Samsung NX1 discontinued in Europe, Hong Kong and Australia

Samsung NX1 mirrorless camera 8

New reports appeared online about the Samsung NX1 mirrorless camera ($1,199) being discontinued in Europe, Hong Kong and Australia:

"We quickly adapt to market needs and demands. In Europe, we will be discontinuing sales of NX1 cameras for now since there is already much better and upgraded cameras. This is specific to the region – and is not necessarily reflective of conditions in other markets. We will continue to thoroughly evaluate market conditions and will make further adjustments to maintain our competitiveness in emerging Camera categories." (eoshd)

"Take what you will from this ... rang one of the Samsung stores here in Hong Kong (Telford Centre) today and asked if they had any NX1's or NX1 kits in stock. He said "No, the NX1 has been discontinued by Samsung and we are not able to buy any more stock." I said, "So they are not producing it any more?" and he said, "Yes, that is correct it is no longer in production". He seemed to know what he was talking about." (dpreview)

"I was in my local camera store in Brisbane over the weekend and the sales person said that Samsung Cameras are pulling out of Australia as they have not sold as well as expected. This is really disappointing as I have just spent over $5000 on lenses and my NX1." (dpreview)

In the past few months there has been multiple reports of Samsung shutting down their camera devision and they are no longer even trying to deny those rumors.

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  • Wesley

    Forum posts by unknown subjects with no confirmation by others now constitutes news. And the one from EOSHD is so obviously fake. Anything for clicks I suppose.

    • No, it constitutes rumors (in case you haven’t noticed the name of this website).

      • Wesley

        Forgive me. I didn’t realize you only posted Rumors. I guess the new Macphun HDR software is just a rumor. Same goes for the new lenses. And the Deal of the Day must just be a rumor. The majority of posts here are News, not Rumors and this headline is meant to imply News. If you want to be a rumor site then stop with actual news posts. If you want to be both, consider separating fact from fiction. As I said, it’s all about the clicks.

        • I really don’t get what your problem is – I will report whatever I decide is interesting, rumors or not – it is my blog after all. Do you also complain on dpreview or petapixel when they post a rumor since they are not rumor site? You have only 2 comments in your profile trying to defend Samsung – do you work for them or they just pay you to troll?

          • Wesley

            I’m a new Disqus user, hence the limited posts. I’m not defending Samsung; I’m defending journalism. I’ll be thrilled to post my comments on any future ignorant/misleading “stories” you post, Samsung related or not. I’ll go look for something in the Nikon section since I’m a Nikon user.

          • So basically you come to my sites to look for posts you don’t like so you can start complaining? Just to let you know that usually I ban those visitors. If you come here just to look for problems, you are not welcome. Nobody is perfect and this is obviously not the New York Times. I am a one man show and trying to do my best. If you don’t like my style, you are free not to visit my blogs – this is what I do with websites I do not like.

          • Minority_Taxi

            Its a rumour site, don’t get all fired up. Rumour sites post real news too, don’t get so upset.

          • thank you!

          • Justtakethepicture

            You’re an idiot.

        • Zos Xavius

          That’s silly. The admin here can post whatever they like. There is no illusion here that what you read may or may not be true. If you cannot figure out what is rumor and what is an announcement or press release then maybe you need to go learn some comprehension or something. This site has a fairly reliable track record and the admin is very good about burning sources when they don’t pan out. If you don’t like it go read dpreview. that site absolutely refuses to post rumors. they also write some pretty decent reviews despite what all the haters say. i mean if you don’t want rumors why are you here?

        • Ha, take a look at this – dpreveiw reported the same story, just like I said few hours ago:

          Why don’t you go and complain there. How can they dare report rumors when they are not a rumor site?

          • Anonymous

            They updated the page, looks like the quote was false as it was basically a complete cut and paste of a statement made regarding the discontinuing of laptops

          • Yes, that actually confirms that the email was real and they probably use a standard response every time they discontinue a product.

          • Anonymous

            And? Dpreview said that the statement was likely false. They have not gotten any response from representatives and pointed out how out of the ordinary it is for a company to admit that the competition is better,. You point to their article and completely ignore the fact that they updated it twice with new information.

          • no, you completely missed my point – this was a response to the question why I post news stories that are not rumors on a rumors site and my response was why does dpreview post rumors when they are a news/review site

          • François Nuq

            Yes but DPreview mentions it in the title: “rumors say yes” 😉
            I think Wesley comment is worth consideration. Don’t get me wrong: I love your site. But when you look at the tittle, you can’t make the difference between rumors and news; and especially when I’m looking to this post tittle, nothing indicate it’s a rumor… You don’t have to be offended. I think it’s the sign more and more people come to visit your site; and since you post a lot of TRUE facts, you should be glad that they come here for both rumors and those true announcements. So why not in the future create some way to identify rumors / true facts? maybe using a color code or different icons?

