Sony a7R II camera announced

Sony just announced a new Sony a7R II camera priced at $3,198. Here are the main specs:

  • 42MP Full-Frame Exmor R BSI CMOS Sensor
  • BIONZ X Image Processor
  • 5-Axis SteadyShot INSIDE Stabilization
  • 399 Phase-Detect AF Points & 5 fps Burst
  • Internal 4K XAVC S Video & S-Log2 Gamma
  • Weather-Resistant Magnesium Alloy Body
  • Built-In Wi-Fi Connectivity with NFC

Sony a7R II product videos:

Additional images:

Sony a7R II mirrorless cameraSony a7R II mirrorless camera 3
Sony a7R II mirrorless camera 2Sony a7R II mirrorless camera 5
Sony a7R II mirrorless camera 4Sony a7R II mirrorless camera 6
Press release:

Sony's New a7R II Camera Delivers Innovative Imaging Experience with World's First Back-Illuminated 35mm Full-Frame Sensor

Sony's Flagship Mirrorless Camera Features 42.4 MP Back-illuminated CMOS sensor, In-camera 5-axis Image Stabilization, Internal 4K Video Recording, Silent Shooting, Fast Hybrid AF and more

NEW YORK, June 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Electronics, a worldwide leader in digital imaging and the world's largest image sensor manufacturer, has today introduced their new flagship full-frame mirrorless camera, the a7R II (model ILCE-7RM2).

The new a7R II interchangeable lens camera features the world's first back-illuminated full-frame Exmor R CMOS sensor, which realizes high resolution (42.4 MP approx. effective megapixels), high sensitivity (expandable up to ISO 102400) and high speed AF response up to 40% faster than the original a7R thanks to 399 focal plane phase detection AF points.

The camera also includes a 5-axis image stabilization system borrowed from the acclaimed a7 II model and can shoot and record 4K video in multiple formats including Super 35mm (without pixel binning) and full-frame format, a world's first for digital cameras.  Additionally, it has a newly refined XGA OLED Tru-Finder with the world's highest (0.78x) viewfinder magnification.

"Sony continues to deliver game-changing imaging products that are changing the way imaging enthusiasts, hobbyists and professionals can see and capture the world," said Mike Fasulo, President of Sony Electronics.

Kimio Maki, Senior General Manager of Digital imaging Business Group for Sony Corporation, added "By harmonizing high resolution, sensitivity and speed, we're delivering a high-level full-frame imaging experience unlike anything else in market today, with Sony's newly developed, world's first back-illuminated 35mm full frame CMOS sensor."

High Resolution, High Sensitivity and High-Speed Response

The newly developed 42.4 MP back-illuminated CMOS sensor is the most advanced, versatile and highest resolution full-frame image sensor that Sony has ever created, allowing the a7R II to reach new levels of quality, sensitivity and response speed.  In the past, many photographers have been forced to choose between high-resolution and high-speed or high resolution and high sensitivity when selecting a camera.  The new a7R II eliminates that sacrifice thanks to its innovative image sensor.

The 42.4 MP sensor combines gapless on-chip lens design and AR (anti-reflective) coating on the surface of the sensor's glass seal to dramatically improve light collection efficiency, resulting in high sensitivity with low-noise performance and wide dynamic range.  This allows the camera to shoot at an impressive ISO range of 100 to 25600 that is expandable to ISO 50 to 102400.

Additionally, the sensor's back-illuminated structure, with an expanded circuit scale and copper wiring design, enables faster transmission speed and ensures content can be captured in high resolution without sacrificing sensitivity.  Data can also be output from the sensor at an approximately 3.5x faster rate compared to the original a7R.

An ideal match for Sony's extensive collection of FE lenses (35mm full-frame compatible E-mount lenses), the new a7R II features a high-speed BIONZ X image processing engine that allows images and video from the camera to be captured with supreme details and low noise.  There is also no optical low pass filter on the camera, ensuring that scenery and landscapes are captured in the highest possible resolution and clarity.

The a7R II has a new highly durable reduced-vibration shutter that realizes 50% less vibration from shutter movements compared to its predecessor, and has a cycle durability of approximately 500,000 shots.  The camera can also be set to Silent Shooting mode in order to shoot images quietly without any sensor vibration or movement.

The new image sensor features 399 focal-plane phase-detection AF points – the world's widest AF coverage on a full-frame sensor – that work together with 25 contrast AF points to achieve focus response that is about 40% faster than the original model.  The a7R II utilizes an advanced motion-detection algorithm combined with this Fast Hybrid AF system to achieve up to 5fps continuous shooting with AF tracking.

