Phase One acquires Mamiya Digital Imaging (MDI)

Phase One acquires Mamiya Digital Imaging
Phase One acquired Mamiya Digital Imaging (MDI) assets and established Phase One Japan:

COPENHAGEN, December 2, 2015 -- Phase One, A/S, the leading provider of open-platform, high-end camera systems and solutions, today announced that it has acquired the assets of Mamiya Digital Imaging Company, Ltd (MDI) and has appointed Makoto Honda as the new president of Phase One Japan. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Mamiya has held a long and established reputation in the camera sector.  As a 45 percent shareholder in MDI since 2009, Phase One has developed detailed insight into the camera & lens design and production process and engineered important improvements through its close collaboration with the MDI team in Japan. With this transaction, Phase One now also takes total ownership for all aspects of design and development of medium format camera systems, central shutters & lenses.

“Phase One is now the only medium format camera company that has full internal control of all critical components in a world class imaging system,” says Niels V. Knudsen Phase One's Image Professor. “This is the best news in many years for quality-focused photographers and imaging companies as Phase One works to consistently raise the bar in medium format photography."

“The very successful introduction of the Phase One XF Camera System in June 2015 illustrates the power of our collaboration,” says Henrik Håkonsson Phase One President & CEO.  He added, “The Phase One XF Camera System is the new much improved standard for medium format photography, with the incorporation of significantly enhanced technology.”

Phase One's mission is to keep pushing the limits for ultimate camera systems and imaging quality, meeting the demand of the world's leading photographers and industrial imaging companies.

Makoto Honda President of Phase One Japan said: “Phase One Japan is committed to developing new and custom designed masterpiece leaf shutter optics in close partnership with top photographers, imaging companies and long term design partner Schneider Kreuznach.”

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  • Jeffry De Meyer

    They are dropping like flies

  • Rob S

    “Phase One is now the only medium format camera company that has full
    internal control of all critical components in a world class imaging

    Pentax would like a word…………..

    • jar_jar_

      Pentax gets their MF sensor from Sony. I know Phase does use that same Sony sensor for one of their available XF system options, but the others aren’t from Sony. I’d assume from this language that must mean they have full control over those other sensors plus whatever critical components Mamiya was providing.

    • Spy Black

      Unless Pentax has the likes of Capture One Pro, they are correct.

  • speedy fisher

    Samsung’s out, Holga’s out, Mamiya’s out. It’s all happening at once. Consolidation in the shrinking camera market has been coming for some time. I fully expect one of Pentax, Olympus, Panasonic, or Fuji to be next by the end of 2016.

    • BP2012

      From current perspective Pentax will spit on Phase One’s grave.

      • Zos Xavius

        Yeah ricoh is selling 645Zs like hot cakes. Pentax isn’t going away anytime soon.

        • Thylmuc

          Wouldn’t “Ricoh” in your statement not imply that actually, Pentax as a company already went away, and is now merely a brand owned by Ricoh?

          • BP2012

            Yep and that is a good thing for Pentax as a brand. Because Ricoh didn’t bought Pentax from Hoya just to rip some parts like Hoya did or to have ability to put Pentax logo on non-Pentax products. They bought Pentax because they want to support and continue everything what Pentax did from research and development to production. Ricoh is in good position and I am expecting a few interesting things from them in next 3 years:
            1.Pentax FF DSLR flagship (almost here) and intermediate model
            2.Ricoh FF GR
            3.New Pentax 645 with full size senzor
            4.New Ricoh mirrorless FF with a new mount and AF adapter for Pentax K mount lenses

            It will be interesting to track “doomed and dead” Pentax in the years to come.

            Merry Christmas pentaxians and happy new full frame year.

    • Thylmuc

      Pentax -> Ricoh
      Olympus seems surprisingly in rather good shape for now
      Panasonic: cameras probably only by-products of video stuff
      Fuji: seems successful with their present, very versatile range
      Maybe Hasselblad could falter, or Cosina’s camera division (or have they already?).

      • BP2012

        Actually Pentax/Ricoh is in best position. As a brand it is profitable and Ricoh have a lot of cash plus diversity of camera products/markets (not quantity of models) is better than other mentioned companies. Panasonic is doing very good in video segment and I think it will continue in that direction. Fuji is making great still cameras but it is not yet profitable after a lot of years. Olympus is currently doing good but I think that they are most vulnerable. M4/3 is not good enough for a lot of professional still photographers (for video it is ok but Olympus video implementation is not that good) and consumer market will continue to shrink. Olympus could be easily stuck in the middle of those two market segments.

        • Ric of The LBC

          Olympus is more than cameras. They are #1 in medical scopes and related equipment.

          I’m working on a project right now to replace 4 of their scope washers.


          • BP2012

            Yes I know that, just like Pentax 10 years ago. Wherever I go to medical institutions there are still a lot of Pentax medical equipment and optics around. Hoya bought Pentax just to rip that most profitable part off and sold camera+sport optics to Ricoh.

  • LOG

    Raising the bar higher again!
    Sure that’s how I do it in Monopoly…

  • Andy

    While this is logical from integration across the Phase One Camera Platform. What does this mean for the MDI / Leaf joint venture “Mamiya Leaf”? Potential further integration ?

  • malchick743

    > and established Phase One Japan
    Not exactly “established” as POJ has been in Japan for quite a long time

    With this recent move however, MDI has simply become the new POJ and retains the very same corporate address

    BTW old MDI page is still available (only the home page has been changed), see here

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