Canon EOS-1D X Mark II camera rumors

Here are the rumored Canon EOS-1D X Mark II camera specifications that are currently floating online:

  • 20mp CMOS
  • 61pt AF (all crosstype & f/8)
  • 16fps with AF/20fps in liveview
  • 4K 60P
  • FullHD to 240fps
  • CFast + CF
  • Touchscreen LCD (can be turned off)
  • More customization options for the menus and buttons
  • GPS & WiFi

Nikon is also rumored to announce their new D5 model in early 2016.

Via Canonrumors

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  • Spy Black

    Let’s see if if has better image quality than a D300…

    • sickheadache

      That’s Good. But Your Canon Fan Boys..along with Canon..Will Produce some Excellent Pictures that Photoshop can Provide.

      • Judith Toth

        LONG LIFE to ColorChecker . . . .

      • Yawn

        You nincompoop haven’t learned capitalization yet?

    • Judith Toth

      Never . . . 🙂

    • true

      What? Didn’t 1dx already beat D300?

  • foto2021

    Sounds impressive, until you realise that it will have two stops less dynamic range than any camera with a full frame Sony sensor.

    • YourFace

      Canon “Yesterdays technology for today”

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      it is a camera to get the shot, not to get it perfectly, also I think this will be a whole new sensor and not just the one they are already using

  • sickheadache

    Nikon’s D5 will have all that Plus a Toaster and Pizza Oven. While you wait to snap.

    • Tanja

      and dustspots and other issues too….. 🙂
      nobody who knows photography really cares about DRidiot talk.
      there is a reason most pros the 1DX is aimed for shoot the one 1DX ….and not nikon.
      it´s talk for the internet GAS addicts who don´t go out shooting anyway. real photographer take pictures and don´t care much about 1 stop more or less dynamic range.
      lenses are way more important. i rather have 1 stop DR less and my tilt shift lenses….

      • whattheblazes

        Hmm…interesting comment. I am unaware of any major dust spot/oil issues on the D4/D4s and if there were, it is quite small and not worthy of reporting compared to the D600 debacle.

        As I recall, the 1DX was recalled as a service advisory from Canon, but we’ll just leave that one alone. As for not caring about DR…well, that’s a bit short sighted and although you may not consider DR as being important, many professionals do, depending on the type of work they undertake.

        • true

          But canon faster, better skin tones and better AF.. DR alone doesn’t sell cameras

  • true

    61pt AF (all crosstype & ____ f/8) ____
    Isn’t that better than most nikon cameras?

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      no, the d750 does that, i think the rest of the current ff bodies do that now too. (at least the center point should)

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