will never sell you a $2,000 camera for $200. Don’t waste your time.”

    Drinking hateraide much? Not all orders have been cancelled. And no one can predict the future. Not sure how you can say with 100% certainty that they will get cancelled. Orders are easy as hell to cancel – why wouldn’t they just all be cancelled at once?

    • very simple: I think Sony doesn’t have your email address when you pay with paypal, just call Sony – I can bet you order doesn’t exists 🙂

      • MonkeySpanner

        only problem with that theory is that I didn’t use paypal, and I got a confirmation email from Sony.

  • ironman

    rlcramer wrote:
    Not sure if it’s totally legit, but someone on the SlickDeals forums posted his order number, and it looks like his $199 A7r order actually shipped.

    Check it out –

    Order number – 0004300058890404
    Zip code – 610041 

    • I don’t buy it, all orders are/will be canceled.

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