Additionally, the focal plane phase-detection AF system on the a7R II works well with Sony A-mount lenses when they are mounted on the camera using an LA-EA3 or LA-EA1 mount adapter.  This allows users to enjoy the wide AF coverage of 399 focal plane phase-detection AF points, high-speed response and high tracking performance with a wider range of lenses.  This marks the first time that the AF system of a mirrorless camera can achieve high performance with lenses originally designed for DSLRs.

5-Axis Image Stabilization Optimized for 42.4 MP

The new flagship a7R II model is equipped with an innovative 5-axis image stabilization system that has been fine-tuned to support its high-resolution shooting capacity.  Similar to the system launched on the acclaimed a7 II model, this advanced form of image stabilization corrects camera shake along five axes during shooting, including angular shake (pitch and yaw) that tends to occur with a telephoto lens, shift shake (X and Y axes) which becomes noticeable as magnification increases, and rotational shake (roll) that often affects video recording.  This camera shake compensation system is equivalent to shooting at a shutter speed approximately 4.5 steps faster.

Additionally, the 5-axis stabilization works cooperatively with Sony alpha lenses with optical SteadyShot™ (OSS) to provide maximum stabilization and clarity, while also performing admirably via a compatible mount adapter with Sony alpha A-mount lenses without on-board stabilization.  Effects of the stabilization can be previewed via live-view on the LCD or OLED viewfinder of the camera.

Unrivaled 4K Movie Shooting Performance

The impressive video credentials of Sony's new a7R II camera include the ability to record movies in 4K quality (QFHD 3840x2160) in either Super 35mm crop mode or full-frame mode.

In Super 35mm mode, the camera collects a wealth of information from approximately 1.8x as many pixels as 4K by using full pixel readout without pixel binning and oversamples the information to produce 4K movies with minimal moire and 'jaggies'.

In full-frame mode, the a7R II utilizes the full width of the 35mm sensor for 4K recording, allowing users to utilize the expanded expressive power of the sensor.  It is the world's first digital camera to offer this in-camera full-frame format 4K recording capacity.

The camera utilizes the advanced XAVC S codec during video shooting, which records at a high bit rate of 100 Mbps during 4K recording and 50 Mbps during full HD shooting.

Additionally, the a7R II model features a variety of functions to support a professional video workflow including Picture Profile, S-Log2 Gamma and S-Gamut, 120fps high frame rate movie shooting in HD (720p), time code, clean HDMI output and more.

Enhanced Design, Operability and Reliability

The new full-frame a7R II has an upgraded XGA OLED Tru-Finder™ with a double-sided aspherical lens that delivers the world's highest viewfinder magnification of 0.78x for crystal clear image preview and playback across the entire display area.  ZEISS®  T* Coating is also utilized to reduce unwanted reflections that interfere with the shooting experience.

The camera has an extremely solid, professional feel in-hand thanks to its light, rigid magnesium alloy design, and has a re-designed grip and shutter button compared to its predecessor.  There is also a new mechanism to conveniently lock the mode dial, and an expanded range of customizable functions and buttons to suit the most demanding photographers.

The new a7R II camera is Wi-Fi® and NFC compatible and fully functional with Sony's PlayMemories Mobile™ application available for Android and iOS platforms, as well as Sony's growing range of PlayMemories Camera Apps™, which add a range of creative capabilities to the camera.  For example, there is more creativity available now for time-lapse photography thanks to a new "Angle Shift add-on" app allows users to easily add pan, tilt and zoom to time-lapse images without any additional shooting equipment or PC software required.  Learn more at

Sony has also introduced a new LCD monitor model CLM-FHD5, an ideal companion to the a7R II for video shooting.  A compact 5.0 type Full HD (1920x1080p) LCD monitor, the CLM-FHD5 features enlarging and peaking functionality for precise focusing, false color and video level marker for adjusting exposure and S-Log display assist to assist S-Log shooting.

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  • Fox “News” Lies

    Holy Toledo! 5 axis stabilization AND 42.2MP full frame sensor ! Glad I’m a diehard Nikon fanboy or it could’ve been an expensive swap for me.

  • Henri De Vreese

    Interesting! Nikon give me something better than this!
    Edit: Forgot that Sony doesn’t have any kind of Pro-Support, so not interesting anymore…

    • Bryan Mordt

      Nikon and Canon are being left behind.

