Rumor: Schneider Kreuznach to exit large format lens business

I received a tip that Schneider Kreuznach will be exiting their large format lens business.

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  • Mike

    Phase One just bought out Mamiya. Maybe they’ll buy into or all of Schneider-Kreuznach

  • johnny

    Large format is for film. In digital world, the pixel count rules. It doesn’t have to be large sensor.

    • Spy Black

      Large format is for large format photography, as in 4×5, 8×10, and 11×14 cameras.

    • 24×36

      Pixel count doesn’t make smaller formats as good as larger, because there’s still the matter of optics. The smaller the sensor, the better the lens has to be for the smaller format to keep up – and you generally aren’t getting the higher lens resolution needed. If it were practical to make large format digital sensors, you would still see the difference.

      • johnny

        You are right. I haven’t talked about that part. Sensor density needs to match up with optical resolution. In old days, film has limited grain density per area, so people have to increase its size to get more resolution. My point is that size of digital sensor is not related to resolution anymore.

  • Sakaphoto Graphics

    Schneider seems to be leaving everything but their cine lens work.

  • Thylmuc

    The lenses on the photograph are medium format.
    I am not surprised that the numbers of lenses sold for large formats collaps. There are many available used, and there are no digital large format cameras. There are some medium format cameras, even with digital backs, that use large format lenses, notably Alpa and Linhof, but this is a minute market.
    Since also Nikon abandonned this market, there will only Rodenstock be left?!

    • Abiatha Swelter

      Yeah, it’s surprising any are still made new. Production numbers must be pretty small. LF lenses last forever–I’ve got a 1950s Schneider Xenar that’s still serviceable, and a 1948 Kodak Ektar that remains a favorite. Good lenses from Nikon, Fuji, Schneider, etc., are still plentiful and affordable used; a shutter can be refurbed for $100. As long as the glass is clear you’re good to go.

  • Thylmuc
  • Bo Dez

    I hope Zeiss re-enter the medium format market.

  • FountainHead

    Weren’t they looking at doing some full-frame stuff (to the point where mockups were publicly displayed)?

  • leica man

    They told me this at PhotoPlus Expo.
    Cine lenses are the only thing they will continue to make.

  • Neopulse

    Well at least they left having updated their lens lineups. Wonder if Zeiss will make their own AF lenses for these medium format bodies?

  • LOG

    That’s no rumor!
    It’s official since over a year… Schneider stated they will no longer develop and produce large format lenses. The talk is about the APO-Digitars for technical cameras. Not the medium format lenses shown on this picture.
    The only manufacturer in the world who still develops those lenses is Rodenstock.

    • Official? Show me.

      • LOG

        I can’t find it. But it was a communiqué about their new strategic direction in general. Wich mentioned that they only will be developing cine lenses, LS lenses and lenses for specialized industrial applications. This excludes M4/3 and large format lenses. It’s also very clear just from the last release date of a large format lens…
        And Listen to this (at the end) :

  • Eagle of MorningCalm

    doesn’t it samsung bought schneider lens?

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