Canon dominates the BCN camera rankings in Japan for July, 2015 (followed by Nikon)

BCN Ranking published their top 10 lists of best selling compact and interchangeable lens cameras in Japan for the month of July, 2015. Canon dominates both charts with a total of 11 models, followed by Nikon with 3 and Olympus, Casio, Sony each with 2 cameras in the charts. The DSLR vs. mirrorless ratio was 7:3. BCN Ranking collects sales data from approximately 2/3 of all Japanese retail stores.

Here are the charts:


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  • BP2012

    My LG G4 phone have better IQ and manual controls than any of those best selling compacts. Only disadvantage is zooming with your legs.

  • MdB

    2 olympus Mirrorless above the only Nikon in the top 10 ILCs

    • r.45

      yeah and casio sells well too…. olympus and casio.. the best in photography… lol

      • MdB

        I wasn’t aware that Casio made an ILC

        • The Casio is in the compact camera ranking.

  • r.45

    olympus what?
    they do cameras?

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