      • Bernard Giroux

        Agreed Nikon needs to show up. Problem is Sony has no lenses.

        • …and Sony will have a new, slightly better camera in 6 months

          • pyktures

            Sony will never run out of people making loud noises for Sony too. 🙂

          • at the same time Sony could care less to update the firmware on the RX1

          • pyktures

            Sony, fireworks specialist.

      • sperdynamite

        People keep saying this, but trying shooting a wedding on Saturday with a D750 or 5DIII, then do it Sunday with an A7 whatever. There is a lot more than what the spec list implies that keeps working photographers shooting their big DSLRs. After that experience I’m going to guess you’ll want at least one Canikon in your bag. For one I can do a whole wedding on one battery, and nail focus 95% of the time with the ultra thin DoF 58/1.4 even into the dark receptions. I have added an A7 as a 2nd camera, but I only use it with manual lenses as the AF can’t keep up with a couple even walking slowly. By the time the tech can replace a D750, I bet you’ll see a Nikon or Canon mirrorless, and everyone will be like, FINALLY!

        • This, also both samsung and Sony need to VASTLY improve their flash systems. And Sony needs to produce more lenses.

          • Bryan Mordt

            I agree with this and $499 for a flash is rather expensive in the case of the Samsung.

          • Henri De Vreese

            And Canon too, their flash system is heavily lacking when compared to the Nikon system. (own experience)

          • Isaac Alonzo

            I love the Nikon CLS for what it does. Have you ever tried to trigger using the Radiopopper PX system? It is awesome!

          • Henri De Vreese

            I just sold 3 SB-900’s and my radiotriggers, I now use the Paul C Buff Einsteins (4 with 4 battery packs). I still have 2 SB-900 for when I need TTL and need to move quick, but the Einsteins are even better and almost as fast if you are experienced with them.

          • blp

            +1 on more lenses

        • Bryan Mordt

          “nail focus 95% of the time with the ultra thin DoF 58/1.4 even into the dark receptions” That is impressive.

          • Henri De Vreese

            What do you shoot?

          • Bryan Mordt

            I use a Samsung NX30 and would like to upgrade to the NX1 later.

          • Henri De Vreese

            I don’t really know how you would know that Canon and Nikon are left behind compared to Sony if you don’t even shoot ANY of these 3’s camera’s. I used to shoot Canon (5Dmk2) and currently shoot Nikon (D800e, V1, D7000, FM3a, have used the D750 for 2 shoots), also used Sony (rented an A7R for a week and had a RX100), shot Hasselblad (different back’s) and also use a Blackmagic PCC.
            And you haven’t shot more than 5000 pictures with any of the brands you are talking about and critizising them.

          • Jlx

            WTF?? Hello?? Totally off topic!!

          • sperdynamite

            I thought the same thing. I had a Df for a while and didn’t know what I was missing when I got the D750. Group area AF kills it at receptions, it’s really great. Single point for tighter portraits. My 58 hardly leaves my camera now.

        • HF

          Agree. Do weddings,too,. A7ii is only used for macro ring shots. No chance to use AF-C reliably. People forget it is one thing to photograph for fun or whether you are expected to nail the shot and scene every time!

        • AYWY

          I’ll like to chip in with my own experience too. Went to a music school graduation event and the hired photographer was using A7x (dunno which one) with adapted lenses.

          Indoor. Low-light. Waiting for him to nail focus while the presenter and students had to freeze their handshake posture several seconds is probably the most awkward thing in the whole event. Then you have the similarly painfully slow group photos, etc. Urrgghhh.

          Kept muttering to myself “please just go use a Canikon”.

          • sperdynamite

            I would never do that to a client. My A7 has opened up some fun new opportunities for me but that doesn’t make it ‘better’ than my D750 for a job. What people fail to realize is that Nikon’s 1 system is probably a test platform for things they want to bring into a mirrorless pro camera, but aren’t ready yet. So while it looks like Nikon or Canon are clueless, they actually just don’t have any need to develop a full fledged system like Sony or Fuji does, because their user base is still buying DSLRs.

        • Guest

          Remember that most folks posting here are no photographers!

    • TinusVerdino

      Nikon will probably use the sensor in a D820

      • I am thinking that too.

        • so no 50mp. Wise decision, especially if there will be a 50mp d5x

      • Henri De Vreese

        I don’t really care about 6 more mp’s than my current camera. I was interested in the 5-axis IS and 4K video.

