TopazLabs ReMask 5 masking software released (discount code included)

TopazLabs released ReMask 5 - an updated version with new features of their masking software. The update is free to anyone who already owns the previous ReMask version.

If you decide to purchase ReMask 5, use coupon code "GetReMask5" for $20 off (valid from August 25th - September 18th).

ReMask is designed to create the quality mask with minimal input. By using ReMask’s simple 3-color tri-map technology, users have the power to quickly and easily extract even the toughest elements — hair, foliage, and transparent materials — in their photos. The new updates to ReMask 5 make it the most powerful masking software on the market. The two biggest additions are standalone capabilities and background replacement tools. ReMask 5 works as a standalone program now, in addition to being a plugin. This means no host program is required and Lightroom integration is available. ReMask 5 also allows you to replace and edit the background of your masked image without leaving the program. Choose from transparent, solid color, or image backgrounds.

TopazLabs ReMask 5 masking software examples:

TopazLabs-ReMask-5-masking-software-sample-8 TopazLabs-ReMask-5-masking-software-sample-3 TopazLabs-ReMask-5-masking-software-sample-4

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  • Spy Black

    Those samples are easy enough to separate in any image editing program.

    • badteethuk

      fuk off idiot

    • Piooof

      Not the bride’s veil, but I’m wondering whether their software really works the way they suggest it does. Pixels are pixels, and they contain no information about the translucency of the material (a camera cannot figure out the alpha channel!).

      • Spy Black

        If you know your way around an effective image editor the bride’s veil is not an issue.

        • Piooof

          Errm. Not sure. Look at their initial example with the newly weds in front of a brick wall. If the cement between the bricks were white, I wouldn’t be able to do it in PS. But of course in their promo sample the brick wall is uniformly painted. In their second veil example, bright areas in the grass background tend to coincide with bright areas in the sea, which is very convenient too. I don’t see how what’s suggested by their carefully picked examples can hold in general.

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