Pentax full frame DSLR camera rumored to be announced on October 6th

The Pentax full frame DSLR camera is rumored to be officially announced on October 6th according to dpreview forum member asahi man who has provided reliable information about Pentax in the past:


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  • foto2021

    Having waited patiently for the Pentax MX-D that never came, I look forward to trying the new full frame DSLR. 🙂

  • g_disqus

    too late

    • Daedbird

      It is not too late yet. 2017, with Canon seeming to give a crud now, maybe, but this fall is just fine.
      If it has the same sensor as the newest A7, if it is somewhat credible with video (4K) and has a 2ish to 7ish 2.8 lens, there will be some very interested people. Updated 645-K adapters, and there will be every D and Z owner looking at a second body.

    • Nacho

      late for wath?? even top of the line models have a relatively short life, very few people keep the same body for more than a couple of years. I mean even those who already have a FF camera has the will change in a couple of years

      • Lokutus

        yeah and the pentax “system”… i dare to call it that… is so big. 😉

        everyone who wants to buy a DSLR and has a clue will buy into nikon or canon.


          Nobody who wants a good professional camera should invest into any heavy beast by Canon or Nikon.
          I am a Pentax user and my FF system will be based on the Sony A7 system (ordered – waiting for a A7RII)

          There is little or no future to the classic DSLR design…

      • captaindash

        We don’t all have G.A.S. I disagree that ‘very few people keep the same body for more than a couple of years’. I’d be willing to bet the vast, vast, vast majority keep high end bodies for longer than that. Some Nikon pro’s still use the D3s, and it’s older than some of their kids. They still go for $3000. The camera body, not the kids.

        Most photographers don’t make enough money to replace a flagship body every couple of years.

    • Lokutus

      too little.. too late

  • D800GUY

    Pentax is still stuck in 2008

    • Zos Xavius

      Says the guy that proclaims he uses the D800….

    • captaindash

      What does that even mean?

      • D800GUY

        Not having a digital full frame in their lineup up until now?

  • TinusVerdino

    The day Pentax releases a new line of digital photo frames? It better not be or your rep will have gone to shit mr Asahiman.

  • Licheus

    14 years of saving up should have guaranteed some buying power I guess?

    • Killson

      funny ! (but tragic)

  • Haralampe Yanichkin

    I jumped the bus with a7, but so much buying one of those. 🙂

  • Darryl Lafferty

    This is old information and pure speculation on the part of the poster asahi man. I say you want see the new FF to March 2016. Lets see who it right.

    • Kunzite

      He is.

      • Darryl Lafferty

        I doubt it.

        • Kunzite

          I don’t care; your doubt cannot bend reality.
          Contrary to your claim, this is neither old information nor speculation (asahi man has access to inside info). OTOH, your March 2016 is completely made up.

          • Darryl Lafferty

            Well look who was right!

          • Kunzite

            Good for you, you have a cookie.
            But your March 2016 is still made up, and Asahi man still posted inside info.

          • I think Asahi man is correct – in October they will probably announce the details about the new camera and shipping will start next year.

          • Kunzite

            Otherwise, they’ll have to keep the teaser for months. But we’ll see…

  • Karol Wojdyna

    Did they mention year?

    • Kunzite

      The insecure other-system-users should hurry, the “Pentax has no FF” window of opportunity is closing fast.

  • Neopulse

    For some reason I think that with the way DSLRs are going now, wouldn’t it have been better for Pentax to create their own mirrorless, but super rugged and affordable style camera? They pretty much only announced 2 lenses for it.

    I believe in investing at least in something innovative if you’re going to take a risk in an already saturated and biased market. They did that with the 645D and Z. Why not do it with this?

    • Could it be a full frame mirrorless?

      • Neopulse

        That’s what I meant before. Forgot to go into specifics. But yeah. They really should. It would create a competitive field with Sony and Pentax going at it in that segment of the market. Although Pentax would win body wise and Sony most likely EVF wise. It would be incredible to see this happen.

        Competition segments:
        a) DSLRs – Nikon vs Canon
        b) APS-C Mirrorless – Sony NEX, Fuji, Samsung
        c) Micro Four-Thirds – Olympus vs Panasonic
        d) Full Frame Mirrorless – Sony vs Pentax (hopefully)

        • Licheus

          Pentax lacks the resource to ride the tide not to mention going head-to-head with Sony or any of the mirrorless horde. The fact that they are releasing a full frame DSLR NOW shows they are largely responding to a cult demand. The company didn’t get the name “Pentax” for no reason. Like Leica, it has to maintain its dwindling niche or it’ll just get washed away without a splash.