        • ShitMyNameWontF

          So that your cam’s battery life can be halved? Count me out.

          • Henri De Vreese

            Actually from experience with the A7R (thinking this will be similar or even worse), it’s more like 1/5 of the battery life. I was happy to get more than 2 hours on a Sony battery, I needed 5 batteries to get through the day, whilst my D800e can manage a whole day with 1 (and a few % of a second one).

          • Ufupuw

            That’s nonsense


            This guy took , took 410 shots and still had 20% left.

            Yes battery life is less than a DSLR as it’s small live view cameras, but that is cost of being small and liveview.

      • sickheadache

        Nikon D810s/ D820/ D860/ Or D900….to cover their next move. lol

    • Isaac Alonzo

      Actually my only interest is towards video with this camera. Specially to be the Bcam for a pair of FS7 mainly for documentary work.

      • Henri De Vreese

        Seems like a perfect camera for that if you can use an external battery pack.

        • Isaac Alonzo

          I am sure the good folks of the internet will find a way to make it work with a V-mount battery soon enough 🙂

    • Ufupuw

      Sony does have pro support. It was added last year. .

      • Henri De Vreese

        In Europe they don’t. And I think even in America it’s not at the same level as Nikon or Canon.
        My partner dropped his camera in a pond at a big shoot, I called NPS and a guy showed within an hour with the exact same setup that he dropped (I think it was a D750 and 24-70), he loaded his settings from his SD-card and kept on shooting. 24 hours later his camera was fully cleaned on the inside and was working again. And he paid only like 200€.
        I called Sony last week to ask about their pro support and they told me that it’s only for their professional video camera’s.

        • Ufupuw

          THat’s not true. Sony has pro support for A7 series. It’s not only for video

          You have to have qualified for it and be a member.

          • Henri De Vreese

            3-day turnaround repair (I got 24 hours), Loan camera after 3 days (I get it when I bring in my camera), 3 camera/lens maintenance services (I get all my camera’s and lenses serviced each year for free, about 12 items that is). Only from 7am to 4pm, most shoots where I risk breaking a camera are at dusk. It’s for the USA!! Not even Europe, if Sony themselves say they don’t have Pro Support in Europe, then they don’t…

            Membership to the Program is available only for those individuals: (a) who are legal residents of the 50 United States, or the District of Columbia

    • ZoetMB

      Sony may not have official pro support (and I don’t know that they don’t other than your statement), but at the last PhotoExpo, Canon and Sony were doing on-site service and repairs and Nikon never does. It doesn’t matter if it’s “Pro” as long as it’s strong support with no hassles and quick turnaround. Anyone have any experience with Sony repairs? I’m not a Pro Nikon member, but I have not been happy with Nikon service. Although when I’ve called Sony about consumer product issues, I’ve spoken with idiots.

  • TinusVerdino

    And Sony Alpha rumors manage to release a rumor yesterday that it has a curved sensor????? Must have been drunk.

    • He will publish everything even when sober, at the end some guesses will be right.

      • That’s a bit unnecessary… it’s not like your methods are exactly fine examples of journalism either, you know?

        • Like I said, it’s just two different ways of reporting rumors and that is a fact. What’s wrong with my statement? Some people like my approach, others don’t and that’s ok.

          • What I meant was that while you try to make your act look clean by incorrectly comparing SAR to your blogs, you also have your own faults. Namely, you’re a chronic fanboy of Leica and Nikon to the point it leaves some cardigan wearing “back-in-my-day” old dudes ashamed but you pretend to run photorumors as if you were unbiased. A rumor site is not supposed to be a crystal ball and that’s what SAR is. You, on the other hand, is a biased journalist.

          • mikeswitz

            You, on the other hand, need some grammer lessons. And that, of course would go along with the free civility lessons.

          • CHD

            While I do agree with you your comment would carry more weight if you hadn’t misspelled grammar….

          • mikeswitz

            Although I didn’t say he needed spelling lessons. In any case, I blame it on spell-check.

          • CHD

            Yes, I’m aware that a spelling mistake and grammar are two different things…but one is as bad as the other:)
            Just taking the pi$$ with ya!

          • “grammer”

            ROFL… nice.

          • mikeswitz

            typo…you can get off the floor now….

          • I’m laughing because you don’t have the intelligence to figure out how to use a simple feature of a computer that even kids know how to use but still got some false confidence to talk about other people’s grammar.

