SteadXP can deliver 3 axis video stabilization to almost any camera

SteadXP can deliver 3 axis video stabilization to almost any cameras

SteadXP is a new Kickstarter project that can deliver 3 axis video stabilization and is compatible with almost all cameras on the market (including GoPro, DSLRs and cinema cameras). This is how it works:

"By combining our custom hardware with a unique software approach, SteadXP allows you to shoot action shots without the bulk or hassle of a steadycam or gimbal.

Using SteadXP's built in accelerometer and gyroscope, your camera's movements are accurately recorded as you shoot. When you're finished, just connect SteadXP to your computer and watch as the software stabilizes and reduces all of the unwanted artifacts in the footage."

Via The Verge

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  • It wouldn’t really fix blurs, though, would it?

    • I don’t think it fix blurs. Also for big movements like walking and running cropping would be painful.

    • Spy Black

      You’d have to shoot at a high shutter speed (assuming you have enough light) and add motion blur back in post. Computationally intensive shìt.

  • Duncan Dimanche

    I really like the concept but they will HAVE to crop in the image to stabilise the footage…. So if you want full HD you will have two shoots in 4K…

    • Taggart

      Yeah, I was watching their sample videos and they were cropping out at least 20% of the video, so you certainly need to record at something above 1080p.

  • ReelSteady

    Cool. You can already get better results that this ReelSteady.

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