Pentax K-1 Pentax full frame DSLR on display

Pentax K-1 will be the name of upcoming full frame DSLR camera from Ricoh and a prototype is currently on display at the Salon de la Photo show in Paris:

Photos: Ricoh/Facebook

Pentax 24x36 and Ricoh booth 2/2Pentax 24x36 and Ricoh booth 1/2

PENTAX 24x36 - Eventually !!!
Photos: Zygonyx/flickr

The same prototype was also on display during the 2015 PhotoPlus Expo in NYC:

Pentax full frame DSLR camera
Pentax full frame DSLR camera 3
Pentax full frame DSLR camera 2
Photos: Adorama

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  • J.L. Williams

    Looks not much smaller than the 645Z… has convergence finally arrived?

    • Cynog

      It’s hard to judge its size from the photographs. It will be a lot smaller than the 645Z, though.

      • Lutz

        Based on the theory that a new camera may share some parts with already existing ones for costsaving reasons I have calculated a bit. It looks like it is actually even a bit smaller than the K-3 in width. On the downside, it is significantly higher and won’t fit my current bag. More square in shape.

      • SimenO

        Why judge subjectively when you can measure? There is images of the mount that is easily measured (in pixels) and compared to other K mount cameras.

    • Aiki76

      I’ve seen a comparison based on the mount diameter and it should be as small as the aps-c k-3… 645D is much bigger

    • BP2012

      It is almost exactly the size of K-3 with higher penthaprism housing.

  • JGoodard

    I said it before and I’ll say it again, this camera looks absolutely bada**.

  • sperdynamite

    Man I want to re-join the Pentax fold. Can’t wait to see what they have to offer with this.

    • Keith Reeder

      maybe they offer a real flash systems soon… or a few modern supertelephoto lenses…. or tilt-shift lenses.
      hell anything that makes buying into the pentax system worth it…

      • Kunzite

        There’s much room for improvement, I’ll give you that. But you’re going overboard; except for some special requirements Pentax is worth it, and because of other special requirements Pentax is worth it.

        And by the way, they just released a super telephoto zoom this year, the D FA 150-450mm. There’s also the DA 560mm, though not technically a telephoto.
        There are no in-production tilt&shift lenses, but there are 3rd-party ones (e.g. Schneider PC-TS).

      • sperdynamite

        I’m not convinced that they need to be Nikon and Canon to be successful. If you’re into T/S, tele, strobe work, you’re basically covered by a D810 or 5D whatever. Pentax just needs to be Pentax. Update the Limited lens line up so they’re WR, focus on small and high quality optics with lots of character. The only real ‘must’ for me is a big AF improvement. The D750’s AF system is so good it’ll be hard to walk away from, same with the 58/1.4. OTOH, The Pentax 55/1.4 DA* works on full frame with almost no issues, and the 31/43/77mm lenses are a joy to work with. Also Pentax sensor tweaks produce excellent files with great post processing potential. OTOH again, there are no VSCO or Mastin Labs profiles for Pentax sensors. I’m having a tough time with this haha. 🙂

  • BP2012

    K-1? Who said that?
    K-2 maybe because of Pentax tradition or KR-1 because of Ricoh tradition or something completely new like KD-1, KD-2, K-2D, KF-1 but it is not logical for full frame camera to be named K-1. First of all that sounds like APS-C camera and will make a lot of confusion. In that case complete APS-C naming must be changed. Also there is no place for naming second full frame camera, K-0 is probably not an option. K-2 was Pentax first K mount SLR and flagship camera 40 years ago, also if they use odd numbers for APS-C and even numbers for FF there is a place for enough cameras before they switch to mirrorless and change their naming convention.

    • Kunzite

      A similar prototype was shown at Photo Plus Expo, with the name partially visible under the sticker supposed to cover it.

      I don’t agree with your reasoning, first and foremost because the camera naming is not the most logical system – if it can be called a system. And we have things like an (almost) APS-C 7D, but a FF 6D/5D/1D, an APS-C D300 but a FF D7x0/6×0 etc.
      Not to say that Canon managed to upgrade their 1D 😉

    • 24×36

      Easy way to solve that “confusion” – just stop making APS-C cameras. Confusion solved. ;-D

      And who said they would be switching to mirrorless to join the money losing also-rans that hitched their wagons to that market?!

      • BP2012

        Based on current Ricoh strategy Pentax will stay with DSLRs until the end, I hope it won’t happened for at least 10 years. So you are probably right about that Pentax won’t ever release mirrorless cameras, it is much better to release them under Ricoh brand name.

  • Class A

    Very promising! Glad the reveal has been made official now. Can’t wait to learn more about this camera.

  • Licheus

    Rest in peace, MZ-D. Sleep well.

  • DrunkenRant

    Pentax makes great cameras that people don’t care about.

    • Keith Reeder

      +1 and for a reason….

    • Kunzite

      You cared enough to post here.

      • DrunkenRant
        • Kunzite

          Your point being:
          – trolling
          – bashing
          – flaming?
          You’re right, I should distance myself as much as possible from that.

          • DrunkenRant

            Reading comprehension 101
            Point: Pentax makes great cameras but many consumers are too wrapped up in Sony/Nikon/Canon to care to look at Pentax’s offerings.

          • Kunzite

            Nice. Perhaps you think your writing skills are perfect.
            However, my answer stays the same: you seems to care.

          • DrunkenRant

            Says the guy having an internet argument with someone using the handle ‘DrunkenRant’. Careful, your mental deficiencies are showing.

          • Kunzite

            Now I’ll do what I said, and take distance.

  • Ricoh Man

    Verified infos :
    * K-1
    * 36 Mp
    * Wifi + GPS
    * Pixel Shift Mode
    * Bigger than K-3, smaller than 645Z

  • D800GUY

    ooo, that’s tasty amount of dials

  • Keith Reeder

    one ugly camera……

    • luan

      I agree!

    • Oxmon

      All modern SLR cameras are ugly.

  • Dima135

    So, what we have: 24-70, 70-200, 150-450, 100 macro. No bad
    How about a “basic” primes ? I mean 24,35,50,85 .. Or wide angle zoom ?

    What do you think, before real announcement of this camera, Pentax show something from this?

    • 24-70 & 70-200 seem to be Tamon designs. So probably very soon we can expect 35 & 45 primes and a 15-30 2.8 wide angle from Pentax

      • BP2012

        24-70 is Tamron, 70-200 is genuine Pentax, 15-30 will be Tamron, 35 and 45 probably not.

        • there may be more development of pentax glass jointly with Tamron & Tokina for zoom lenses

      • Dima135

        I dont know. To me, this is much evident. Even for Pentax. Probably primes will be original. Or they’ve got rid of its optical division? And fired the last person who remembered how to polish the glass?

        • hopefully we can expect some unique limited edition primes after the dust settles down for the full frame body

    • 24×36

      150-450 should have been 200-600, which would have been much more useful; 450 is too short for your longest tele zoom. Of course, Nikon and Canon seem similarly predisposed to stupidity on that count, topping out at 400, but this would have been a fine place for Pentax to “differentiate.”

  • Yawn

    Nice to see a real camera, for a change.

  • Dre Mosley

    If I wasn’t already into Nikon gear. . .

    Hey, my Nikon stuff is all crop stuff, perhaps I can be a dual system guy. Nikon for crop, Pentax for FF stuff, lol. Eh, I’ll probably just end up with a refurbished D800/810.

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