          • mikeswitz

            still on the floor with the othr kids?

          • It’s also clear you haven’t figured out how to use a search engine because if you did, you’d stop failing repeatedly. How about you take a computers for seniors class, for starters?

          • mikeswitz

            Still having trouble with that grammar?

          • Oh now it makes sense… you can’t figure out how to navigate out of this site LOL

          • Hahaha, please never stop educating us with your immense photographic knowledge and sharp analysis of admins evil anti-canon intentions.

          • Always nice to see a fan…

          • ZoetMB

            I think that’s an absurd statement. He’s not doing investigative journalism or editorial pieces. He’s simply reporting rumors that are reported to him.

            There’s certainly plenty written on these sites that criticizes Nikon and Canon.

            And I would expect him to be biased in favor of Leica and Nikon since those are the sites that he’s chosen to do. I produce sites about musicians. I’m biased in favor of their music. What’s the problem?

          • lol… thanks for telling me that you produce sites for musicians… I was going to explain things in detail and now I know it would be a total waste of my time.

      • ShitMyNameWontF

        The pot calling the kettle black.

    • sperdynamite

      He said it was a crazy rumor at the time, knowing it’s probably not true. When you run a site like that you need daily posts so that’s why they have that SR1-5 system.

      • I get a lot of BS rumors every day but I decide not to post them online. It’s just a different way of operating a rumor site. Of course I screw up every once in a while too 🙂

        • Zos Xavius

          Your track record is impressive to be honest.

          • Like I said, I had few screw-ups in the past, but I prefer it this way instead of posting a different bogus rumor every single day.

          • FYI, do a search in the SAR comments… you’ll see that the SAR admin has been asked by visitors to post low confidence rumors when he(/she?) has held back.

            Btw, nice self-promotion at the expense of another blogger. Must make people have more respect for you.

          • Self promotion? I clearly said that I make mistakes too.

          • “Like I said, I had few screw-ups in the past, but I prefer it this way instead of posting a different bogus rumor every single day.”

            Read what you wrote again… are you saying there’s no self promotion there? Don’t undermine everyone’s intelligence.

          • ok, I will just stop right here because it will get ugly, you are correct and you win, let’s don’t waste any time and bytes on this

          • Chill dude… just offering a different view

          • blp

            but what he said is really true though… SAR pretty much throws out random crap to attract more viewers. i stopped following it a while ago since i feel like the accuracy is less than 50%.

          • MdB

            Let me ask you this (and I agree that there is little to no real rumours going on there) did the admin here do any better? It seems to be very difficult to get reliable Sony rumours these days, they are very tight on controlling information. What IS the admin of a site called Sony Alpha Rumors to do in this situation?

          • blp

            i think the admin here is actually doing a way better job than the admin of sonyalpharumors… i am not sure that how tight sony is on in terms of controlling information but the dude just pretty much throws out random crap like sony a7r II might have a curved sensor all the time. its like he never really uses his brain to filter the rumors before he posts anything.

          • Please check… the SAR admin has been asked not to filter too much by the visitors. It’s a different place. There’s no need for the PR admin to fight dirty when he’s also just another blogger.

            But there’s sensationalism in SAR that I can’t stand but that’s the style of the internet nowadays with the apple-user-types. It’s still far better than falsely pretending to be an unbiased general source of photo rumours while being a well-known obsessive fanboy of Leica and Nikon.

          • blp

            quality > quantity nuff said ._.

          • Please check… the SAR admin has been asked not to filter too much by the visitors.

          • ZoetMB

            Yes, I’m sure the other blogger is weeping right now at the outrageous statement that he takes a different approach.

          • pyktures

            I wish the iamadvancing program was real 🙁

          • this was a very believable rumor, the text, where I fount it, etc

        • sickheadache

          No …What is so wrong about Sony something rumors is that guy…Posted everything over and over again…including the kitchen sink. Sky is falling 100% of the time over there. Making for a poor read.

          • lol 🙂

          • blp

            ikr, im pretty sure that ive seen him saying that the a6*** or the a7*** will be coming in like a few weeks or so several time already. few months later… still nothing.

          • sickheadache

            It was too much. Every Other was curved sensor this..or curved sensor that..or A99…When The Sony Guys in San Diego..that Sony was going to concentrate on Mirrorless Cameras. But a few times a week..when nothing was panning out..that sony rumor guy STILL posted every lame rumor under the sun. And there is tons of guys who there believing his mess. I do believe that Peter got his act together. For Real.