          • This is a fair criticism, but Wesley went beyond that – just read his comments.

          • Narretz

            With the difference that their headline doesn’t state the discontinuation as fact, which yours does. I think the OP simply has a problem with that. You shouldn’t write headlines that indicate facts when there aren’t any.

          • He did not say anything about the title – read his comments again.

  • Aekn

    To anyone willing to risk investing serious photography $$ into Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, who are electronics giants first, and photographic companies a distant second, live and learn. They’ll drop you in a heartbeat without the slightest bit of remorse.

    • Exactly, thank you – agree 100%

    • Mark Jenkins

      Right, but there haven’t exactly been a lot of alternatives for mirrorless users. Fujifilm and Olympus perhaps. But even they have had people worried about their viability over the last few years. Samsung has been a great deal if you waited a year after camera release. With the best pancake on the market with the 30mm if you like to stay compact. Samsung wasn’t a huge investment, at least for me, and it’s not like my NX300 is going to suddenly blow up. For those who went all in and bought every lens… yeah, that might be tough, but it sounds like money isn’t much of an obstacle if that’s your case. Most

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      Think Panasonic is going to drop their cameras?
      At the moment that is the only thing they make I would even consider buying. The rest of their stuff is no longer all that interesting

      • Aekn

        It doesn’t matter what I think. Do you think Panasonic cares that you find their cameras “interesting” and not much else? A quick review of their balance sheet and P&L and what direction that guides them in is all that matters to them.

    • Frode Bergeton Nilsen

      You completely misjudge the market. Sony is killing it at the moment, given how they is transforming themselves into a photo and video powerhouse.

      As for dropping customers, Canon did that moving from manual to auto focus. Minolta was going bankrupt. Contax suddenly just dropped their line. And so on.

      Given the installed base of Canikon, they will not die easily. Well, then again, what did Canon do back in the days again?

      • Aekn

        I wasn’t speculating any of them were “in trouble”, merely that whenever they decide they’re not profitable enough, they’ll bail without the same consideration of a Canon or especially Nikon, two companies that rely more heavily on a their photography business (which is critically important for Nikon).

        Sony could be “successful” in someone’s eyes based on perceived market share gains, but ultimately if it’s not profitable enough, Sony could leave at any time. That’s what Samsung is doing. Rave reviews about the NX1, and it’s not enough for them to hang on, because it’s not driving enough profit. Only Samsung knows what “profitable enough” is. Not you, me, or anyone outside their executive team.

      • Zos Xavius

        Sony built a base around A mount and now they are quietly dropping those users off the map. A plastic mount camera is hardly anything to get excited over. Sure they announced a few new lenses, but they were just updates anyways after all. Canon has a huge base, but a lot of those people are fed up and looking to move on to nikon or mirrorless. If they go the latter route at least they can take their glass with them. The market is shifting fast and full frame will start to gain a much larger share now that it has started to encroach upon high end aps-c cameras in price.

      • Mike Gordon

        Being down 27% in volume is killing it? Spoken like a true fanboy!

        • Frode Bergeton Nilsen

          I am a fan of how Sony is inventing and transforming them selves. Yes. Please call me a fanboy at that. 40% of the sensor market, is killing it. I simply love that kind of spirit.

          I also really like the vision Canon is having, on high res photography. Love people with both a vision and with focus.

          I also love the way Fujifilm has reinvented themselves. As opposed to the other film manufacturers.

          So yes. Please call me a fanboy of inventions and shrewd people. Because I am.

          Like what Sigma has done lately. Love their work.

          In case you have not noticed, ordinary people convert to use their mobile phone for photography. Your loss in volume, is plain bull. Given that most mobile phones these days use Sony modules, you really need to look at that volume figure of yours.

          • I have to agree with you – Nikon for example has not done anything interesting in the past 12-24 months compared to the companies you mentioned.

          • Mike Gordon

            Camera sales were down 27%

            However you are right on sensors, that is why Sony is spinning out the sensor biz = the profitable part. Cameras are drain and knowing Sony, if they are not #1 or 2 soon they will likely pull the plug. Like PCs TVs, phones soon, etc etc.

  • Russell Hall

    Although lots of things point to Samsung closing down their camera business, a few things don’t add up.

    For example, the ‘eoshd’ site linked to above claims to quote a statement from Samsung, but it’s not referenced and I can find no official statement to that effect from Samsung. Plus the language the statement uses is strange and clumsy – you would have thought for such a dramatic announcement Samsung would have made more effort with grammar and what they seem to be admitting, e.g., “… there is already much better and upgraded cameras.” Why would they openly concede other brands are better? It would be useful if we could get verification of the source for this quote.

    On the other hand Samsung UK do appear to be quietly shuttering the brand – Paul Scott, their former Head of Marketing, Samsung Digital Imaging, was appointed to the role with a fanfare in November 2013 only to quietly move on to a completely different division in July this year with, as far as I am aware, nobody replacing him, thus leaving a rudderless camera operation. If true, why would Samsung do that if they believed the camera division had a future?