          I even doubt if they would be able to build a “normal” system upon this body at all – there isn’t enough time nor do they have the budget, plus that they never managed to get there since the AF (film) era. No beefy weather sealed lenses, no state-of-the-art designs. Lots of the Limited lenses though, maybe even some SDM ones. To keep itself a safe second-tier player Pentax have and will take a different route.

          At least it will fare better than the poor Minolta Alpha system which is now largely abandoned.

          • jar_jar_

            I’m not sure what to think. While it seems late for the brand Pentax to release a full frame now, it doesn’t seem as bad when you consider that Ricoh has only owned the brand for a few years. Hoya was awful and made a ton of mistakes with the Pentax brand, but they’re gone now. Ricoh has put out some nice Pentax cameras/lenses and actually is part of a much bigger company with more resources than the likes of Nikon or Canon. The same guy that posted the October 6th announcement date also posted a month or two ago that there’s a high likelihood that there will be a minimum of 5 new Pentax primes released next year, and in the context he said it I assumed he meant for full frame. But it remains to be seen whether this new camera will be a bit player or not. If it’s true that it has the A7rII sensor, then it certainly seems like they’re going all out for this camera (but I also wonder if that would price it out of the consumer-level budget that most Pentaxians expect).

        • SimenO

          The latest statistics (CIPA, excluding Samsung, Leica etc) shows that DSLR have a slight increase and mirrorless a slight decrease. Looking over the last couple of years its a stable balance between dslr and mirrorless at about 2:1. Looking even further mirrorless had a peak at almost 1:1 ratio with dslr when mirrorless was new and most hyped as the dslr killer.

          Pentax would have to make a totally new lens line up and thats extremely costly and risky for a company that doesn’t do very well economically.

          Pentax would have all reasons to bet safe and go for a dslr solution. If anything, maybe they make a K-01 like full frame camera sometime in the future. With a totally different designer, and put in an EVF. Yes, it will be bigger then Sony A7 series, but Pentax will likely get that into their advantage. Better ergonomics, weather seals etc.

          By the way, large OVF is a Pentax advantage in some segments. It makes sense to continue that into the FF segment. I’m shure Pentax will grow within their niche to become a serious contender to Canon and Nikon because of their unique properties. The lack of FF have been an argument against Pentax for a long time. Finally that argument dies.

      • no, it will be a DSLR – at least the mockup was/is DSLR

  • Cynog

    I shall be buying one 🙂

    • SimenO

      99% probability me too. I will have to wait to see the price, properties, tests and test it myself.

  • Lokutus

    sorry but who is buying pentax?
    people with legacy glas?
    the system is nearly dead so why should anyone invest into the pentax “system”??

    • David

      The better point is how well these older Pentax lenses will hold up to at least 36 megapixels.

    • Scweihr6e

      I’d say, people who like to take pictures with well rounded cameras having big bright viewfinder and quite good control without artificial limitations, and above all, lenses having a certain character (the kind you get when you don’t optimize for IMATEST targets).

  • Nátrium-tioszulfát

    Pentax should make an affordable full frame mirrorless system with superb Sony sensors. DSLR category isn’t dead yet, but there is no place for a new player.

    • Lokutus

      maybe they want to increase their marketshare +0.05%.
      while pentax cameras are sure not bad… i see no future for them.
      the market is shrinking and the overall system is no competition to canikon.

  • Martin Francis

    I wish Pentax well. Their DSLR range sells best to newcomers under the premise of “professional features, amateur prices”. If their full frame model is going to compete on the same grounds, it will need to be a 5D III/D810 competitor in specs for 6D/D610 money. Otherwise, they’ll have to pull something incredible out the bag, and I can’t even think what that would be.

  • Danny Hernandez

    Fall must be coming. The yearly Pentax full frame rumors are back.

    • Kunzite

      Nice try, but this time it’s not a rumor (poor April 1st jokes can’t be considered even rumors btw). The development of a K-mount DSLR was oficially announced.
      But people paying too much attention to rumors and lies don’t care much about information.

  • So, is this still on, given the teaser homepage and such?

    • We have not heard anything since, I doubt it will happen tomorrow.

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