        • ShitMyNameWontF

          Psh, please stop. You’re as bad as all other rumor sites lol.

  • neonspark

    oh the canon tears are going to flow today. I really hope the D820 will sport this BSI sensor and 4K recording. I also do hope for Nikon to go ISO64 natively instead of 100.
    The #1 question for this camera is: does it shoot 14bit raws of the same caliber as nikon would? Because that is what killed the A7R for me. If I’m going to spend all this $, I need equivalence to nikon quality NEFs.

    • HF

      D810 has native ISO64.

    • ShitMyNameWontF

      D810 already has native iso64. Know the stuff you’re bashing before you bash them. Otherwise, you just look like an idiot.

      • Ornery

        He said he’d like the D820 to have the sensor in the A7RII but with base ISO of 64 (like the D810) instead of the base ISO 100 that Sony is using. It was very clear to me what he meant. Try to re-read the statement you’re bashing before you sound like an idiot.

    • blp

      i dont think the nikon 820 will come anytime soon….at least not in another 3 to 4 months.

      • I don’t think it will come this year, maybe in 2016.

    • fjfjjj

      This has the same “14-bit ARW 2.3” as the other A7 cameras, so it looks like the answer will be no.

    • ZoetMB

      I saw a photographer last night who regularly shoots at the professional meetings I attend. I noticed the last time I saw him that he wasn’t shooting Canon anymore, but I couldn’t see what he was shooting. When I saw him last night, I asked and he told me he was shooting Sony – in fact, he had just come from the press conference announcing the new camera models.

      I said, “once you put a lens on it, it’s just as big and heavy as a Nikon or Canon”. He replied, “I don’t give a damn about the weight, I care about the quality of the image.” So from his perspective, he thought he was getting better quality out of the Sony A7 (don’t know which specific model he has) than out of Canon. That surprised me a bit.

      As for Nikon, I was reviewing some old images I took with the D70 and even though it was early digital technology at much lower resolution, there’s something about those images that makes them look better than images I take now with the D800.

      • Neopulse

        Might be because it’s a CCD sensor that is in the D70 rather than a CMOS.

  • Bo Dez

    Thank god for Sony. Like the cameras or not, this crazy pace of real innovation is exactly what the industry needed. I would be awfully worried if I were Canon or Nikon.

    • Taggart

      That’s for sure!

    • Frans Gunther

      Canon and Nikon have lens. I mean lens with no third party adapters.

    • Neopulse

      I think you’re speaking too prematurely. Nikon and Canon have much more of a lens selection than Sony. Also other companies like Panasonic and as of lately Samsung do quite well in the affordable 4k video market at a much lower price. The sensor I admit is quite the beast resolution wise. But then again Canon did something like it recently with their 5Ds lines. We’ll see how it performs once it’s in the hands of competent reviewers.

      Also, you never responded on my reply to your flawed reasoning of the existence of the Zeiss non-AF lenses. Did you do your research in the end?

      • Bo Dez

        I didn’t respond because I was right the first time.

        • Neopulse

          No you weren’t actually, but whatever.

          • Bo Dez

            We talked to Zeiss about why they didn’t add autofocus to the lens. National Sales Manager Richard Schleuning stated, “The reason is quite simple, we do not have licensing permission from the SLR camera manufacturers. In the case of the Touit lenses, we have permission from both Sony and Fujifilm. With our ZE and ZF.2 SLR lenses, it is a different situation…”

          • Neopulse

            Exactly, I said that they could NOT get licensing for their AF system outside of Japan for the Canon and Nikon SLR lenses. And you said,

            1) “Canon and Nikon have historically not allowed Zeiss to make af lenses for them, because Zeiss lenses are better and they had to cripple them.”

            2) “What am talking about? Why be so rude?” (typo there)

            3) “lol. Please shut up and do some research.”

            And I responded accordingly that even without the AF motors they do superbly and they wouldn’t be in business if it was such a detriment to their ZF/.2 and ZE lines. When you said they crippled them on purpose, that is where I disagree. Zeiss has made non-AF lenses for too many years to count for different formats and still to this day do.

          • Bo Dez

            They have done well with manual focus, though does not mean they wouldn’t be substantially better off if they were licensed to produce af lenses for Canon + Nikon. Their lenses are in many cases superior, at times, vastly so to Canon and Nikon and if they were af then Canon and Nikon would sell a whole lot less. The very good majority of people are not interested in manual focus lenses for small formats and that keeps the profits with Canon and Nikon.