    • Russell Hall

      Perhaps another pointer to the demise of the NX brand: of the 246 jobs currently advertised outside Korea on the Samsung careers website, not one has anything to do with Imaging or cameras in any capacity (e;g;, design, operations, marketing, etc). Now this may be because they currently have no vacancies, but seriously, not one, anywhere in the world outside Korea?

  • tyger11

    What a shortsighted move. With the NX1, they proved their chops. All they needed to do was fix remaining issues with an NX2 and continue building out their pro lens lineup. This is a real shame.

    • Neopulse

      What remaining issues are left to be done with it? I’m asking since I don’t own an NX1 or used it and out of curiosity what needs to be fixed to be better. As I recall the first firmware update it got was enormous that helped fix a lot of bugs it had.

      • tyger11

        I didn’t mean bugs, but more hardware limitations based on the available tech of that generation. I’d like to see 10-bit 4:2:2 UHD/60p, with 100Mbit or better bit rate, plus 1080/120p. There is an issue about the display not showing 16:9 when taking video, but I can’t recall the details of that (maybe that was fixed).

        Mainly, I’d like to see a more modern version of the camera. And there’s always room for more DR. Plus IBIS is the new hotness. 🙂

        If Sony could get to 10-bit 4:2:2 internal recording, and bring their good color science down from their high-end video cameras, I think that would be fine. Though as a Blackmagic camera owner, I really love a very high bit-depth raw option.

        • Neopulse

          To be honest, at that price point, it performs well. You won’t find something of that caliber at such a low price. I for one think it performs well video wise.

          IBIS I agree is somewhat a good idea. But, chances are they haven’t invested in R&D to come up with their own without infringing on other patents. Maybe they didn’t do it because they were still testing the waters with their camera lines and if things went well, they would invest in it.

          Nonetheless to me the NX500 camera I though was interesting. More than the NX1 to me. The price point I think was sweet. Although I hope they’d make a 50-135mm f/2.8 lens for it. Guess it won’t be happening anytime soon.

          • tyger11

            I think Samsung has the money to develop IBIS if they want to commit to it. By developing IBIS now, they won’t have to put IS in their lens lineup as they build it out.

          • Neopulse

            Of course they have the money to invest in it. But Samsung is run by a board of people and investors. And chances are they wouldn’t want to invest into something 100% until they see how the market plays out. It’s smart what decisions they decided to take with this system in that sense.

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    Fire-sale, fire-sale, FIRE-SALE!

    • Spy Black

      Really. If these things start selling under $1000 with a kit lens, they’re worth it even if they’re orphaned. This is especially so if any of the NX lenses are also greatly discounted.

      • Bingo. This is and will remain a solid camera. It has a freaking 6k sensor (not output). Someone is going to hack it. There’s your “growth” factor.

  • TinusVerdino

    Whatever the fan boys say (who are acting like thick boy friends that just can’t accept they were just ditched), it is wise not to invest in Samsung NX right now (unless you don’t care about the system but could use the camera and can get it for cheap).

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think you understand how marketing and economics work, products are pulled from areas because they are not selling well, case in point, the EOS M2 being exclusive to Japan, or the NX5, or the Panasonic G10. as well, what Wes said, usually Rumors sites tend to have truested sources and even credibility ratings for a rumor, to me it sounds like you were never invested in Samsung to begin with, just like people abandoned the A-mount for a while, you cared more about the big 5 (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, and Olympus) and are pushing a narrative that Samsung should leave the camera business, which would drive consumers away from the NX2 when it ever comes out

  • Eagle of MorningCalm

    There will be a new camera releasing from Samsung in the next year.

  • Marco –

    And…surprise!! Here is the follow-up, by the same source:

  • Boston C

    Looks like almost everyone got it wrong. The latest update from the same rep is a total reverse, and is now on EOSHD forum. “Let
    me rephrase what I’ve mentioned a while ago that we discontinued
    manufacturing nx1 since we already producing a much better or upgraded
    version, and it was developed by taking consideration some of the faults
    or issue from the nx1 model.”
    So there is a new modeling coming out!

  • Eno

    A fiend in Est Europe which worked in a big store at the Samsung camera division told me “he was let go” because they decided to close it all together.
    Unfortunate it’s pretty clear with all the rumors, 50% discounts and stores closing in Europe that Samsung is indeed exiting the camera market. 🙁

    • Yes, too many reports means that something is definitely going on – some readers here still don’t get it.

  • peevee

    There was an announcement a few months ago that they integrate their camera division into their mobile division, so “shuttering” camera division is not the same as getting out of cameras at all. It might be true, or it might not.

  • MH

    If you like Samsung NX products and want Samsung to keep them alive sign the petition below and have your voice heard!

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