First leaked picture of the Ricoh GR II camera

Ricoh GR II camera
The first picture of the upcoming Ricoh GR II camera leaked online. The design looks identical to the previous (current) version and has the same 18.3mm f/2.8 lens. The only difference appears to be in the hot shoe:


The GR II was already registered with the Indonesian Communication Agency back in May:

Ricoh GR II camera rumors
The current Ricoh GR camera is currently selling for $599.

Via Digicame-info

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  • Paco Ignacio

    Maybe a 24 mp sensor?

    • yes, otherwise I am not sure what else was upgraded and if it was worth a new model

      • Azure

        Thought it would use an updated lens…. Seems not the case.

        • peevee

          What’s wrong with the old one for the specced size and price?

          • Zos Xavius

            Nothing at all! that lens is downright superb!

          • peevee

            Exactly. I bet the lens is the same, while sensor is upgraded to the 24 mpix one (and processor is upgraded to handle higher load too).

    • alfredo_tomato

      I’d be happy with better dust seals for the lens. I have heard the complaints, and can remember my dusty Canon G10.

    • TinusVerdino

      I think 20mp

    • Fants

      I’ve never had dust problems with mine, though it hasn’t really seen extensive use in places where that might happen. Honestly, there are only two things I’d change about the GR:

      1. Better AF in low light
      2. Better high ISO performance (even though it’s still fairly solid on that front).

      Apart from those two things, it’s an amazing camera and I’ll happily keep mine for years.

  • Licheus

    That hump…I have to buy it should it be the viewfinder. What else could it be anyway?

    This thing’s going out of hand.

    • ep

      Flip screen

      • Azure

        flip screen +1

      • Licheus

        Well guess that would be even better. Saves me from the wife’s wraith.

      • alfredo_tomato

        The flip screen somewhat makes up for no EVF. Of course it could be to make room for a bigger LCD or accessory port for an EVF.

    • Benjamin Brosdau

      Yup, hinge for selfie screen is my guess.

  • dannybuoy

    Had, and sold my GR as I really missed having an evf/ovf. If this is indeed an evf. Then I might be interested .

    • Cynog

      An OVF was available for the GR, though it wasn’t cheap.

      • JoeFunny30

        For a while adorama offered one for free with the camera. It was for a limited time but a great deal.

  • doge

    Does this mean a Nikon Coolpix A2 or B is also around the corner?

    • yes, the Coolpix A is already officially discontinued

      • MdB

        Doesn’t mean it is getting replaced though?

  • Немо

    Where is number II?

  • Eagle of MorningCalm

    I missed old GRD days.

  • taildraggin

    You’re kidding? A big ‘If this is so’ here, then it’ll probably have faster focusing and a flippy screen. (Maybe, the some cases crunchy colors – reds, are better.)

    Been waiting for this thing to have some kind of viewfinder. It’s images, particularly b&w are better than most 28mm DSLR lenses. And, it fits in your pocket (just).

    I hope this isn’t all it has. I’d just get the current one for $400. Argh.

  • es

    I am happy with that design will not change. Design is simply perfect for that type of camera. New grip? But why? What is wrong with this? Flip screen? Not for that type of camera. 35mm? I prefer wide 28mm with possibility to 35mm crop. Touchscreen? Not necessary… maybe for some kind of special focusing? Or effects? I love using GR by one hand.
    Better, faster processor, sensor with more megapixels or faster optics – yes, always but design is perfect – simple, clean and easy (one hand) to use.

  • Musouka

    Maybe it will do 4K (or at least 1080P60)? How the flip screen does not increase the thickness by much.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    If this has a good EVF, my Leica Q lust will drop to a manageable level.

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