          • Neopulse

            Very true, the majority of consumers don’t buy MF lenses nowadays. It’s somewhat of a niche market the Zeiss lenses. Although one can argue that there are still a lot of people who around the days of film (before AF-D motors) got used to manual focusing. But yeah, for Nikon and Canon it helps their profits definitely to an extent. Because 3rd parties like Sigma and Tamron are also in the pie graph and they get nice sales also.

  • No dual cards?? no thanks..

    • ZoetMB

      I have a Nikon D800. I’ve never yet used the 2nd card slot. I’m glad it’s there “just in case”, but I’ve never used it. The lack of the dual card capability wouldn’t stop me from buying a body.

      • whatsmyface

        you don’t shoot weddings, right?

        • ZoetMB

          No, I don’t shoot weddings, but I do shoot events, such as music shows. If you’re saying that in a wedding, you can’t afford to lose a shot so you use the 2nd slot for backup, I understand, although in all the years of shooting digital, I’ve never lost a shot because of a card. If you’re using it so you don’t have to change cards, there are some mighty big cards out there and even if not, it takes about 5 seconds to change a card. But if it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work for you. The Sony doesn’t work for me (yet), but it’s not because of the lack of a 2nd slot.

          • whatsmyface

            I haven’t had that happen so far, either, but with weddings, having backup for everything is important to me. I agree though, it’s not the main thing holding me back either. I just can’t get used to the super small buttons…

          • Ufupuw

            You can setup wifi auto backup to the phone as te camera has wifi.

  • George Cartlidge

    Great until the battery dies – how long does it last?

    • Ufupuw

      Then you put a replacement battery in the camera and put the old one on a charger, like all other cameras. Are you stupid or what?

      • Henri De Vreese

        With a Sony you need at least 5 batteries to even get through a day. 1 Nikon/Canon battery is around 4 Sony batteries, besides the extra cost, it is also very annoying and unprofessional having to change batteries in the field. You have a much higher chance of running out of batteries and miss a shot. You could also change them at strategic times, but then you would need at least 8 batteries for a day. They also cost 60$ a piece, so you would need close to 500$ in batteries per body, on top of a 3200$ camera.

        • bakanecko

          1 Nikon/Canon battery is around 4 Sony -> wrong actually it’s equivalent to 2, i have nikon d600 and a7 and half of the size.

          unprofessional having to change batteries in the field -> are you kidding me?

          They also cost 60$ -> $40 in my place or you can buy the non oem brands for like $15 which is working well.

          8 batteries a day? you obviously never use a7 series, exaggeration at it’s best.

          • Henri De Vreese

            My Nikon D800e does about 1000 shots or a bit less with VR lenses. That is in about 8-10 hours of shooting, camera constantly on. With the A7R (which I had for a week) my battery ran out every 250 shots or about every 2 hours of ON-time, if a battery runs out in a photoshoot, you miss shots, you have to halt everything to change the battery.
            Missing shots in unprofessional.
            So what I did was change the battery when it was dipping below 50% and I had some time to do it, like this I needed 8 batteries for a 12-hour wedding (mostly do fashion though).
            The Sony A7’s are just not efficient with a sensor that is always on and a screen that is always on.
            This is using the real brand batteries, 3rd party batteries obviously give different results. Here the Sony battery costs 59€ and the Nikon 69€.

          • bakanecko

            i live in a not so cold area i can get 400-ish shot per battery, other people reported that you can go beyond 500-ish, of course without app use & using airplane mode (wifi & NFC off).

          • Henri De Vreese

            Sony claims 350 shots on the A7r, and that’s probably true if you shoot 350 shots in a row. I don’t know about your A7. Put it outside with the viewfinder/screen on for 2 hours and then put it in continuous and say how many shots you got from it. I doubt it would be more than 250.
            Sometimes I forget to turn off my D800e and it will only be drained 1% the next day. My D7000 (backup) was once on for more than 3 weeks and it still had 50% battery life when I got back to it. The Sony’s still use quite a lot of battery in ‘sleep’ mode (with screens off obviously).

          • sexyjon

            I totally agree with Henri De Vreese. I have a Sony A7R and I have 4 batteries and sometimes use all of them in one day. And by the way, I am only using manual lenses so no power used for focusing. And I am only using the electronic viewfinder, not the lcd. Yes, the battery life is probably the biggest problem with the A7R. But I really like the camera for what it is good for. And the A7R II is a very interesting camera. Not mainly for the extra pixels but mostly for the 4.5 stops image stabilizer and for the backlit sensor that will probably increase low light performance dramatically. But regarding battery life and video I can not see much use for the camera unless Sony has done one of 2 possibilities, increased the battery life dramatically or added a dc plug to the camera body. No matter what some people think, nobody will like to use a camera to make videos if they only get a few minutes recording between battery changes. And shooting full frame 4K video will certainly need improved battery life when wanting to shoot more then few minutes of video between batteries.

          • Isaac Alonzo

            With Nikon batteries at least only taking pictures one battery last me for an entire wedding, and that’s at least 1700 pictures.

        • MdB

          Well I’ve shot easy 1500 shots on a single battery, shot all day weddings 2500 shots on less than 2 batteries in the grip, this is on my A7S. But my original A7 was much thirstier that’s for sure.

          Did you actually turn airplane mode on?

        • Ufupuw

          Nikon battery isn’t better. Nikon doesn’t make batteries. It buys them just it buys sensors. Yes a DSLR with OVF will have e larger battery life, but that’s just because it is a larger camera and can fit larger battery and is missing EVF.

    • sickheadache

      Oh George…have you heard of that concept…buy more batteries..and if you are buying this $3198…which I truly doubt…since you already complained about a simplistic solution.

  • Cynog

    I’m not interested in this camera, per se, but I’m very interested in what its sensor can do. I’m hoping it will find its way into the forthcoming Pentax FF, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Andreas Ursin Hellebust

    Oh my god they actually managed to surpass all expectations! Higher resolution AND 4K!!! Wow Sony. I don’t write this very often, but this is my next camera 🙂

  • Beso

    I like to see technology advance. It helps all of us irrespective of which brand one chooses to shoot. Switching for me would be a very spendy proposition but it will be interesting to see some reviews once this product is out.

  • Hubertus Bigend

    From dpreview:

    Sony says the on-sensor phase-detection AF can be used with A-mount
    lenses using the simpler LA-E3 adapter, rather than the LA-E4 that had
    an SLT mechanism built in. […] autofocusing Canon EF lenses using a Metabones electronic adapter. Focus appeared to be on par with OVF focus on a native Canon body […]

    Which is only the second camera after the Olympus E-M1 to be able to autofocus DSLR lenses by on-sensor phase detection (if we leave Nikons small-sensor mirrorless system out that completely relies on phase detection, but has a too-small sensor to make sensible use of DSLR lenses except for telephoto), and it will make SLT go away, which is a good thing, even though SLT may still have some advantage when shooting really fast bursts. This is the real beginning of the end of A-Mount, with A-Mount lenses continuing to be used for a very long time to come.

    • duck

      i recall that the canon T4i,T5i also have the on-sensor phase AF points. The AF performance of the EF lens using the on-sensor phase AF is far behind the native off-sensor phase AF (but better than contrast AF for sure). I doubt it would be any better when autofocusing the EF lenses on the A7R2.

      • Hubertus Bigend

        We’ll see soon, when the real test reports come in. But we already know that on-sensor phase detection comes in many flavors. The Nikon 1 aside, until now it was only the Olympus E-M1 with its Panasonic-made sensor that was fully able to autofocus DSLR lenses, speedily, precisely and in low light, too. (One of these days I might be buying the Kipon AF adapter for EF lenses which has been reported to offer really quick AF even with contrast-AF M43 cameras.) And now the Sony A7R II is only the second camera with full-blown on-sensor phase-detection AF, and first reports sound very promising.


    I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.

    • FredBear

      Seems like Sony overshot by 0.4 🙂

      • I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere about Canon taking 7.5 million years to figure things out, but I can’t make it work…

  • Camaman

    Wow it sounds really impressive!
    Resolution aside it has quite a few enhancements over the old cam that will make it a more usable tool!

  • Guest

    One more little step toward DSLR quality, minus awful battery life. That’s what the “smartest” commenters call “real innovation”… Big LOLs as usual.

  • jimh

    I’d love to have a camera with this image quality and EVF. I don’t need 40 MP or the huge files that it produces; I have no interest in video; I don’t need the amazing autofocus, IBIS, ‘full frame’, or any of the other features that have pushed the price to a stratospheric $3200. I’d be pushing my envelope at half that price.
    Will Sony every produce a camera for me?

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